10 Office Décor Ideas to Revamp Your Workspace in 2021

Having a well-decorated workspace is not only a big mood booster but is also a way to add an extra touch of professionalism to your office. If you spend most of your time at your office, then having a comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing workspace can have a massive hand at pushing productivity and concentration.

Furthermore, having a well-decorated workspace is also an excellent way to attract potential clients. This is where modern art deco comes in handy.

The way your office is decorated determines the impression you leave on your employees and customers. Instead of tacky decorations, which are sure to leave a wrong impression, you can instead go for a more modern art deco approach.

Why is Having a Well-Decorated Workspace Important?

The way one carries themselves, may it be their home or self, can say a lot about a person. In the same way as which one presents their workspace can tell a lot about your business.

Comfort is also a factor that you should consider when you decorate your workspace. An uncomfortable office can not only make working an unpleasant experience but can also add more stress to your life.

 Dull workspace

A dull and drab workspace can make work boring, and you may find yourself burning out quicker.

Even a simple pop of color can add a huge difference to a simple workspace. A well-decorated workspace is crucial to your work productivity and leaves a lasting impression on others.

Keeping your workspace well-decorated sends a message. Not just to your co-workers but your boss as well.

It tells them that you not only work to keep your area tidy but your organization skills go above and beyond. This kind of talent can reflect your work, make you look better, and improve your efficiency.

Ten Ideas to Help Revamp Your Workspace

Here are ten unique products and ideas to help you transform your workspace

1.   Zen Garden

A zen garden is a Japanese concept of having a dry landscaping garden. These are usually decorated with rocks, gravel, and moss.

Having miniature zen gardens has become a huge trend these days. Not only are they therapeutic, but they are also fantastic pieces of minimalistic décor.

 Handmade Zen Garden

You can purchase a mini zen garden, or you can make your own. The great thing about these small gardens is that you can decorate them any way you like. To your zen garden, you can add ornaments like miniature Buddha figures.

Zen gardens can be a great way to relieve stress as well. Most sets include a miniature rake, which can create patterns on the sand or gravel. So if you ever find yourself feeling anxious or overworked, you can spend a few minutes raking your Zen garden.

It also makes for great décor since they are minimalistic and elegant looking.

2.   Levitating Plant Pots

Keeping a plant is always an excellent way to brighten up any space. Plants not only look beautiful but can also help purify the air and prevent stuffiness. But having just bare plants can be space consuming.

 levitating plant pot with flower

You can upgrade those boring plain potted plants for these unique floating planters. Levitation technology brand floately has products such as the floating bonsai, which are perfect for workspace décor.

The floating plant pots come in both marble and wood finishes and can plant many kinds of plants. Not only are these an incredible minimalistic piece of décor, but they are also mesmerizing to the eye.

The AIRSAI levitating plant pots add a sense of tranquility and repeatedly spin at 360 degrees, ensuring even sunlight distribution to your plant. They can also help ease office anxiety and are a perfect mix of high-tech and nature.

Bonsai trees symbolize balance and order of thoughts, which is why the floating bonsai is the perfect addition to any workspace.

Arisai Levitating Plant Pot

3.   Accent Wall

 Accent wall

Having an accent wall in your workspace is a great way to add a pop of color.  An accent wall is a wall that is painted a different color than the rest of the room. It is very on-trend and can keep your workspace from looking dull.

You can go for calming colors like sage green or even a funky color like bright yellow. There is no going wrong with an accent wall, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors.

You can even add wallpaper to your accent wall. A funky pattern can make your workspace look bright and fun.

4.   Modern Art Deco Pieces

Modern art deco is a style that's making a comeback, especially in workspaces. It combines elegance and luxury without looking too dated. A great way to add that art deco touch to your office by adding geometric art pieces and ornaments to your office.

Checking out your local art gallery is a great way to find modern art paintings for your office. Add that touch of elegance by adding a gold frame.

Although art deco was popularized in the 1920s, it is making a comeback in 2021. These floating lightbulb lamps are a great example of a modern art piece.


Mirrors are also something that you can add to your workspace.

5.   High-Tech Trash Can

Trash cans are essential for any space, whether it be your home or your workspace. Plain trash cans get the job done but can look dull. Adding a high-tech trash can is not only very useful but also looks sophisticated.


A good option is to have a no-touch sensor trashcan. These trashcans have a sensor on top, which you wave your hand over to open them. No-touch trashcans are sanitary since they don't require you to touch them to open the lid.

Getting a trashcan in a rose gold stainless steel finish is not only very modern but looks very beautiful as well.

6.   Fruits and Other Healthy Snacks

Working long hours can be tiring, and you can end up having hunger pangs. Having unhealthy snacks like cake and cookies can end up making you lazier. The fruit is a great way to get that little energy boost while still being healthy.

 healthy snacks

A bowl full of fresh fruit is not only pretty to look at but allows you to grab a healthy snack between work breaks. Choose a bowl with a marble or wood finish to add that touch of classiness.

 Table Bowl

Sugar is known to help with alertness and giving your memory a short-term boost. Keeping fruit juices is an excellent way to get your sugar fix.

You can also keep glass jars full of healthy snack options. Some good snacks to keep are veggie chips, granola bars, nuts, etc. you can get such snacks in bigger packs, making it easier to restock them daily.

Being hungry can make you irritated and also make it harder to focus on work. Having healthy snacks and bottles of water can help you stay clear-minded and avoid pesky hunger pangs. Keeping a jar of mints or candy on the front desk is also a good idea.

Another useful feature to add to your workspace is a coffee station. Most of us can't function properly without our daily coffee fix. A coffee station is an excellent way to get yourself a mug of brew so you can get focused.

7.   Stylish Wall Clocks and Calendars

Every workplace needs a wall clock and a hanging calendar. The days of having boring direct clocks are over. A luxury wall clock can make your workspace walls look amazing.

 Table clock

The Arospa Luxury Modern Non- Ticking clock is a good option. With gorgeous rose gold details, this wall clock adds a touch of elegance. It is also a clock that doesn't tick, which means that there won't be any noisy distractions.

 Wall Clock

A hanging calendar is also something that every workplace should have. Plain calendars are not aesthetically pleasing. Instead, you can switch them with a magnetic calendar. Magnetic calendars allow you to place a magnet on the current date.

A vibrant and colorful calendar or even a themed one can be a great way to add some brightness to the room.

8.   Scented Candles and Scent Dispensers

No one likes a stuffy or unpleasant smelling workspace. No place is prone to undesirable odors, whether it's a home workspace or an office building. Having scented candles is an excellent way to keep your workspace smelling fresh.

There are many scents to choose from but smells like lemon or orange are most appropriate for offices. Citrusy aromas are known to help you concentrate. Scented candles also look very appealing.

It's also good to have a scent dispenser on hand. Scent dispensers work better in closed workspaces, where lighting a candle could be hazardous. Pine and jasmine are good scents that can be used.

You could even get a geometric candle holder if you’re going for the modern Art Deco look. Keeping scented air fresheners in your office workspace is always a good idea.

 candle holder

9.   Minimalist furniture

Every workspace needs the right furniture. We have moved beyond dull, boring wooden desks, and now sleek and minimalistic furniture is being embraced.

A good coffee table is needed in every office. A round glass top coffee table is a good option. You can add items like magazines and scented candles or even your companies brochures on your coffee table.

 round coffee table

A desk is an essential part of any workspace. A desk with built-in organization compartments lets you keep your desk clean. You can even opt for an L-shaped desk if you have more than one monitor.

 desk organizer

Storage is also something that every workspace needs. Storage bins can be used to keep work files and extra office supplies. You can keep smaller storage bins on your desk for your stationery. This bamboo desk organizer is not only adorable but will also keep your desk tidy.

A nice rug can also add that touch of elegance to your workspace. A cool-toned carpet with geometric patterns is a great choice. You could even go for a round rug rather than the traditional rectangle shape.

10.                Aesthetically Pleasing Office Supplies

Adding cute little ornaments to your desk and upgrading your office supplies can significantly impact your workspace looks. If you are going for a more elegant look, you could get this marble stapler. It's a significant upgrade from your regular boring staplers.

 Aesthetically Office Supplies

Adding decorative paperweights can be a fun way to transform your desk. Geode paperweights are both stylish and functional. You can also keep a motivational quote paperweight on your desk to give you an extra boost every time you look at it.

A sticky note dispenser is also something that can come in handy. You can use the traditional neon sticky notes or swap them out for these marble ones.

How to Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Keeping your workspace tidy can seem like a burdensome task, especially if you have a considerable workload. Here are a few tips and tricks to help keep you organized. First, make sure you get rid of clutter. While you may want to stay a few decorations on your desk, this can end up causing a mess and limit your workspace.

Minimalism is vital as it helps you keep your desk tidy while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Upgrade your old stationery for trendier supplies to make your desk look much more appealing

Having a messy workspace can be stress-inducing, not to mention it may make you appear to be less organized. Minimize the number of things on your desk! If you tend to work and have papers pile on your desk, try to find organized trays to keep everything in order.

Having a wastebasket nearby is always a good idea. Desk organizers are also great for keeping your desk clutter-free.

Also, consider how large your workload is and try to get more organization tools to compensate. One final tip is to find ways to minimize excess work waste and keep your work area free of debris. 

Final Words

Overall there are many ways to amp up your workspace. Whether it's through decorating or keeping your area neat and tidy, there are tons of ways to improve your work efficiency and your mood at work. Think about all of this next time you're looking to makeover your office!\

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