What Does Home Decor Include? Home Decor Items You Must Have

Modern room decor may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. As with many challenges in life, the philosophy of K.I.S.S helps (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Different room decorators may have different ideas on what makes a room modern. That said, experts agree on a few good features no modern room can go without. If the list gets too big, however, we disagree.

Modern vintage interior 

Why make something longer than it needs to be? When it comes to modern room decor, why bother with details and complications?

As a beginner, it is important that you first get your toes wet. If you don’t get a feel for the waters of interior room decoration first, you may drown when you deep dive.

This guide will hopefully act as your lifesaver before you swim on your own. So, sit back and let us dive right into it.

The Genius Of K.I.S.S In Modern Room Decor

The features that modern room decor must-have in line with K.I.S.S are minimalist design, ambient effect, aesthetic, a touch of nature, and, of course, personal ownership.

While different products embody these features, there are some more in touch with the modern room design.

Here, we briefly go over the must-haves for modern room decor and show you how you can implement the K.I.S.S philosophy. We also leave you with some examples to demonstrate how you can optimize certain products in innovative new ways.


Minimalist Design

Home decoration before modern times was often awkward and over the top. From expensive showcases ladened with never-used silverware and china, the future of modern room decor is minimal.

Not only do you need to start simple, but you should also end on a simple note.

Rather than an over-the-top chandelier, the VOLTA floating light bulb from floatel is the perfect example of a modern decor piece with a minimalist design. A unique blend of science, engineering, and art, the VOLTA is a light bulb unlike any other: it floats.

 Volta-floating light bulb

We can imagine that the first lightbulb in the world looked like sorcery at first. No doubt, the VOLTA floating bulb’s double levitation, like, and spinning action give it that same magical allure.

Who can forget the warm tungsten glow of old towns? This floating light bulb from floatel captures the same effect - but through wireless induction. This makes the VOLTA truly modern and energy-efficient, unlike its Tungsten ancestors.

The minimalism is captured by the sleek wooden base. After being crafted from the finest quality wood, the base is free from any embroidery or carvings. This keeps the eyes fixed at the true shining star - or bulb - floating atop.

The VOLTA floating light bulb by Floaty is available on sale today for the special price of $99.

Ambient Effect

Lights, camera - but where’s the action? A good light source alone cannot bring life to a room. It needs something more: a touch of ambiance.

While regal, a fireplace seems a bit out of touch for the modern home. So why not pick a modern decor item that offers just the spark your room needs?

For those looking to venture beyond lava lamps, we recommend the starry LED projector light.

 Starry Projector light

There is nothing more enchanting than a sky full of stars. Not everyone, however, can see the beautiful night sky clearly. So why not bring the night sky home to give some modern ambiance to your room?

Two things come to mind when we imagine the future: levitation and lasers. Though it does not float, the Starry Led projector light is not shy of a little laser action. Through projecting colored laser lights, this decor piece provides the perfect starry ambiance any modern room needs.

The Starry Led projector light is a portable planetarium that shoots for the stars with its ambient capabilities. It has four different lighting modes from which to choose. These are fully adjustable with the simple click of a remote included with the purchase.

For the special sale price of $59.95, the Starry Led projector light is surely a steal - providing your room with just the modern ambiance it needs.

Aesthetic Value

Modern does not mean mundane; a truly modern room will have decor that is also aesthetically pleasing to look at.

There are many options to choose from still. Many people prefer the classic vase topped with either fresh or dried flowers. Others have mounted trophies or artworks as staple decoration pieces at the center of their rooms.

 Blindfolded Sculpture

For the truly modern touch, however, we recommend this Blindfolded Sculpture from EVOLUTION ART. Crafted from fiberglass, this contemporary abstract sculpture will surely give a modern twist to your room’s decor.

The modern room decor sculpture is one of a kind. It is an amalgamation of three distinct components carved as one:

  • A little elephant- the top piece
  • An adult elephant- the middle piece
  • A human face- the bottom piece

As far as aesthetic style goes, this piece screams modern. Splashed with bright reds, rich yellows, and earthy greens, the sculpture brings a contemporary feel like none other.

The piece is recommended to be placed in either the hallway or living space. However, with its compact dimensions, it could make for an alluring bedroom piece.

We recommend you use the Blindfolded Sculpture as a complementary decor piece to another modern item.

Touch of Nature

Modern design often conjures images of technologies, urbanization, and futuristic cities. It is surprising then that flora is often one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to modern room decor.

 Airsai floating plant pot by Floately

The Airsai floating plant pot by Floately is the perfect harmonization of nature with modern room decor. Airsai combines the comforting relaxation of a house plant with a modern masterpiece.

With four unique style pots to choose from, the possibilities are endless with the Airsai floating plant. Our personal favorite is the second style: the polygon. The geometric designs offer a modern design that is both minimalist and aesthetic.

There is no shortage of uses for the Airsai floating pot. It can be used for bonsai trees, indoor shrubs, and cacti. These will surely provide that much-needed green touch to contrast with the modern look of your room.

And guess what? All of this is for only $89.99, making it a modern room decor piece worth every penny!

Make It Yours

Finally, we end with an overlooked aspect of room decor: making your living space personalized to yourself. Modern can mean many good things, but it can also mean bad things.

Unfortunately, this duality of the word “modern” is also true in the world of interior decor.


Think of Ikea showrooms. The furniture is beautiful - but does any of it speak to you as yours? A living space that does not show who you are in the number one modern room decor mistake. Not everything should look factory-made and mass-produced.

As a result, we recommend you spark some soul into your interior decor pieces. And there is no shortage of creative ways of doing this.

First, think of yourself and the people you live with and love. What kind of decoration would speak to them?

If your loved one has a green thumb, how would you show that in your room decor? We encourage you to use what you have learned so far and get creative.

Here’s an idea to get you started: growing small herbs on your kitchen windowsill. A futuristic herb garden with floating rosemary sprigs and spinning thyme are sure to spice up any dinner.

The Airsa floating plant pot on the kitchen windowsill is the perfect customizable gift or decor piece for your futuristic botanical garden.

Or why not use the VOLTA light bulb as a centerpiece on a hobby table? After all, what better way to spark creativity than the metaphorical lightbulb going off - or in this case, floating above you?

Some Closing Thoughts

Modern does not have to mean complicated. Our philosophy of K.I.S.S. has shown how modern room decor can go without flashy and expensive items.

Additionally, there is no shortage of creative ways in which you can use modern room decor creatively. It is important first to ask: what are we looking for in the room? What kind of features does it need to look modern?

Minimalism, ambiance, aesthetics, nature, and personalization are just five ways to look at modern room decor. There are others, of course. Once you pick, however, it is best to think of a theme.

We showed how the simple idea of floatation and lights could use two simple futuristic ideas with complementary products. The two together can bring creative ways to make rooms look modern.

It is up to you - the modern interior room decorator - to decide what you want at the end of the day. Just remember to Keep It Simple, Stupid!