10 Best Modern Room Decor and Office Accessories

Are you tired of your old office décor and want to add some unique touch to your workspace? Do you like modern accessories that can make even a boring, old room pop out?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have gathered 10 of the best modern room décor and office accessories to help you spruce up your room. Whether you have a contemporary or minimalistic interior, all these accessories will add a beautiful touch to your home or office.

What's more, modern and accent pieces are entirely in trend in interior designing. So without further ado, let us check how you can give your space a complete makeover with a few decorative accessories.

1.  Floately Nebula Bluetooth Speaker

The Floately devices serve as incredible room décor, adding a modern and aesthetic feel to every space. This company brings levitation to reality by incorporating innovative technology into simple accessories.


One of their products is the Nebula Bluetooth Speaker that serves as a floating speaker and a beautiful floating gadget for your room.

Key Features

  • Levitates and rotates 360 degrees
  • Functions as a night light
  • High-functioning Bluetooth speaker
  • Integrated microphone for hands-free calls
  • Available in three colors

This gravity-defying décor consists of an orb that uses a magnetic system in the circular base to suspend the speaker in mid-air. Besides levitation, the sphere can even levitate 360 degrees while you are listening to your favorite songs.

It has a stable, wireless Bluetooth connection that connects to your phone or laptop within a 10-meter radius field. Since the orb includes a sensitive microphone, you can receive or make calls hands-free too.

As for the speakers, it uses advanced CSR technology to offer the best sound experience. Floately has specially engineered the levitating speaker with an open-surround sound design to give you rich music with pronounced bass.

If all this was not enough, the rotating orb could even function as a night light. The brand has added smart, warm led lights on both the circular base and the orb for versatile use. Furthermore, the Nebula Speaker comes with a mute option to keep the lamp open even without playing any music.

It is also noteworthy to mention that you can get this modern, multifunction décor in three colors, warm gold, silver, and a classic black. Hence, it is the perfect portable and durable accessory for your new office or room.

2.  House Doctor Wall Mirror

Even if you have a small room or office space, there are many proven ways to make the room appear bigger and more open. While one method uses lighter wall paint, another sure way is to use large mirrors as an accent piece on the wall.


For instance, the House Doctor Large Wall Mirror is the perfect modern room décor to open your room.

Key Features

  • Minimalistic wall décor for small spaces
  • Two colors
  • Easy installation fitting on the back

The round wall mirror from House Doctor measures a hefty 80cm in dimensions, which is large enough to cover almost half the wall. It has an entirely minimalistic design with no borders or any décor to make your space appear much more extensive.

Besides this, the glass mirror comes in two different colors too. Depending on your walls and furniture, you can either select a clear mirror or a grey tinted one. Moreover, the mirror includes two fittings on its backside for easy and invisible installation.

Overall, you can pair this mirror with a wide range of interior styles, from earthy brown rooms to contemporary ones. And if you do not believe me on this mirror trick for small spaces, you can ask any professional interior decorator for their opinion.

3.  Infinity Clock by Bosa

Instead of opting for boring wall clocks, a modern desk clock can spruce up your interior design by miles. The Infinity Clock is one such option that combines functionality with a beautiful, minimalist accent.

 Infinity Clock by Bosa

Key Features

  • Stable rocking design
  • Glossy golden and white design
  • Unique dials

The Infinity Table Clock is designed and produced in Italy by the artist Nika Zupanc, who added timeless beauty in a simple design. All the clocks are ceramic and painted by hands to utmost perfection and quality.

Compared to just regular desk clocks, this masterpiece features a rocking design at the bottom. Hence, when tilted gently, the clock rocks gently on your worktable without tipping off.

Besides this, the clock features a glossy golden finish that contrasts nicely with the watch's simple white background. If you are looking for a modern piece for your contemporary office, the clock will fit right.

Lastly, it is also essential to mention the unique looped dials of this infinity clock. You get an intriguing visual whenever the dials come together during the day.

4.  Arch Ball and Stand

If you are into crystals or astrology, there is nothing better to decorate your room than the Arch Ball and Stand combination. Although it has quite a simple design, the sphere is sure to catch guests' attention or even your clients in your meetings.

 Arch Ball and Stand

Key Features

  • Durable nickel stand
  • Modern architectural décor
  • Crystal clear sphere

This décor comes with a high-quality polished nickel stand, which provides durability from rust and weather. Along with this, it has a broad base of 4.5-inches diameter to offer support to the heavy crystal ball on the top.

The crystal ball itself, on the other hand, is obvious and measures 5-inch in diameter. Its high-quality construction material also ensures that it does not break apart on impact.

Although the crystal décor is perfect for any room in your home, keep in mind not to place it in direct sunlight. Otherwise, it can quickly become a fire hazard.

5.  Encased Agate Box

There is no doubt that you need a few key accent pieces in your room to bring the room's interior design together. However, it does not mean that you cannot select something useful and multipurpose too.

 Encased Agate Box

For instance, the Encased Agate Box serves both as an incredibly eye-catching décor as well as a big box to hold your prized possessions.

Key Features

  • Gold-set agate stones
  • Enamel box available in black and grey

The box measures 15 x 6 inches in dimensions and includes a solid heavy base and a crystal lid on top. The box itself is quite a heft, weighing in at 19-pounds owing to its solid construction.

Besides this, the base is entirely enamel and comes in both black and grey colors. The star of the show, however, is the crystal lid that includes a heavy-set agate on top. These beautiful gems are encased in gold paint and glued on in the middle uniquely in every box.

As a result, the gems offer a makeshift handle to lift the lid and place your treasures inside the box for safekeeping.

6.  Contemplation Sculpture

Do you want to decorate your room with something texturally diverse which will catch everyone's eyes? Then, look no further than this set of two contemplation structures for your desk or side tables.

Key Features

  • Two naturally imperfect selenite blocks
  • Hand-cast brass figurines in different contemplation poses
  • Versatile use

The modern room décor offers a fantastic combination of raw crystal beauty with contemporary brass figurines. First of all, it features two large, natural Selenite blocks in their organic form. Since they are untouched by man, each block varies in shape and color from the other.

Secondly, you get two artistic hand-cast figurines on top of the selenite blocks. These figures are constructed out of brass and painted a vibrate cold to offset the lightness of the crystalline mineral.

What's more, the artist has designed the little figurines in different styles of contemplation too. Isn't that cool?

You can use these contemporary room décor as a heavy paper-weight for your magazines or as bookends for your compact bookshelf.

7.  Faux Leather Tray

The Faux Leather Tray is the perfect companion to any side or work table. Just place some magazines on top or even a small collection of crystals, and you can create a centerpiece for any space.

 Faux Leather Tray

Key Features

  • Faux PU leather skin
  • Durable square tray
  • Available in three patterns

LUXE offers its faux leather collection in three different colors and patterns, including a black weave, light-brown cork, and grey croc. Meanwhile, the square tray measures 35 x 35 cm in dimension and fits on all tables.

It has a solid base construction which is covered by a luxurious PU leather skin. Apart from its high-end feel, the tray is quite sturdy and durable, allowing you to use it for various interior designs.

8.  OYOY Toppo Pot

If your room is quite monotonous with only a basic color theme, then you can quickly spruce it up by adding some green plants to make it livelier. And what's a better way than using contemporary planters to act as your accent piece in the room?

 OYOY Toppo Pot

Key Features

  • 100% ceramic handmade planter
  • Contemporary black and white striped design

The Toppo Pot from OYOY is a perfect combination of functionality and a modern piece of art. Constructed from 100% ceramic, the plant is entirely handmade and painted for a more authentic feel.

It features a graphic monochromatic, black and white striped design that contrasts a light-colored room with nude furniture and accessories. The planter mimics a conical base with a wide bottom and an even wider circular top design.

Since it is entirely glazed and ceramic, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth too. Just place your favorite flowers, be it real or faux, to change the look of your room in seconds.

9.  LEXON Miami Sunrise Light Clock

Do you wish to wake up in a good mood and head on to your day with positivity? If yes, then the LEXON Miami Alarm Clock will be the perfect addition to your room.


The modern room accessory features a fantastic décor as well as a high-functioning light alarm clock.

Key Features

  • Simulate natural sunrise
  • Includes seven gentle sound
  • Functions as a modern décor
  • Snooze function

Lexon has installed the alarm clock with a natural sunrise light simulator that wakes you up gently. It mimics the daylight by gradually filling your room with warm light, starting from a lower intensity and going up to bright sunlight.

Besides this, it comes with seven natural sounds to wake you up with gentle sounds right in the morning. As a result, you wake up fresh and in a good mood to face the challenges of the day.

If all this was not enough, the analog alarm clock even comes with a snooze function to give you some time and peace in the bed.

Since the Lexon Miami Clock has an incredible white finish, you can even use it as a statement décor on your office desk space. You can put different alarms to keep you alert and on a tight schedule.

10. Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse

If you want to add a homey touch to your room and a splash of greenery, you can never go wrong with a dedicated planter. But if you're going to go with a more modern twist, check out the Design House Greenhouse.


Not only does it function as an incredible pot, but it makes a beautiful décor to complement your room's interior.

Key Features

  • Clear handmade glass construction
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Includes spout for pouring water

The dedicated grow greenhouse has a crystal clear, handmade glass construction in an elliptical shape. It comes in two glass halves, with the top portion having a spout for pouring water too.

Here, you can add a little soil in the bottom half and grow small plants or flowers within the glass casing. What's more, the greenhouse comes quite in handy by minimizing the water requirement and mess. You have to open the lid up a few times for your plant to grow healthy.


If you plan to redo your room or bring some notable changes to the interior of your office, the right modern room décor is a game-changer. Not only can they brighten up space, but a few accent pieces are all you need to change everything.

Check out our top 10 room décor recommendations to find the best one for your office space. While some of them, like the floating speaker, add a modern twist to daily use objects, a few of the products offer incredible, eye-catching designs to spruce up your room.