8 Fireplace Mantel Décor Ideas For All Seasons

If you are bored of the traditional fireplace standing in the sitting room, it is time to transform it. With modern art deco, this is not going to be a problem! Geometric patterns and a combination of accessories can accentuate the look of any outdated fireplace.


Your fireplace mantel can be an accessory used as a decorative element to elevate the whole look of the living room. It may be an invention of medieval times, but now it has become a part of the essential architecture of the living room.

The classic look of the fireplace with cast irons and bricks can be a little old-fashioned. So, here are eight fireplace mantel decor ideas that are suitable for all seasons.

Minimalist Decor With Floating Shelves

 Fireplace shelves

Installing floating shelves above the fireplace has become a creative way to cover the space directly above it. This simple yet effective choice enhances the look above your fireplace mantel without affecting your theme.

These minimalist, sleek shelves are stylish and trendy. If you love to read, these shelves serve best to organize your books right above your fireplace.

You can also choose to keep photos and frames or add any home decor objects that suit the room’s theme. Moreover, they are easy to remodel, which allows them to be versatile.

You can change the showpieces and replace them with potted flowers during the spring season. This idea can help to modify your fireplace all year round.

Hang A Mirror Above Your Fireplace Mantel

You can never go wrong with mirrors, and the same stands true for decorating a fireplace mantel. Hanging a mirror as a large centerpiece right above the mantel can enhance the overall look.

A large antique mirror becomes a focal point in the room. Sunburst frames are the epitome of modern art deco. These frames are intricate and are perfect for placing above the fireplace mantel.


Hanging a large mirror above the fireplace mantel enhances the light and increases a room’s appeal. If this mirror is placed strategically with a few lamps, it can also bring in reflected light, which adds to the room’s ambiance.

You can add multiple smaller frames next to the large mirror to create a boho-chic aesthetic.

These mirrors can reflect the opposite walls and add more beauty to the surrounding fireplace.

Addition Of Frames Or Family Photos

 Photo Frames

Do you have to take out your album every time someone wants to look at those photos from your vacation? Well, an album isn’t the only place to keep your pictures.

Utilize the space above your fireplace mantel to place photo frames. These frames can vary in size and width, and material. If you have wooden furniture, then keep photo frames with a similar texture and style.

You can also hang multiple frames above the mantel. These frames come in different styles, and you can use them according to the overall theme of your home decor.

They can have pictures of your family, pets, or yourself. By doing this, you can create your little photo corner right above the fireplace mantel.

The idea of framing photos requires minimum effort because all you need is photo frames in different sizes. It helps to make the area above the fireplace mantel eye-catching.

Try out this idea and see how many people stop to look at those pictures!

Antique Style Fireplace Mantel

The addition of antique decoration pieces can give your fireplace mantel a makeover. Moreover, they are noticeable and prominent. Candelabras, lanterns, and rustic mason jars are, namely, a few antique showpieces.

If you want your room to depict your great taste in art, candelabras are an excellent choice.

With so many styles and types, you can find the perfect candle holder. You can also place scented candles and light them up if your guests are staying.

Similarly, vintage lanterns play a significant role in representing your taste in antiques.

These lanterns placed above your mantelpiece will catch the eye of any visitor due to their uniqueness.

Another fine addition to your collection would be the brass pottery and kettle. You could place them on a shelf above the fireplace or keep them in an orderly manner.

A combination of wrought-iron candelabras, rusty lanterns, brass pottery, and mason jars can exhibit your antique collection and make your mantlepiece very noticeable. It can also complement your theme if you’re trying to go with a rustic, vintage theme.

Showcase Your Levitating Speaker And Tech Collection

Do you love listening to music? How about showcasing your speaker right on the fireplace mantel. You can also take it to the next level by investing in a levitating speaker that doubles as a decor piece.

If you want your friends and family to enjoy the music with you, placing a modern-style levitating speaker above the mantelpiece is a great idea.

 Nebula Floating Speaker

This speaker also lights up while playing music which can add a modern touch. You can use LEDs around the fireplace to enhance the lighting. Now you can have your tiny concert without the fireplace making your room look old-fashioned.

Furthermore, if you’re a gaming fan and want to show off your collection, keep the following things right next to the levitating speaker.

  • A box of gaming headphones
  • A box of mouse
  • Boxes of graphic cards

This idea will cover up the space above the fireplace mantel and maximize storage.

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Installing Indoor Plants Above The Mantel

If you want to maintain a calm and elegant vibe without introducing many changes to your room, plants are a favorable option.

Using wood accents is a great way to create a warm interior. They complement indoor ceramic potted plants. If you’re a plant lover, this is going to be your favorite idea.

These plants can be fresh during spring or artificial during the rest of the seasons. You could also keep seasonal plants and look after their growth. Furthermore, indoor plants help to reduce stress.

Ceramic animal planters and floating plant pots are fantastic to add a touch of greenery above a dull fireplace mantle. They may improve the outlook of the room.

 Indoor Plants

If you want an out-of-the-box idea, you can place glass bottles and jars on the fireplace mantel and grow a bottle garden. Here are a few plants that grow well in glass bottles:

  • Southern maidenhair fern.
  • Club moss
  • Philodendron
  • Wandering Jew
  • Prayer plant
  • Coleus

Moreover, you could keep a pair of hand-painted, large vases on either side of the fireplace. Vases occupy maximum space and make the fireplace mantel stand out.

There is something about plants that always brings comfort. They are great for cleaning indoor air as well.

This idea will help to improve your lifestyle and also create a pleasant indoor environment.

Old-Fashioned Red Brick Fireplace Installation

 antique fireplace

Brick walls are a hot trend for rooms furnished according to the modern art deco.

The texture, color, and structure of the brick wall can make a difference in the room’s outlook.

However, going back to basics is not a bad idea. Fireplaces are considered old structures, and even with modern furniture, you could always install a regular red brick wall.

The contrast of the room is sharpened and makes the fireplace mantel prominent. Moreover, you can touch up an old brick wall by painting it. The hues of the maroon can mark the edges and create a sharp look.

Since the red color stands out, contrasting walls have to be dull. Adding good lighting is also an essential element in enhancing the features of the brick wall.

You can refresh the bricks with limestone if it becomes sooty. Some of the following painting styles are great for an old red-brick fireplace.

  • German smear
  • Sponge paint
  • Brick putty texture paint
  • Acrylic brick wall paint

These painting techniques are the only thing required to give your fireplace a makeover. This idea helps to keep it in fashion in every season.

Hang A Vintage Clock Over The Fireplace Mantel

A large vintage clock with roman digits makes an impression for sure. Consider the width of the fireplace and the size of the wall before hanging the clock.

Vintage Clock

If you have a lot of space above the mantel, drill two holes in the wall and hang a clock about six inches above the mantle. The oversized clock will be your focal point as soon as you enter the room.

A large clock will add a stylish and decorative touch to your fireplace. It does not require a lot of complimentary home decor objects. However, to fill up space, you could keep small things. A floating moon lamp or a pen holder would work.


These vintage wall clocks are suitable for varieties of architectural styles. They never fail to stand out. Even though they’re not placed directly on the mantel, they still create an artsy look for the fireplace.

This large clock will automatically grab the attention of anyone who enters the room, making your fireplace a noticeable spot.

Final words

With these eight, top-notch ideas it’s time to say goodbye to outdated fireplace mantels!

The ideas mentioned above are suitable for all seasons. You can execute them cleverly to make your fireplace mantle the center of attention.

Since they require minimal effort, you can now easily redo your fireplace, and you don’t have to be worried about the theme or your budget anymore.