Desk Gift Items for Every Type of Home or Office

Floating Plant

Do you have a friend or a coworker whose office desk could use a bit of a glow-up? Or do you have a partner whose at-home workspace is a complete mess?

Either way, having nifty gadgets or some modern room decor items on the desk can really boost productivity.

So in this post, we’ve listed down some of the best gift items for every sort of home or office desk. If your friend has an exceptionally dull setup or always seems to have a cluttered and unkempt deskspace, you’re going to love these super handy yet pretty gift items. Read on!

16 Top Desk Gift Items

Here are our top picks for the coolest and niftiest desk items you can gift your loved ones:

Volta Levitating Light Bulb

You know how a big, bright lightbulb usually represents clever ideas? Well, if you’ve got an entrepreneur buddy, there’s no better present than a levitating light bulb to symbolize their brilliance.

 Floating Bulb

Volta bulbs are something that makes people do a double-take - who wouldn't get curious over a levitating object? Using an electromagnetic field between the base and the actual bulb, Volta doesn’t just hang in mid-air but also spins around gently. 

Just plug in the base, follow the instructions to place the bulb over it carefully, and voila! You’ve got a relaxing warm light flooding the room from a levitating light bulb that looks straight out of Harry Potter.

Volta bulbs are also made with shatterproof glass and durable LEDs, so you can rest assured your friend will have a long-lasting modern room decor item on their desk.

Big Sale Floating Bulb 

Keepcup Coffee Cup

For environmentally-conscious coffee lovers, Keepcup has some of the best-looking coffee cups. The brand is known for its dedication to a clean, sustainable, and plastic-free earth, which is why we think this glass coffee cup is the perfect present for those part of the Go Green gang.

 Keepcup Coffee Cup

Made with tempered glass, the Keepcup glasses cups are very durable and microwave safe. Plus, they’re super lightweight and made for single-use, so you can get the feel of Starbucks without feeling guilty about using disposable plastic cups.

And the best part? They fit under every coffee machine. You can choose from the various sizes for different sorts of coffee and a number of aesthetic color options.

And if using a glass cup is not your friend’s cup of tea (or coffee, in this case), then you can also go for the stainless steel thermal Keepcups.

Mosiso Silicone Keyboard Cover

Is your friend/coworker clumsy with coffee cups around laptops? We don’t blame them - the laws of attraction always seem doubly reinforced between drinks and laptops!

 Mosiso Silicone Keyboard Cover

Hence, we decided to include this super useful silicone keyboard cover in our list. It fits snugly on top of most Macbooks and protects it from all sorts of gentle and violent spills.

Plus, it's made with durable, non-toxic silicone that will last more than you expect it to. It also feels nice and sleek rather than awkward under your fingers, since it's only 0.3 mm thick.

The brand also has a plethora of color options for those who like vibrance on a boring work desk. Just make sure you know what model of Macbook your friend uses, and you’re good to go.

Nebula - Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The Nebula Bluetooth speaker also comes from the same brand as the levitating light bulb we mentioned above. Adding a futuristic touch to any work desk, this modern room decor item isn’t just eye-catching but also pretty useful.

 Floating Bluetooth Speaker

For one, it functions as a perfectly dynamic Bluetooth speaker that delivers crisp and clear sound. Secondly, you can detach the speaker from its electromagnetic base and use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker anywhere you go.

Not just that, but Floately has also added a unique light on the speaker, so it throws a soothing glow as it rotates in mid-air. Pair it with your smart device to take calls with this unique, levitating speaker, or take it home to listen to some relaxing jazz in its warm glow.

Giotto Water Bottle

No gift shows you care better than a water bottle, as office work can often make someone forget to stay hydrated. This water bottle from Giotto does a good job as a reminder.

 Water Bottle

Its dual-colored look with motivational messages makes for a cute exterior that every boring, monotonous office desk would appreciate. Plus, it comes with anti-grip sides, a tight-fit cap, and a durable straw that makes it easier to drink water.

The best part? It costs just under 20 bucks and comes in various color options. Gift it to someone who tends to ignore their body’s water needs, and you’ll surely be appreciated for your thoughtfulness.

Cactus Humidifier

Does working in your office’s dry air leave everyone's skin patchy and itchy? If that is the case, then your coworkers are going to love this tiny but perfectly functional humidifier.

 Cactus Humidifier

Just fill the little guy with some water and plug it using its USB port into a laptop, PC, or wall charger. Next, turn it on and place it on the desk for a gentle mist that will keep the area around you well humidified.

Oh and, did we mention this thing is super cute? A chubby little lightweight cactus that throws a gentle mist is something that everyone will adore!

Priced at just less than 20 bucks, it also has an automatic shut-off feature that gets triggered right after the four-hour mark. Hence, this adorable table-top humidifier is the perfect, affordable present for your dry-skinned colleague.

Lula’s Garden Succulent

Speaking about cacti, is your friend by any chance a plant lover? If so, they’re going to love this super aesthetic yet adorable succulent from Lula’s Garden, which specializes in cute plants that are meant to be gifted.

 Lula’s Garden Succulent

It comes with a pencil holder-sized container that looks minimalistic and doesn’t take up a lot of space. And with the lively green or pink succulent varieties that are available at this store, you can brighten up any boring old desk.

Toasty Toes Foot Warmer

Working in a cubicle on a cold winter day can be a nightmare, despite central heating turned on. If anyone you know suffers from cold feet that refuse to be thawed, this nifty device can come as a blessing to them.

 Toes Foot Warmer

The Toasty Toes foot warmer is a heating device that you can plug in and rest your feet upon. It uses only about 100 watts of energy but does a great job at gently heating up frozen feet.

It also features two heat settings and three positions that you can set it - flat, angled, or upright. Resting cold feet on this ergonomically shaped, affordable under-desk heater will warm them right up to within minutes.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

For caffeine addicts who can’t function without a few cups of steaming hot coffee, the Ember temperature control mug will keep their drinks hot for as long as they’d like.

 Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

This smart mug heats up your drink at your desired temperature, ranging between 120 to 145 degrees fahrenheit. It has a 2-hour battery life so that you can keep your drinks hot while on the go.

Meanwhile, you can opt to plug in the base and place the mug over it to keep that cup of coffee steaming all day long.

The Ember travel mug also comes with an app that you can use to set your preferred settings and customize a lot of stuff.

Plus, we can’t help but appreciate its super modern look with the LED display that reads the drink's current temperature. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Skyeyarc Spiral Lamp

Desk lamps are often pretty space-consuming and awkward. And not to forget, they’re kind of ugly. Hence, this futuristic spiral lamp makes for a super cool gift for a home or office desk.

 Skyeyarc Spiral Lamp

It features an 18-inch tall spiral LED light that’s super bright and floods the desk and room with its glow. Plus, it's dimmable, and you can set the color temperature to varying degrees between warm white and cool white.

And thanks to its modern design, it consumes very little desk space, as it's only 5 inches wide. Modern room decor has never looked cooler than this.

Cable Organizer

A busy desk is incomplete without a cable organizer that reduces clutter and keeps the desk space organized. This one, in particular, is super heavy, so it won’t easily budge from its place.

 Cable Organizer

It features a silicone base that won’t slip and has seven slots for all sorts of cables, including phone chargers and laptop cables.

And for some extra funkiness, you can opt for a hot pink or a brilliant orange shade from its color options. Who says cable organizers should look dull and boring?

Folding Desktop Mirror

Part of being productive is making tasks easier and quicker. Hence, this foldable mirror can be a handy gift for someone who hates trips to the bathroom just for a quick makeup touch-up.

 Folding Desktop Mirror

The mirror’s plastic leather cover doesn’t just protect it but also doubles as a stand so that it can be set at the perfect angle. A quick glance into the mirror is all that’ll be needed for retouching makeup on a busy office day.

Plus, it’s only about 8 inches tall - the perfect size for a desktop or even inside a purse.

Aluratek Smart Digital Frame

Photo frames are great gifts, but a smart, digital photo frame that has a touchscreen is unlike anything else. This unique photo frame has an eight-inch LCD touchscreen and is supported by Wifi so that you can share photos directly to the frame.

 Smart Digital Frame

You can even sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts to it. So, whatever you post on your social media will be automatically displayed on the frame. Moreover, it has 16 GBs worth of built-in memory and a USB port to transfer files into the frame manually.

Plus, you can’t ignore the rustic, real-wood look of this frame, which blends into any modern room decor. Hence, it can prove to be a thoughtful present for your loved one’s desktop.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

This may seem like an unusual present, but it's the thought behind it that counts! People tend to forget that office desks are full of germs. Amidst all the chaos and stress, it's pretty easy to neglect hygiene.

 Disinfecting Wipes

Hence, this pack of 80 wipes from Lysol is the perfect thing to have in a desk drawer. Use them for quickly wiping the desk, the gadgets on it, or even your hands before a meal.

And with the pandemic raging on, this can be the most thoughtful gift that screams, “I care about you!”. Throw it in a basket along with some other items for a super useful office care package.

Airsai - Floating Plant Pot

This eye-catching plant holder may be the best present for your plant-loving friend who likes to have greenery around them at all times.

Airsai Floating Pot 

Using the same trusted technology as the levitating light bulb, Floately’s Airsai is an adorable rotating and levitating plant pot.

You can plant your favorite greens into it and watch the thing spin around for a soothing effect. This also helps indoor plants absorb sunlight from all sides, aiding in growth and maintaining its health.

Available in four different styles, Airsai combines nature and technology in a way that’s graceful yet attractive.

 Sale - Arisai Levitating Plant Pot

Under Desk Headphone Holder

If you know someone who’s fond of big, bulky, and heavy headphones, this might be the thing they’re looking for.

 Under Desk Headphone Holder

Mounting this nifty stand under the desk using its adhesive will not only provide a reliable location to hang headphones but also save space and reduce clutter. Plus, it also acts as a charger with four ports - a multifunctional headphone stand every gamer will appreciate.


For anyone who loses focus or motivation during long office hours, these gifts can help them be more productive and efficient. Moreover, our modern room decor items can brighten up a gloomy and dull office, further inducing motivation.

Believe us, your friends and colleagues are going to love you for these cute yet handy desk items.