How Long Does It Take to Charge a Floating Moon Lamp?

Floating moon lamp

A floating moon lamp brings an actual moon’s serenity in our homes that we all adore from far away. Not only does it calm our anxious minds, but it also makes a great decor centerpiece.

If you have just bought a floating moon lamp to enjoy the cosmic beauty, you must consider a few things to make the most out of it. For instance, how to install, charge, and use your levitating moon correctly.

Of course, there might be lots of questions baffling your mind already.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss all your queries so that you can enjoy the subtle aura of the levitating moon lamp in peace.

So let’s get started!

What is So Special About a Floating Moon Lamp?

Moon has been considered a symbol of romance and divinity for years. For the same reason, the floating moon lamps are crafted as a replica of the moon to let you gaze at the enchanting beauty closely.

 Moon Lamp

So no matter what time of the year it is, these lamps will allow you to enjoy the mysterious and serene aura of the moon - anytime you want!

Apart from that, here are a few benefits of bringing a floating moon lamp to your home:

1.   Consumes Low Power

These levitating moons won’t skyrocket your electricity bills even if you use them regularly. That’s because they consist of energy-efficient LED lights and a wireless power module that transmits only the required minimum current to the bulb.

2.   Lets You Create Any Atmosphere

Romantic, relaxing, or aesthetic - the levitating moon lamp gives you the full authority to create your own mood. The multi-color feature of these lamps is touch-activated with an easy-to-control on/off switch.

So set the moon’s color according to your mood, from soft, warm light to bright white glow - just as you like!

3.   High-Resolution 3D Design

Almost all 3D levitating moon lamps are produced as an exact copy of the satellite images released by NASA. Due to this, these lamps have almost the same surface and craters as that of an actual moon.

4.   Levitates and Rotates in Air Silently

Floating moon lamps levitate and rotate in the air all day and night without causing any distortion. Moreover, you can also choose whether the moon rotates continuously or stays in one position.

What Comes With a Floating Lamp?

A floating lamp needs to be charged before you set up and use it. When you unbox the lamp, you will find three more things in the package, including:

  1. A wooden base or stand
  2. A USB charging cord
  3. A manual guide

Some floating lamps also come with multiple plug-in options, which eliminates the need for charging batteries every 3-5 hours.

 Moon Lamp Package Contents



For example, Luna Floating Moon Lamp by Floately lets you choose from US, UK, EU, and AU plug types, so that you can connect it directly to a power outlet with an adapter that matches it.


Offers - Luna floating moon lamp

How Does It Work?

No one can deny the beauty and mesmerizing aura of a floating moon lamp. But how does it actually work? Let’s break it down for you.

When you closely observe the wooden base, you will see that it has an electromagnetic line-up along with a magnetic induction charger. Once the moon is set onto the base, the electromagnets (present on the outermost area of the base) attract the moon.

On the other hand, the electromagnets (present on the inner base area) produce a repelling force. This keeps the moon intact and in its place, i.e., a little above the base.

When the moon and the receiver come in range, the receiver transmits the power from the charger to the bulb. As a result, the moon starts illuminating and spreading its spiritual calmness everywhere.

How to Charge a Floating Moon Lamp?

Most levitating moon lamps consist of inbuilt batteries that you have to charge before using. This saves you from the hassle that most ordinary lamps come with, like a backplate and complicated design.

Generally, floating moonlights work for around 3-5 hours on a single charge.

Fortunately, their charging process is the same as your smartphone’s. However, the main downside is that you don’t have wide charging options with moon lamps as you have with your phone.

You can only charge your levitating moon lamp with the USB charging cord that it comes with.

 Charging Floating moon lamp

Just plug one end of the charging cable into any USB power outlet, like your laptop, computer, tablet, or an adapter plug. Then, plug the other end into the charging port on the moon lamp.

As soon as you connect the cord, a blue light will glow in the moon lamp, which turns off when fully charged.

This charging process is the same in almost all floating moon lamps.

Now, if you want to turn on the lamp, just use the switch and enjoy the aura of spiritual calmness in your room instantly.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Levitating Moon Fully?

Typically, it takes around 2-3 hours for a levitating moon lamp to charge fully. However, some models may take an hour more or less than that.

The easiest way to determine your moon lamp’s charging time is to observe the duration of the blue light that indicates power supply.

Remember that overcharging is not a way to increase the battery life of a moon lamp. Instead, it harms the batteries and may make them useless within weeks.

So, it’s better to avoid overcharging your lamp for more than 4 hours.

What More Can a Levitating Moon Lamp Do?

Apart from illuminating your room with its spellbinding beauty, a levitating moon lamp can also perform several functions.

A Centerpiece

What’s better than buying something that fulfills several purposes? A floating moon lamp is not just to feel calm, but it is also a great centerpiece to give a subtle elegance to your room.

This seemingly classy and aesthetic decor piece can delight your guests’ eyes as much as it does yours, and will surely gather many compliments.

Moreover, the enchanting glow of the full moon can transform the whole atmosphere of your room within minutes.

Make Your Time Memorable

 Floating Moon Lamp - memorable experience

If you and your partner don’t get much time for each other, you can have the best moments of your lives with a floating lamp.

There is no need to book a table at a fancy restaurant. Instead, just turn on the levitating moon in your room, and it will transform your room’s atmosphere into nothing less than a romantic night at a hotel.

All you have to do is turn off the lights, and the lamp will create a romantic mood and warmth on its own!

A Unique Gift

If you face a hard time choosing gifts, you can just go for a floating moon lamp without thinking twice. They make a good gift option for numerous occasions, like birthdays, graduation parties, Valentine’s days, and even wedding anniversaries.

Moreover, there are a wide variety of moon lamps available in the market.

So, if you are buying a lamp for your partner, you can customize it with a picture of both of you along with a wholesome text at the bottom.

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A Stress Reliever

If you like to relieve all the day’s stress at night, you can just rest on your couch and turn on a floating moon lamp at the side table.

Believe us, not only will you feel calm, but you may also fall into a deep sleep instantly.

The good thing is that you can even adjust the brightness of these lamps according to your needs. So go for warm yellow or cool white; it depends on how you want to melt your stress away!

How to Take Care of Your Floating Moon Lamp?

Before you install and use your floating moon lamp, you must take care of some things to prevent your money from going into vain. Unfortunately, a slight mistake or negligence can have a significant impact on your lamp.

Although all moon lamps come with a manual, you should also follow these preventive measures to avoid any mishap:

  • Always read the manual after unboxing the lamp, no matter how lengthy it is.
  • If you can’t comprehend the technical terms correctly, you should seek help from a professional to be 100% sure. That’s because understanding the manual properly helps a lot in avoiding disruption in the lamp’s functionality.
  • Don’t place the lamp on slippery or inclined surfaces. Instead, choose a spot that is flat and has a firm grip or friction.
  • Don’t drink anything close to the moon lamp.
  • Dust off the lamp every once in a while so that its brightness doesn’t get dim over time. Plus, always use gentle hands while cleaning to prevent scratches.
  • Never leave the lamp on charge overnight.

Final Thoughts

A floating moon lamp helps us forget all the day’s stress by filling our room with a serene glow and tranquility.

You can choose from a variety of levitating moon lamps available in the market. Some come with rechargeable batteries, while others can be directly plugged into a power outlet.

If you have purchased a rechargeable lamp, don’t overcharge it, drink liquids near it, or place it on a sloped surface.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your loved one or just want a mood-lifter, a levitating moon lamp is your true calling!