Top 5 Modern Decoration Items for Your Apartment in 2021

Modern apartment decor is the pain point of every trendy, fashionable person. If you are one of them, you have arrived at the precise place.

You must be looking for modernized and stylish items that will elevate your house’s interior to the next level. Below, you will find an all-inclusive list featuring the best products and designs bound to be popular this year.

Every individual wishes for a decor item that brings the wow factor to their homes. Here you will find the perfect five items that will greatly add to your home decorations. Every single item is a showstopper in itself, but they work even better together.

But, before looking at the items labeled as favorites for this year, we must learn about the decor styles that are most likely to be in fashion for 2021.

Knowing the overall trend will help us considerably in picking products that go well with the new year.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Home Decor Trends for 2021

Home decor trends change almost every year, sometimes even with the changing seasons. Not everyone can afford to buy new furniture every year, but you can make your space look more trendy with contemporary decorations.


So what will be the trends in home decor in 2021? Specialists profoundly anticipate a few inclinations to be ‘in’ this year.

Firstly, a natural-looking interior will give people a more homely feel. That mixes in well with plants, which are becoming an essential part of any home. People love a little hue of green in their apartments.

Especially in the modern world of smoke and pollution, entering the house to a fresh, lush vibe is a refresher.

Furthermore, vibrant colors are going to make a comeback. As more people continue to stay at home, the colors will bring stronger energy and excitement.

In addition to this, people are living in apartments more than ever. Therefore, modern apartment decor needs to look good in a smaller place. As most apartments in urban areas are not very spacious, we need an interior that makes the apartment look spacious.

Is the Mid-Century Style Back in Fashion?

Experts predicted the Mid-century modern to be out of the race for the past few years. However, to our surprise, it showed a 14 percent increase in popularity over the last year.

This particular trend is still alive and kicking because of its compatibility with smaller apartments. It allows people to increase the ambiance of small spaces through bold yet beautiful and compact furniture pieces.


Additionally, experts predict that lighter colored furniture is going to take over all dark shades. Therefore, the items we choose must go well with the furniture.

As a lighter shade is more comfortable to design when one needs to go for a modern look, it works perfectly in small, cozy spaces like an apartment.

Furthermore, interior designers also suggest that bolder and technologically advanced styles are the future meaning that we should get decoration items that have both a techy vibe and a timeless feel.

We can expect to see more color on the walls instead of the regular off-white and light brown. People are growing in confidence, and that reflects in their home decor.

Besides, as the generation gets tech-savvy year by year, items like floating light bulbs, hovering lamps, and other cool scientific things are predicted to gain widespread notoriety.

As we are now aware of the modern apartment decoration styles, now is the perfect time to look at some of the most favorite decoration items for the coming year.

Top 5 Modern Apartment Decor Items - 2021

The design of our homes has changed dramatically over this year. It does not surprise that people are going out of their way and making their apartments look better than ever.

The items you will see shortly are selected are breathtaking and will upgrade your apartments’ looks one level up.

1.   Floating Light Bulb

The future is of technology; there is no doubt about that whatsoever. Therefore, modern decor must pack that techy, advanced, and experimental punch. A floating light bulb is a perfect option.

Imagine having a light bulb floating over your side table. I mean, how cool is that?

It looks spectacular and almost makes one wonder if they are part of some science fiction movie.

Furthermore, this particular piece is best suited for a minimalist apartment. A compact place requires concise items that pack a punch. And hence, a floating bulb seems optimum.

As sci-fi as it sounds, this decor item is available in the market. It is an excellent innovation based on advanced technology and the hard work of technicians and physicists.

 Floating Light Bulb

The Volta Levitating Light Bulb by Floatley is hands down the best for giving a unique look to your apartment.

It works with the help of complex induction technology. The tech helps the bulb glow like a standard bulb, with the additional feature of spinning 360 degrees.

A perfectly functional light bulb, WHICH HOVERS, is like the most Gen Z thing in the market.

And according to us, it is the perfect addition for your interior if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2021. There are several other innovative items introduced by Floately that we will see separately later in this account.

2.   Cottagecore

Cottagecore, also known as Countrycore, is Generation Z's perception of ideal village life.

These items showcase nature and almost everything you would expect to see in an original village.

 Wildflower wall art

In 2021, when the world around us is full of hassle, any cottage item featuring in your interior will give you a soothing, comforting vibe.

Countrycore products are pleasing to the eye, and just like wooden furniture, Cottagore items are all-rounders.

We can use one or two such items in our design, and they will significantly complement the rest of our interior.

Some of the most celebrated and embraced Countrycore products are:

  • Sheer Curtains
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Floral Cushion Covers
  • Garden Wallpapers
  • Birds and Cages Decal

Adding one or more of these items to your 2021 modern apartment decor will surely make the guests go WOW.

3.   Floating Moon Lamp

The LUNA is cooler than it sounds. LUNA is a model of the moon, with some additions. Unlike the moon, the lamp produces its own light. Considering we are in 2021, no item could be as suited as the LUNA.

 Floating Lamp 

It works by magnetic levitation, which powers the lamp as well as helps it rotate 360 degrees. It is almost like you are in a planetarium, and you see a mini-moon.

The lamp goes well with every piece of furniture. However, it looks best in contrast with dark colors. LUNA is what you need if you want to add a modern, innovative item that brings the x-factor into your house.

4.   Lush Green Plants

This particular item needs no introduction whatsoever. The houses in the United States containing zero plants are close to none.

Who doesn’t want a vibrant plant sitting in the corner of their room?


Plant pots were one of the most in-demand additions to home decor this past year. And we are utterly sure that it would not be much different this year either.

Regardless of how modern and advanced the days get, a piece of nature is unmatched.

When it comes to giving your interior design a crisp, natural vibe, a bright green houseplant or a mini tree is the only thing you require.

Furthermore, imagine if we could add a technological and cybernated touch to the houseplants themselves? That would be brilliant, right?

If you think this is all a facade, allow us to introduce you to the AIRSAI.

5.    A Floating Bonsai

AIRSAI is one of Floatley’s most innovative and famous inventions. It works with the help of magnetic levitation.

 A Floating Bonsai

Moreover, the ambiance it brings into the interior is unmatched. Like, how fascinating does a plant look if it is hovering in thin air? It is magical.

Besides, it is cost-effective as well on top of being a fusion of nature and Next-Gen technology. It would be the perfect addition to your inventory for the year 2021.

Tropical Leaves and Florets

When it comes to bringing the outside inside, nothing is better suited to the job than flowers are.

From wall decor to floor mats, from doors to windows, there is no prescribed area where you cannot put flowers.

A modern apartment living room is incomplete without a decent vase. If you are looking for small apartment ideas, tropical florets will suit you well.

 Miracliy 5 Pack

Moreover, if you want to arrange modern apartment decor on a budget, this is the chance you need to make the most of it.

There are plenty of items that feature flowers and mini florets. You can buy old flowers, fabric flowers, perhaps an antique vase with vibrant flowers.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to decorating your interior with blossoms.

Furthermore, as we have already seen the top five home decor items for 2020, we can now gaze upon the idea of what exactly makes an apartment stylish and chic.

What Makes an Apartment Modern and Smart?

According to the Modsy Report of 2021, eclectic decor climbed 13% in popularity, which means that the modern small apartment decor is all about customization.

It is apparent that your apartment decorating styles must reflect your choices as a person.

Besides, there are some trends and rituals that are popular and fashionable in a particular era. For instance, deer heads were indeed popular in the 1970s, but they are now a bit obsolete.

Therefore, it is preferable that both your modern apartment exterior and interior are as per the timeframe.

However, you do not need to worry about this. We have already mentioned the trends, followed by the items that are ideally suited for this year.

Additionally, as we move further into Generation Z, technology’s influence in every aspect of our lives is undeniable.

Be it a small studio apartment design or the interior of a lavish mansion, technology will make an impact on every kind of house or apartment.


With that said, it is vital to have a detailed analysis of the products available in the current market that are way ahead of their time.

Yes, we are talking about floating items. Below, you can see their advancements yourself.

Are Floating Items the Next Big Thing?

Items like floating light bulbs are way out of the league. They are wonders of modern science and innovative designs.

Hovering decoration pieces work on the principle of magnetic levitation. Maglev Trains, the fastest trains in the world, work in the same way.

Besides, one manufacturer is leagues ahead of all others when producing levitating products,  Floatley. We have already seen three of their products, namely, Volta, Luna and AIRSAI.

But that is not all. The brand has one more ingenious item up its sleeve.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The NEBULA is perhaps Floatley’s most exciting invention, consisting of a floating ball hovering between a black ring. The ball contains lights, speakers, and top-notch microphones.


So not only can you listen to music, but you can also receive calls and have a conversation from the comfort of your sofa.

The Bluetooth is compatible with all devices, causing a hassle-free experience.

Final Verdict

It’s clear that modern apartment decor uses a lot of advanced technology, which isn’t surprising now, with everything going smart around our homes.

This was all the information you would possibly need to make a wise decision. Ensure that you consider all the modern products and trends mentioned earlier in the article.

You need to keep one thing in mind when selecting modern decoration Items, and that is uniqueness. The styles should feature your personality.

Uniqueness is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are optimistic that this article has helped you understand what’s going to be trendy this year.