Is Luna durable?

Yes, Luna is built to last, but make sure to remove the moon first before powering off, or it can drop onto the base and roll away. Luna is meant to be observed, not played with. Treating it as a toy may cause damage.

What is the size of the moon?

The moon has a circumference of 15cm. 

How is Luna made?

It is made with innovative 3D printing technology. The design was perfected using real lunar maps to provide for the most accurate, layer-by-layer topography of the moon's surface. 

How long does the light last?

The light will last forever as long as the lamp is plugged in. The C adapter powers the light during the magnetic levitation. 

Is it noisy?  

No, Luna is completely silent. 

How does the portable light mode work?

There is a button on the wooden base that controls the light.

Does Luna become hot?

No, it does not become hot and it is safe to touch when it is on.