FAQs Floating Light Bulb Lamp

I can't get it to levitate! Is it broken?

Please make sure that you are placing the base of the levitating light bulb on a non-ferrous surface and that there are no iron goods under the table, since it will interfere with the balance of the magnetic field. Also, make sure to remove all metallic items from hands before using the product and that you do not have any magnetic items nearby. Levitating is also a difficult task to start with, especially if it is your first time doing so. Please follow the steps on the manual carefully, and remember: practice makes perfect! It may take several minutes to get it working at first.

How long could VOLTA be expected to last? Are there any replacement bulbs in case it breaks?

You do not need to worry about its lifespan, our VOLTA was built and rated to last 50,000 hours.

We can offer a replacement bulb to sell in case the light bulb breaks, so that you will not need to buy the whole package again. At the same time, we made our bulbs shatter-resistant and as durable as possible, so hopefully it won't come to that!

Also, please take cautionary measures yourself when dealing with the light bulb to ensure a longer, satisfactory experience.

Does Volta need batteries?

No. The bulb is powered from the base, therefore no batteries are needed! You can turn the light on and off by lightly touching the base.

My lamp stopped floating! Why did this happen?

Make sure not place Volta close to a computer or any electronic devices. Because the suspension of the lightbulb is caused by magnets, any electronic device may disrupt the magnetic field. Also, if it is levitated for a very long time, please take it down for a few minutes, waiting for the system to cool, and then re-levitate it. Because the temperature of wireless conduction can rise fast, it is necessary to wait for the temperature to cool down before trying to levitate it again.

What happens in case of a power outage?

Don't worry, we thought about this. In the case of a power outage, the bulb will land back on the base which would absorb the impact. The bulbs are made to be shatter-proof and be able to withstand shock if unplugged accidentally or in cases of power failure. Once power is restored, just levitate the bulb back on the base.