How does it work?

Levitation used to be something that we thought only magicians were capable of. But the scientists at Floately have discovered the secrets to REAL levitation, and they've made it more affordable than ever before.

Our products work using calibrated magnetic levitation. To achieve this, each product consists of two parts: the base and the floating piece.

The Base 

  • The base piece is located below the floating piece and rests on a solid surface. Inside it, there are four electromagnets placed in four corners with the same polarity. Each pair has an opposing magnetic field. As a result, a round magnetic field is created that pushes magnetic objects upwards.
  • Advanced hall sensors and drive circuits control the electromagnets by creating opposite poles.
The Floating Piece
  • The floating piece contains a magnet which resists the magnetic field generated by the base. Due to the hall sensors, the electromagnets are able to create magnetic fields to balance the floating piece so that it does not turn over or fall down.
  • Controlling electromagnets is not easy! Luckily, our product designers have extensive knowledge of the PID controller, which allows for stable levitation.

To understand more about magnetic levitation, watch the video below: