10 Above-Bed Decorating Ideas With Modern Art Deco 2021


Above bed decoration

A bedroom is often thought of as a haven where we can melt away our stressors, unwind, and find comfort after a long, tiring day.

To enhance the comfort of our happy place, we often customize it to fit our tastes. For instance, a bedroom with vibrant, energetic colors and fancy accents depicts a fun-loving, adventurous personality. A minimalist design, on the other hand, shows someone who values simplicity.

Simply put, your bedroom is a reflection of who you are. So, to personalize your room and give it that unique vibe you want, you can consider some modern art deco.

While the decor trends are constantly changing, we’ve compiled a list of several timeless art styles that remain relevant over time. So, without further delay, let’s get straight to it!

Modern Art Deco 2021: 10 Above-Bed Decor Ideas

Perhaps you’ve styled your room in the best way possible. You might have a few wall paintings, fancy furniture, a comfy, cozy bed draped in silk, expensively fluffy shams, and a bedside table to set your essentials on.

But what about the space right above your bed? Is it empty? Have you considered filling it up? If you haven’t, now is the right time!

Below, we’ve discussed 10 above-bed decor ideas with evergreen modern art deco.

1.   Protean - Minimalist Multi-Colored Lamp

Multicolored lamp 

Whether you’re a minimalist or an energetic soul, you will appreciate this one! Why? Because it caters to the needs of both.

This multi-colored lamp with a sleek design can be adjusted per your preferences. You can install this round-shaped lamp right above your bed and change the light with a single remote control.

With a range of colors (purple, red, green, blue, yellow, and orange), you can create your own aesthetic!

For instance, if you prefer a single color, you can set it accordingly. Nevertheless, you can also select multiple colors with one touch if you wish. Additionally, you can dim the lights to create a cozy atmosphere for a romantic night with your partner.

What’s more? It won’t take you more than 3 minutes to set up the lamp! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the manual and install it easily.

2.   Van Gogh Starry Night Painting

 Van Gogh Starry Night Painting

If you have an eye for aesthetics and a passion for art, here’s one for you. Perhaps all art lovers know the remarkable Starry Night painting by Van Gogh.

This artwork is a timeless modern art deco icon that inspires peace and tranquility wherever it's hung.

So, to complement your efforts of bedroom decor, consider hanging the Starry Night artwork right above your bed. Plus, if your room has white, coral, or pale yellow interior designing, a deep blue painting will blend in flawlessly and look stunning.

You can further reflect your artistic sensibilities with a frame that hangs above the painting. While you can incorporate your favorite quote in the canvas, but for it to fit seamlessly, we recommend Gogh's, “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.”

Moreover, you also have the option to choose the color and font of the quote. Considering your room interior, you can opt for a color of your choice, but it’s best to go with denim, blue, or black (for a minimalist yet cohesive look).

Also, make sure you choose the font wisely. For instance, print writing might not go well with the artwork; therefore, it’s best to opt for cursive writing. Why? Because script writings enhance the visuals and creative art.

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3.   HABOM Mason Jar

 Habom Mason Bar

If you’re into vases or hanging decorations, HABOM Mason Jars are perfect for your room. First, this modern art deco has white flowers that give an exotic look. Second, the mason jars with strings of night light give the space a rustic feel.

Furthermore, the wooden frame comes in rustic white, khaki, orange, blue, green, and grey colors. So, you can opt for a color that goes along with your room decor and wall paint.

Also, it’s pretty easy to install. All you need to do is hammer a nail in the wall above your bed and hang the jars. Nevertheless, make sure you keep two things in mind:

  • Instead of hanging the jars straight together, keep them 2-3 inches apart, with one slightly above the other.
  • It's best to hang them closer to the headboard slat than far apart. Why? Because the mason jars are small and a lot of space between them will give a bland look to your bedroom.

So, whenever you feel like adding an element of vintage elegance to your room, Mason jars are a perfect choice!

4.   Airsai - Floating Plant Pot

 Floating Plant Pot

Airsai Floating Plant Pot is perhaps a whole new concept in home plant pots. With its unique yet minimalist design, this plant pot instantly captures the eye. While it sure is a plant pot, what makes it stand out is that it floats in the air, 1-2 inches above the shelf. Cool, right?

You may wonder how it floats; well, it's due to magnetic levitation. Besides floating, it also continuously rotates too. So, if your bed is beside a window, your plant is exposed to sunlight and wind alike.

Nevertheless, a floating plant would require you to install a shelf above your bed. Once you’ve set up a rack, you can place the pot to give a mesmerizing look to your bedroom.

Also, note that while setting up the plant pot, levitating it might require patience and practice before you finally succeed in adjusting it. But once you set it up, it gets easier.

This spinning floating plant pot will add a magical touch to your room and please adults and kids alike.

5.   LED Curtain Lights

Want to add some glamour and brightness to your room? Consider these incredibly adorable LED curtain lights!

 Led Curtain Lights

They are a simple, accessible, and affordable way for you to decorate your room. What else is good? They are low voltage, so you won’t have to worry about your electricity bills soaring. Moreover, being low-voltage, they do not overheat and remain cool. So, they’re pretty safe to touch.

Also, you have the option to choose from six different light effects: Flash/twinkle, Steady on, Combination, Slo-go, Sequential, and Slow Fade. So, you can set the mode as per your needs.

Attach the clips high above your wall (right behind your bed) and hang the LED strings. Additionally, you can clip your favorite photos to these lights. Looking at them will bring back all your favorite memories.

6.   Luna - Floating Moon Lamp

Moongazers believe that they feel a sense of calmness and peacefulness when staring at it.

 Floating Moon Lamp

When you retire to your room at night after a long day, you do not expect anything different from your happy place. And wouldn't it be fantastic if you could see the moon every night in your room?

Well, the moon outside might not be visible from your room’s window. So, how about having something similar in your room?

Floately brings a Floating Moon Lamp, which evokes the feeling of a quiet moonlit night while equally complementing your room decor.

This floating and rotating lamp is a perfect way to get lost in dreams and feel a sense of tranquility.

You can either give it a soft, warm glow or turn on a bright white light. All you need to do is tap the touch control area and adjust the lighting modes per your preferences. Also, it’s LED, so you do not need to worry about your electricity bill!

7.   Canvas Wall Art

 Canvas Wall Art

If you want to keep a minimal yet classy room look, consider these flower patterned Canvas Wall Art. This four-piece navy and white modern art deco is perfect for hanging behind your bedroom wall.

Further, this art will look great if your room walls are light in color.

What else is good? They are pretty convenient to install. This wall art comes stretched on wooden frames with accessories and hooks. So, you need to hammer a nail and adjust them.

Note that you have various ways to display these in your room. For instance, you can hang them in a straight line, one above the other, or arrange them in a rhombus shape. Nevertheless, that depends entirely on your preferences.

8.   Acrylic Wall Decorative Mirror

Acrylic Wall Decorative Mirror 

Want to make your room look more spacious and bright? Acrylic Wall Decorative Mirror will illuminate and add space to your room, enhancing its aesthetics.

These mirrors come in five pieces with one full moon and four crescent moons, respectively. You do not need to install any shelf above your bed. Instead, you can just fix them on the wall behind your bed, and you’re good to go.

The package comes with the item along with an instruction manual and sticking patches. First, you need to attach the sticking patches behind the mirror and carefully remove the mirror’s plastic film.

Once done, you can easily attach them to your wall and give a touch of elegance and style to your room. 

Note that you have the option to attach them vertically or horizontally above your bed. Nevertheless, we recommend mounting the decor horizontally as it will go best parallel with the headboard.

Also, before you paste the mirror on your wall, make sure that the walls are smooth and clean; otherwise, you might face difficulty pasting them. ,

9.   Moon Phase Wall Hanging Decor

 Moon Phase Wall Hanging Decor

These absolutely chic Moon Phase Wall Hangings are perfect for your room if you’re into bohemian style.

This golden-colored garland has around 13 moons hanging with an extra-long chain. So, even if you have a king-sized bed, you can hang these above your bed, and they’ll fill up the space easily.

The package comes with the decor and a few other accessories that aid easy installment. Note that the moons are made of iron and the chains are made of metal, so make sure you keep them clean and dust-free otherwise, they might rust.

Also, ensure that you attach it properly to the wall; of course, you do not want it to fall and break.

If you love the moon or are interested in astrology, this decoration piece would be right up your alley!

10.  Gravita - Smart Floating Lamp

 Smart Floating Lamp

Experience the enigma and thrill of levitation with Gravita Smart Floating Lamp!

While we discussed the floating plant pots earlier, here’s an entirely new, unique, and unusual product.

This wondrous lamp comes with a bulb that levitates and rotates below the magnetic rod. Also, the lamp doesn’t come with a single bulb but four bulbs, including The Edison, The Nebula, Daylight Photon, and Twilight Photon, respectively.

You can interchange the bulbs to customize your room as per your preferences. For instance, your priorities can change during the night, daytime, or while reading a book. So, you can change the bulb based on your needs.

What else is good? You can switch it on with a touch, charge it wirelessly, and pair any device for crystal clear audio.

Also, it comes with a 20-year warranty; therefore, quality won't be an issue. Make sure you mount a shelf above your bed and place the floating lamp there. You can switch it on and off with a single touch.

DIY Above-Bed Decorating Ideas

 DIY above decorating Ideas

Who doesn’t love a lavishing and chic look for their room? Sometimes, even a few simple adjustments can make your bedroom look even more beautiful.

While we discussed a few above-bed decorating ideas earlier, here are a few DIY wall decorating ideas:

  • Got an old tarp lying around your house? Don't let it go to waste! Instead, get crafty and paint a picture on it. Now, glue it to the wall behind your bed.
  • Got an inexpensive porcelain collection? Glue them to the wall behind your bed. Make sure you glue them properly; otherwise, they might fall.
  • If your kids have been doing some artwork recently, consider hanging those pictures above the headboard. It will add a youthful artistic look to your room and boost your childrens’ confidence simultaneously.


While it can be tricky to decorate the space above the headboard, with 10 modern art deco ideas discussed above, you can transform your space into a stunning one.

Whether it's a floating lamp or a painting, you can pick the one that suits best to your needs, style, and budget.