Unique Party Decor Ideas for Amateur Party Planner

party decor

Whether you're hosting a bachelorette party or throwing a birthday bash for friends and family, you're going to need some fantastic party decor ideas. From elegant balloon arches to floral arrangements, these unique ideas will perfectly complement your modern apartment decor.

Whatever the occasion, our party planning ideas will help you organize and elevate the party by making the best of modern art deco. Here are some unique decoration ideas that cover fun themes, inventive party objects, and funky decor!

70’s Disco-Pop Theme

A disco-pop theme from the '70s never gets outdated because who doesn't love dress-up parties? So whether you're throwing a casual all-nighter or a fun evening party, here are some ideas that you'd like to cover for a pop-themed party!

The first step in setting up your 70's disco party is to organize a bar. If you own a home bar, then that's fantastic. Otherwise, you could always set up a mobile trolley bar. 

A customized trolley bar is big enough to hold your favorite cocktails, carafes, wine and small enough for you to move it around the house.

 70’s Disco-Pop Theme

Next, you'd want to set up the perfect lighting to create a retro vibe. For this, you can use ceiling color-changing LEDs or multicolored neon lamps.

 multicolored neon lamps

In addition to this, you'll have to make adjustments to your modern apartment decor. For example, if you have installed speakers in your home, it's time to replace them with a vinyl player! These small changes will help you create the best 70's pop disco party.

Next, all you need to do is make your guests groove to Michael Jackson to get the party started!

Birthday Party Decor

 Birthday Party Decor

Decorations are different for every party, so how will you pick the perfect birthday party decor? Firstly, you'll have to keep a few things in mind: the birthday theme, your budget, and the age range of your guests.

It is vital to know your audience at a party. For example, if you're throwing a family-friendly birthday party, then you'd want to set up balloon arches along with some decorative food tables. In contrast to this, if it's a friends-only party, you'd have to level up your decor game to include funky and inventive themes!

Since it's a birthday, balloon decor is going to be a must. However, for an adult-friendly party, you could work around the theme of white, gold, or pastels. These subtle shades help create an elegant scheme.

An essential part of birthdays is a cake which means that you'll have to set up a cake table. For the table, you could choose a decent table cloth that matches your color theme. You could also put balloon arches behind the dessert tables.

If you're hosting the party at home, you could cover the entrance with balloons or leave them free on the floor. It will help you create a grand statement at the party. Latex balloons are usually suitable for this purpose.

In contrast to this, if you're hosting a children's birthday party, then it's best to set up some fun games such as 'Pin the Tail'! Again, make sure that you choose a bright-colored theme along with some floral arrangements, candles, and bright lighting.

Sophisticated Adult Party Decor

Adult parties require a little more attention to detail. Therefore, planning an adult party can be a daunting task. But with our ideas, you'd be able to throw a well-organized party that'll make you everyone's favorite host!

So how do you start decorating the place? Firstly, decide the venue. If you're throwing the party at home, then you'll need to work your way around some modern art deco, elegant decorations along with some party classics.

At this party, tablecloths, centerpieces, and the sitting area will be the center of attention. Unlike disco parties where you boost music through the house, this party will need something different.

For this, you can make food the center of attention. Your adult-friendly party should cover well-organized food tables to multicolored cocktails being served at the kitchen counter.

In addition to this, you could order baked goods such as pies, cupcakes, and quiches. You could set up champagne towers or everything from serving platters to cups.

 Sectional sofas

For the seating arrangement, you could keep tufted seats or sectional sofas.

Modern Party Decor

If you want to throw a modern party that will excite all your friends, you've come to the right place! We have some fantastic ideas to help you transform your home into a modern club with neon lighting.

There are a few other things that will help you win the heart of all your guests. Firstly, you need to get rid of all the furniture in your living room because it's time to set up the best dance floor!

To create the best dance floor, you'd need some good disco lights. They will help to cast bright shades on the floor. In addition to this, you can never go wrong with mirrors.

 Disco lights

Patterned, plain, or designed, all mirrors help to make your room look spacious. Therefore we recommend that you use full-sized wall mirrors for your living room party. They will help to reflect the lights as well.

Besides this, you can make the best of your futuristic tech devices. Bring out all your speakers to the living room! In addition to this, arrange a tablescape to keep glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark bracelets.

You could also keep a black tablecloth and get highlighters for your guests to write glow-in-the-dark messages!

 Led Cube chairs

Whether this party lasts until 5 am or not, you're going to have to arrange a sitting area for your guests. For this, you can buy LED cube chairs that will become the center of the party! Also, remember to stock up on drinks and snacks!


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Backyard Party Decor

Whether you're hosting a proper summer party in your backyard or just throwing some steaks on the grill, we have you covered!

For a perfect backyard party decor, you're going to need some wooden chairs, benches, drink stalls, and outdoor games! If you wish to be extravagant, then you could have floral arrangements.

From lilacs to roses, floral arrangements will help to enhance the outlook of your backyard party. Besides this, you could keep garden tables.

 Arisai levitating plant

If you're fond of greenery, be sure to keep levitating plants on the tables to make them a center of attention. You could keep other objects filling the backyard, including outdoor fountains, barbecue grills, and garden showpieces.

A fantastic idea would be to keep steamers, electric grillers, and broilers. This way all your friends would be able to enjoy a pleasant outdoor barbecue with some great music!

For the drinks, you could set up a champagne tower or a drinks corner in the backyard. You could cover a wooden table with a white cloth.

For a more country feel, you could also set up an open barrel bar. You'd only require an ice bucket to keep the drinks cool. Moreover, try to keep outdoor pedestal fans if it's very hot.

With a futuristic levitating plant, champagne towers, and a grilling corner, you'd be the host to the best backyard party amongst all your friends!

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Extravagant Party Decor

From Gatsby-style parties to an Arabian night theme, here are some fabulous yet unique party decor ideas for your extravagant party! If you're thinking of hosting a massive party, the chances are that your guest list is full of adults with a taste for fine things.

To make the most of your Great Gatsby-inspired party, you'd want to use modern art deco designs, luxurious treats, and a stunning stage!

For this type of party, you'll have to set up a stage first. To decorate the stage, you can use ballroom styles or glittering balloons. But, again, it's vital to stick to a bold theme and the colors of gold, white, black.

Besides this, you'll have to set the mood right for this. You're going to need an impressive sound system. If your house has pre-installed speakers, consider yourself lucky.

Otherwise, you'll have to install many speakers throughout the lounge for your guests to enjoy the jazz music!

 Mirror Mosiac Trays

Another essential aspect of such parties is the serveware. Be sure to use mirror mosaic trays, exquisite wine glass, and champagne tables! Also, use metallic accents for tables.

For the lighting, you can decide whether you'd want dull ceiling lights or luxurious chandeliers. The next important thing is to focus on the jewel tones and feathers because you can not set up a gatsby party without being extra.

Such parties are all about glamour and grandeur; hence, make sure that you get feather fans, glitter headbands, and cloche hats. Hopefully, these ideas will help you transform your event space into a Gatsby party!

Masquerade Ball Theme

You can never go wrong with a masquerade ball-themed party. It may seem like an outdated idea, but trust us on this as nobody misses out on a masquerade ball!

To host the perfect masquerade party, you'll have to work a little to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Since you'd want everything to exude elegance and sophistication, make sure to work on theatrical presentation. Your masquerade party will use modern art deco style accompanied by candelabras, lanterns, feather fans, and curtains.

 Silver coated trays

These props will help you set the mood right. Besides this, you can serve the drinks and food in silver-coated trays. Don't forget to mention the formal dress code to your guests!

You can make DIY feathers and beaded masks or order them. Use dark accents for your masquerade ball theme. Throw in many gold ornate frames, gold glitter garlands, and birdcages to create the perfect vibe!

Furthermore, cover your home objects such as TV with velvet fabric sheets. You could purchase them from thrift stores. You could also scatter peacock feathers to create an aura of luxury and decadence.

Try to hang golden feathered masks on the walls for a unique decoration. Also, choose a white, silver, or gold theme for cups, plates, and candelabras. Finally, make sure to invite lots of guests that can stay unidentified by the end of the party!

Pool Party Decor

When you own a swimming pool, impromptu gatherings result in a pool party most of the time. But if you wish to gather your friends and family for a carefully planned extravaganza, here are some ideas for you to decorate the surroundings.

Unique pool party decor depends on the age of your guests, as the key to hosting the best party is selecting a theme that resonates with your guests' age group. Since this party will not have modern art deco, you may think that you're an amateur party planner when it comes to outdoor decor.

But the fun fact is that it's effortless to set up outdoor parties. Since the pool will be the center of the celebration, there isn't much that you have to do except managing food tables, games, and some outdoorsy decorations!

For food, you could keep lots of salad options with salad dressings. You could keep croissants, mini sliders, sandwiches, pies, and quiches. For drinks, you could arrange juices and tropical drinks such as your favorite cocktails.

When it comes to decor, you could keep seashells on the food tables. Cover the chairs with beach towels. If your pool doesn't have an overhead shade, try to keep patio umbrellas to do your guests a favor!

You could also set up a wooden table with goggles and nose plugs. If your pool party is children-friendly, then you should keep some snacks and candies.

Try to keep the surroundings of the pool green to create a welcoming vibe. For example, you could set up levitating plants, string lights, and waterproof lanterns around the pool to enhance the overall vibe of your pool party!


Hosting a party for the first time can get confusing for a lot of people. If you're one of them, you have nothing to worry about anymore as these detailed yet unique ideas will help you throw the best party ever!