10 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Does your rental apartment represent your modern personality and style? Rental or own, the place you live in is your comfort zone, and it should have your elements. However, the idea of vacating a rental apartment, sometimes sooner than you think, restricts you from investing in modern apartment decor.

 Apartment with wood interior

Moreover, most rental apartments have very strict rules that don’t let you experiment with its vibe. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your little space more homely.

If you want to make decorating your new apartment less daunting and more exciting, you are in the right hands. Keep reading as we guide you on 10 hassle-free ways to make all your apartment dreams come true. 

10 Ways to Achieve a Modern Apartment Décor

Here are our 10 clever ways to make your new rental apartment look modern and stylish.

1.   Spruce Your Entryway

Is your entryway bright and welcoming? Does it give a hint of what awaits? Unfortunately, most rental apartments lack an attractive entryway.

It is the first thing anyone crosses to reach your apartment, so why not work on it?

Paint the walls with a bright and cozy color. Go for peach, green or yellow walls. These are all happy colors and give a positive impression.

To give an illusion of an extended hallway, spread a runner. Choose a shade and pattern that matches your wall and complements your vibe. However, prioritize the quality and strength over all other things.

If possible, get rid of any old overhead lighting. Fix a classy yet modern chandelier to produce a beautiful yet bright visual effect. 

 apartment foyer white wall

Do not leave your entryway without a chair or a small sofa at a corner. There should always be a place to sit and remove shoes. If your budget or space doesn’t allow you a sofa, a comfortable stool will do the job.

Lastly, place a mirror on the wall, and attach hooks for bags and coats. If possible, place a beautiful plant to add an element of freshness and nature.

2.   Replace All Old Curtains

For the sake of your modern apartment décor, remove all the old patterned-curtains and dirty blinds. Search and invest in great-looking bamboo blinds. They are flexible, look beautiful, and are easy to maintain.


Moreover, bamboo blinds soften the sunlight and give your room a feel of a beach porch. They are durable and don’t demand much maintenance.

3.   Upgrade Your Lights

Who wants a dark and gloomy-looking apartment anyways? Most rental apartments come with easily removable light fixtures and bulbs. If you need a bright and modern room décor, replace all old and dim bulbs.

Invest in LED bulbs that glow with a soothing and warm light.  Fix these bulbs in your entryway, rooms, main hall, kitchen, and even washrooms.

If your apartment lacks modern lamps, make space for a few. Floating table lamps, small floor lamps, and lamps with shelves give your modern room décor a pleasant and illuminated atmosphere. 

 Levitating Floating Lamp

For your main living space, a dramatic wall light over the main sofa works as a great mood-setter. It works both as wall décor and a functional light at the same time. Whenever you plan to watch a horror movie on Netflix, switch on the light and indulge in a cinematic experience.


Lastly, buy candlelight, if you prefer. Candlelight is a clever way to establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere around your dining area. Choose various styles and smells of candles and mix and match to spread warmth around.

4.   Give a Personality to Your Bathroom

 Wooden tray on top of bathroom sink

To make a rental property feel more homely, give your bathroom a taste of your personality. Prioritize your bathroom as part of a modern apartment décor.

If your old toilet-seat is boring, pale, and simply unbearable, replace it with a fancy wooden one. You won’t believe how lavish your bathroom will turn out.

For the yellow and brown bathroom walls, save money and use a toothbrush dipped in baking soda to clean all the grouts. However, if you think the walls are beyond your control, maybe choose a color and paint them all over. 

You can also add some wall hangings and paintings to complement your existing bathroom tiles.

Moving forwards, if your budget allows, change your showerhead for a luxurious bath every time. Give your taps a makeover and buy a modern faucet. You can also add plants and a waterproof rug on the floor to add some elements of colors and nature.

Most rental apartments have horrendous-looking shower curtains. Choose something with a monogram theme or an attractive pattern. Lastly, buy comfortable towels and robes to enjoy your new bathroom.

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5.   Bring in Your New Furniture

No rent contract disallows you to swap the old furniture with the new. Even if your rental apartment is fully furnished, add some of your own to make it home.

For instance, start with modern room décor. Add a contemporary and bright sofa and balance it with soft-colored cushions.  Besides, a drawer with lots of smart storage and style can become a good replacement for long and wide cupboards.

A chic center table with books, a flower pot, and a few souvenirs add character to your living space. If space permits, you can also bring in a head-turning dining table set at your apartment. With comfortable chairs, a beautiful dining table, and unique crockery, you can make this a focal point of your apartment.

 Brown leather couch sofa

If your windows open to a balcony, place a small table with an installation of built-in seating. Cane or wooden furniture pieces are perfect for such spaces.

For a small balcony, opt for portable and folding furniture, so you have enough space when you don’t need them. Besides, hang a hammock to enjoy a relaxing and sunny day. 

In case you don’t get a permit to paint your walls, paint the existing furniture for a pop of color.

6.   Give Your Kitchen a New Face

No modern apartment décor is complete without a kitchen makeover. A kitchen is where all the good things happen, so it needs to have a character, storage, and a clean vibe.

For starters, change your unappealing kitchen floor. Cover the old kitchen tiles with a modern and colorful floor sticker. If finding a durable sticker is an issue, add a small rug to personalize.

Let your kitchen walls speak about the importance of this space. Cover the walls with kitchen-friendly patterns and colors. You can also look for frames with cooking quotes or paintings that motivate you to cook good food.

 wall art

Moreover, to add some oomph, decorate your kitchen counters with praise-worthy pots and pans. If you have spent money on expensive and exuberant cutlery, install a wall-friendly rack to showcase your items every time you visit.

Now, when it comes to storage, most kitchens in rental apartments are a disappointment. For your comfort, level up your storage space. Get yourself an opening shelf with lots of units for your storage.


Besides, introduce ready-made cabinets and fix them without hurting any existing furniture. Use wall-mounting boxes to keep your spices, sugar, and all the necessary things that go in your food.

Some bright colored tools will contribute to the much-needed color-pop. Also, since stools are portable, you can use them for other parts of the apartment. Lastly, a strategically placed mirror will make your kitchen look spacious and brighter. 

7.   Color Your Apartment Green

Give your apartment a taste of nature. Most modern room decors lack greenery and plants. Also, they have no access to a balcony or a space with plants and trees. 

If your rental apartment has the same flaws, bring nature inside. With various indoor plants available online, there is no excuse to leave your apartment boring and dull. 

You can start with an indoor kitchen garden of your own. Get some pots, seeds, and some planting equipment to start this fun DIY project. However, if you don’t have time, just get some plants and place them in all your kitchen corners.

For a modern room décor, place some hanging plants in your bedroom and your hallway. Plants help with sound sleep and create an environment of peace.

While placing plants, don’t forget your bathroom. Even with no windows and sunlight, some plants can grow in dark and humid surroundings. Just keep a check on their growth every time you step in for a shower.

 levitating plant pot with green plant

Lastly, floating plants with unique pot designs are everyone’s favorite these days. They are modern, techy, and beautifully crafted. Place a few in your living room for everyone to have a look.

If you are allergic to plants, add a green grass rug in your living space and see the change it makes.

 Sale - Levitation Objects

8.   Create Space for Eye-catching Pieces

If you are a tech-lover and have a scientific mind, add some pieces to reflect that. For instance, a floating Bluetooth speaker is a great way to play music and create a beautiful ambiance for a date-night. Moreover, you can use this speaker to pump up at a party in your apartment.

 floating Bluetooth speaker

For an art-lover in you, achieve a modern room décor with antique pieces from around the world. Cover your walls with famous paintings and create a balanced mix of old and new furniture.

9.   Buy New Bed Spreads and Covers

Your bed is a place you relax after a long and busy day. It is one of the things you connect with to have a sound sleep. To ensure it gives you the ease you want, invest in beautiful linen and cotton bed covers.

Nothing smells as good as new bedsheets, right? Bring home a variety of bedsheets with different colors, patterns, and designs. Experiment with both neutral and bold colors for days with different moods.

Moreover, a bed rug with a pattern is a great piece to complement plain bedsheets and adds brightness to modern room décor. You can either go for linen, silk, or cotton rugs. The choices are endless.   

Besides, let your bedding define comfort. Your mattress, pillows, and cushions should be able to adjust to your body’s needs. If you love soft pillows over hard ones, find bedding with such an offering.

For cushions on your bed and sofa, buy eye-catching covers with beautiful fabric. There are a variety of cushions available in different sizes and shapes. In case of a mix and match, place square cushions in your room and choose rectangular cushions for the sofas in your living lounge.

10.  Smart Studio Apartment Ideas

If you own a studio apartment with no boundaries or doors to separate one section from another, don’t panic. You can happily apply the above ideas in your little space with some serious adjustments.

For instance, separate one section from another and place rugs to create different identities for all corners. Smart placement of rugs also helps with creating boundaries within your small space.

Besides, stick with a uniform color scheme. If you want your space with white walls, follow the theme throughout. However, you can choose one wall as a point of focus and a representation of your apartment.

 Smart studio interior

Since studio apartments can be a little claustrophobic, don’t fill your room with wall art or unnecessary furniture pieces. However, to create an illusion of a wide space, hang a mirror on the wall facing your main door.


Your rental apartment is a space you grow, live moments, shed some tears, and make memories with friends. Just because it's a rental property,  doesn’t mean it is not your home.

With the above clever ways, nothing is stopping you from achieving a modern apartment décor.  However, do seek your landlord’s permission before making huge changes.

So, make a start, enjoy the process, and fall in love with your new home.