5 Best Floating Magnetic Lamp Displays To Brighten Up Your Home

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably caught on to the rising popularity of magnetic floating displays like floating lamp. Specifically, floating magnetic lamps are the new “it” item for alternative home decor.


These days, you can easily find all kinds of levitating gadgets online. But levitating lamp and magnetic lamp are a little tricky to get right.

You can never know what’s for real and what’s just a gimmick.

So, if you want to add a new dimension (literally) to your indoor lighting game, then keep reading for our list of the five best floating magnetic lamp displays.

 A lot of thought went into these innovative and futuristic lamps. So, let’s pay them their due respect and take a look at the top five floating magnetic lamp displays you can buy.

Volta- Floating Magnetic Lamp by Floatley


  • Floating light bulb
  • Discounted price of $99
  • Retro aesthetic perfect for antique home decor
  • It lasts for 50,000 hours.
  • Replacement bulbs offered in case the bulb breaks

 Volta Floating Light Bulb

Volta the floating light bulb was fondly named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta. Much like Alessandro was a pioneer of electricity and power, Volta is a trailblazer of modern, futuristic indoor lighting.

The most alluring thing about Volta is its design. Volta was purposely designed to be minimalistic and elegant, with a touch of a winning vintage aesthetic.

This magnetic floating display consists of two parts: a beautiful dark wood base and a floating bulb.

The floating light bulb boasts one of the most refined designs when it comes to floating lamps. It combines the retro aesthetic of a filament bulb with the energy efficiency of a modern LED bulb.

Moreover, the contact wires are over ten times stronger than those in the average light bulb, allowing it to last or up to 50,000 hours- that’s over half a decade!

Combined with its reinforced shatterproof bulb, Volta was built to last.

 Volta by Floately

Keeping in line with the minimalistic and futuristic theme, Volta doesn’t have a traditional on/off switch. In order to power it on, all you need to do is tap the corner of the wooden box. With one gentle tap, you can switch it on and off without disrupting the levitation.

But wouldn’t something like this look out of place? Not at all!

The cool thing about Volta is that it sticks to a minimalist design with neutral colors. Therefore, you can pair it with anything, and it is bound to look good.

You can find similar designs out there, such as the Buckminster by Flyte. But Floatley’s Volta is the most affordable option of similar-styled levitating bulbs and Floating lamp.

Luna- Floating Moon Lamp by Floatley


  • Discounted price of $149
  • A perfect replica of the moon
  • Controllable light colors and intensity
  • Spinning mode, levitating mode, and combined mode
  • 15 cm circumference
  • No noise

 Floating moon

Luna was directly inspired by the bewitching luminosity of a full moon. With Luna, you can have the hypnotic ambiance of the full moon on your bedside table.

But Luna wasn’t just inspired by the moon; it was designed after it as well.

That’s right, Luna floating lamp is a perfect replica of the full moon, down to each and every crevice, ridge, and indentation. In other words, it’s basically a scaled-down version of the moon.

How did the Floately team achieve this? Well, it was pretty simple.

Basically, NASA's satellite images of the moon served as the blueprint for this patented design. Modern state-of-the-art 3D printing technology recreates the satellite images in the form of a miniature moon replica—fun fact: each Luna takes over 28 hours to make.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that simple. But it’s still pretty cool when you think about how each bump and bulge represents actual lunar craters on the real moon.

Unlike the real moon, though, you can play around with Luna's colors and luminosity to create your ideal ambiance.

Admittedly, the colors aren't anything too funky; you have the option between bright or warm yellows and cool-toned whites. Still, combined with brightness control, these settings should be more than enough to bring a little versatility.

As with Volta, you can navigate through all available settings through a touch sensor on the wooden platform.

While the full moon comes out but once a month, Luna lets you bathe in the warm radiance of a full moon whenever you want.

Silhouette- Floating Lamp by Crealev


  • €1290 or $1545
  • Designed after a standard bedside lamp with a conical lampshade
  • Energy-efficient LED
  • 25 inches tall


While Silhouette’s design may be evocative of an antiquated bedside lamp, there's nothing old-fashioned about it. On the contrary, this lamp looks like something from the future.

Not only is this floating magnetic lamp the first of its kind, but it’s also the only one designed after a traditional lamp. Besides just the maglev technology, you’ll find that Silhouette boasts a myriad of innovative design solutions.

With just one look at Silhouette, it’ll be difficult to take your eyes off this rotating and gleaming magnetic floating display.

The actual floating part is the top half of what would otherwise be the lampshade. Then, about 1.5 inches below is the bottom half of the lampshade as well as the stand. In total, the lamp stands at a tall 628 millimeters or 25 inches.

As you can tell, this is strikingly different from all the other models we have seen so far. Typically, a magnetic floating display consists of a small base and an even smaller floating display.

While Silhouette’s design may be different, the basic components are still there; the hollowed-out bottom half of the lampshade acts as the electromagnetic base, while the top half is the main attraction.

If you’re wondering which part lights up, it’s the top half. When powered on, a ring of LEDs along the bottom circumference of the shade light up. The light from these LEDs cascades through a glass casing, casting ambient light onto the rest of the lamp. 

Appearance-wise, Silhouette stays true to its name. It uses a consistent dark black color scheme to replicate a sleek silhouette profile.

Moreover, the handcrafted, glossy black wooden base combined with the matte-black fabric makes for an unbelievably elegant and minimalist design.

Making Weather- Floating Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson x Crealev


  • Limited-edition item priced at $4,620
  • Magnetic lamp mode and wireless speaker mode
  • True wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • The cloud hovers 2.5 inches off the base.
  • Rotational and vertical movement
  • Sound-reactive LED lights


Making Weather is the brainchild of innovator Richard Clarkson and Crealev. Let us preface by saying that this item was a limited-time production, but we’re hoping they bring it back soon.

With that said, Making Weather boasts one of the most creative designs we’ve seen in modern Maglev gadgets. Another thing that sets it apart is that it is equal parts speakers and lamp.

We say equal parts because it boasts top-notch quality as both a speaker and lamp, without compromising on any features.

The illusive levitating lamp-speakers are soft and velvety to the touch.

But don’t let that fool you, because behind the fleecy exterior lies a rigid technological system. With the combination of true wireless technology, maglev technology, and a realistic design, Making Weather will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

But let’s talk about what really matters: celebrating sound and light.

Making Weather boasts extensive and interactive light modes to produce the most hypnotic display of lights. Multicolored, sound-reactive LED lights flicker to the beat of the music. The movement of these diffused lights produces a colorful and hypnotizing lightning effect.

If you don’t like the flashy, multicolored dancing lights, you can always switch it to lamp mode.

With the lamp mode on, you’ll get a very soft light peeking through the layers of the cloud. Now, you can use it as a night light.

Floating light Bulb-Styled Table Lamp By VGAzer


  • Discounted price of $199 on Amazon
  • Vintage-style
  • LED-powered
  • Safety features to protect the bulb

 Floating lamp

Yet another atypical design, this floating magnetic lamp by VGAzer is quite innovative.

Instead of the upright floating mechanisms we’ve seen thus far, VGAzer overturns expectations and literally turns over the entire display. This leaves us with an upside-down incandescent-styled bulb.

Now, instead of an upturned floating lamp, we have a downward-facing bulb.

This style of the table lamp is similar to most modern-day table lamps. Although it might not have the same luminosity as its traditional counterparts, you can still get a lot of functional use out of this artsy decor item.

Another unique feature about VGAzer’s floating magnetic lamp is that it has a useful safety feature. Because of its upside-down orientation, the bulb is more at risk of falling and shattering.

So, in the case of an unexpected power failure, the magnetic base is able to catch the bulb without letting it fall down.

What’s even cooler is that the lamp doubles as a phone charger. Any phone with wireless charging capability can draw power from this multipurpose lamp. If you’re especially forgetful when it comes to plugging your phone in at night, this levitating lamp will be your salvation.

How do Magnetic Floating Lamps Even Work?

Sure, magnetic floating display and levitating lamps look cool and all, but how do they even work? Is it battery-operated? Is it actually practical or just a gimmick?


The mechanism of a magnetic floating display isn’t too difficult to grasp. Basically, opposing magnets work in tandem with stabilizing electromagnets to produce a perpetual floating effect.

But when it comes to floating magnetic lamps, an important question arises: How do they draw electricity when they’re not connected to anything?

No, it’s not magic. It’s just a bit of simple physics!

The secret lies in a little something known as electromagnetic induction.

Electromagnetic Induction

Michael Faraday’s first law of electromagnetic induction states that “a voltage is induced in a circuit whenever relative motion exists between a conductor and a magnetic field and that the magnitude of this voltage is proportional to the rate of change of the flux.”


In layman’s terms, this means that it is possible to produce a voltage in an open circuit through magnetic fields. If the circuit is closed, that is, the power is switched on, then you can induce an electric current.

In the case of our floating magnetic lamps, there is a continually changing magnetic field around the entire display. The closed-circuit refers to the floating bulb, and the conductor is a coiled magnet inside the base of the bulb.

The wooden base itself is connected to a constant supply of electricity. This, in turn, produces electromagnetic radiation. 

Through a constantly fluctuating magnetic field surrounding the coil, we are able to induce an electric current in the floating bulb.

It’s as simple as that!

Are Floating Magnetic Lamps Practical?

You might assume that such an unconventional way to transmit power compromises on practicality. And you couldn’t be more wrong.

floating magnetic lamps 

First of all, most floating magnetic lamps actually use energy-efficient LEDs, which is perfect for energy-conscious households. Moreover, these LED-powered lamps can last for half a decade without a fault.

Admittedly, they don’t have much to show for brightness, averaging at about 50 lumens. This definitely isn’t enough to illuminate your entire room.

However, it is the perfect rating for decorative ambient lights. Some of these even pack as much power as a study light.

That being said, there are some limitations to their functionalities. Let’s take a look at what these limitations are.

How To Use Floating Lamps

Keep the following in mind when using any magnetic floating displays:

  • Make sure there are no magnets or magnetic items near the display since it will interfere with the highly sensitive magnetic field. If you’re having trouble setting up your display, chances are there is something magnetic nearby. Additionally, you can’t set this up on a ferrous surface.
  • Make sure that you’re not wearing a watch or any other magnetic items, as it can also interfere with the balance.
  • All magnetic lamps tend to overheat after every few hours, so you will have to cut the power for a few minutes and let it cool.
  • Most of these lamps are not sufficient light sources on their own. Instead, you can use them as decorative, ambient lighting.
  • They will stop working the moment the power cuts off, without any built-in backup power. When the power cuts off, they will stop levitating immediately and land on the platform.

In case of a rough landing, the shatterproof glass ensures that the magnetic floating display does not break.

Floately Levitating Magnetic Lamp

If you think it is too much work making your own magnetic displays, you can always check out Floately. Floately is a leading brand when it comes to floating magnetic lamp. For example, Volta OLTA that is powered through magnets and the air by induction, allowing you to illuminate your home and stand out with this awe-inspiring floating lamp.


In truth, floating magnetic lamps weren’t made to be functional or practical. Instead, they are supposed to exude elegance and allure.

Hopefully, you’ll agree with us when we say that these levitating lamps truly are the best of the best.

With captivating designs and hypnotic floating technology, these floating lamps really are something from the future.

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