Best Levitating Display Gadgets From The Future

The future is levitation. When you think of the future, you think of levitating cities and flying cars.

While we may still have some ways to go before we can have cities in the sky, levitation technology has swiftly been catching up.

Levitating display gadgets are the new “it” thing of indoor decor. While levitating displays were exclusive to chic restaurants and tech stores, that’s no longer the case.

In fact, more and more people are purchasing levitating displays for home decor than anything else. And it’s no mystery why; levitating displays bring a futuristic element to your interior decor. Things like levitating plants and levitating lamps are all the rave right now.

But it’s not just vanity items. Gadgets such as phone chargers and security cameras are also benefiting from this floating technology.

Most of all, the real power of levitation technology is its versatility. Essentially, all levitation displays consist of an electromagnetic base and a floating platform. You can customize it however you like; the sky’s the limit!

Still not convinced? Keep on reading, and maybe you’ll change your mind.

Airsai- Levitating Plant by Floatley

Plants are a classic indoor decor item—the simple pop of green accents just about any color palette and decor style. Small plants, in particular, look beautiful indoors because of their versatility.


This beautiful Airsai piece by Floatley adds a contemporary twist to the classic floral aesthetic. The contrast of the Bonsai tree against the futuristic spinning technology screams modern vogue.

Airsai comes in two styles. The first one has a plain round base with earthy colors, whereas the second one is more geometric and refined.


But there’s more to the levitating plant than just aesthetics.

Have you ever wondered why indoor plants have a tendency to bend to one side, mostly where there is constant sunlight?

Well, that’s thanks to a little something called phototropism. In layman’s terms, this is basically when the leaves try to “reach out” for sunlight, especially when it’s only coming from one direction. That’s why rotating your indoor plants is gardening 101.

Enter Floatley’s spinning levitation tech to do the work for you. Think about it: when the plant is rotating, every single leaf has a uniform exposure to sunlight.

In other words, the levitating technology gives equal nourishment to the entire plant. This ensures that your plant grows upwards and symmetrically.

So, not only does it look cool, but it also keeps your plant healthy!

Nebula-Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Floatley

Listening to music doesn’t just have to be an auditory experience. On the contrary, studies have suggested that pairing music with visual stimulus adds a whole other dimension of emotions.


With that in mind, what better visual stimulus can there be than a levitating speaker that lights up as music plays?

Floatley’s Nebula is aptly named. It consists of a levitating orb with built-in speakers and a beautiful black and gold marbled finish. The orb is surrounded by a ring of ambient light.

Nebula comes in three different color options for the stand: black, silver, and golden.

With the room lights off, the spinning orb illuminated by a ring of light looks like a miniature black hole. Combine this with your favorite song and try not to be completely mesmerized.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want such a display in their home?

The speakers themselves boast an immersive open-surround sound design. This ensures that the spinning movement does not disrupt the audio.  

If you’re still unimpressed, then maybe the Bluetooth functionality will change your mind. That’s right; the speakers can connect to any Bluetooth device for smooth music playing.


But guess what? It's not just a speaker. A highly sensitive built-in microphone in the display allows you to make and receive calls as well.

Volta-Levitating Light Bulb by Floatley

There’s nothing quite like the combination of vintage decor and modern technology. Honestly, that’s the best way to describe Floately’s Volta. This antique style levitating lamp gives a new dimension (literally) to aesthetic indoor lighting.

 Floating Light Bulb

While most bulbs sit on a wall socket or are tethered by a wire, Volta can be placed anywhere. Not only that, but it actually levitates in space!

But there are many more aspects to this levitating display.

First, let’s talk about the bulb. The bulb combines the retro aesthetic of a filament bulb with the power efficiency of an LED light. But how does it even work when it’s not connected to anything?

Easy! It uses wireless induction technology to allow the LEDs to draw power, radiating a warm, tranquil glow. Okay, but how does it switch on and off?

The answer is: with a single tap. On the corner of the wooden box is a touch sensor. All it takes is one gentle tap, and you can switch the bulb on and off without disrupting the levitation.

What’s more, this levitating lamp is actually more energy-efficient than most indoor lights. That’s because it uses a wireless power module that transmits just enough power to light the bulb; no more, no less.

And the best part?


Volta’s minimalist design and neutral colors allow it to look good with anything. Whether you want to make it a statement piece or nestle it in a corner with other decors, it will never look out of place.

Luna-Floating Moon Lamp by Floatley

Ever looked up at the full moon and been completely hypnotized? That enchanting feeling is the inspiration behind Luna by Floatley.


This levitating lamp gives you the ambiance of the full moon on your bedside table. But there’s more.

This mesmerizing display is actually a perfect replica of the moon! And we do mean perfect.

The team behind this patented design used NASA’s satellite images of the moon. They then used 3d printing technology to recreate the moon perfectly. This means that each indentation and bump is an accurate representation of moon craters.

It’ll be like having a miniature moon all to yourself!

However, unlike the real moon, you can actually control the colors and intensity of the light. With multiple color and brightness options, you can create any vibe you want.

 luna levitating moon

All settings are controlled by a touch sensor on the wooden platform. With a simple touch, you can go from a pale, ominous glow to a warm, soothing radiance.

Stop drawing your curtains at night to let the moonlight creep in. Instead, let Luna recreate the nocturnal glow in your bedroom!

Mag-Lev Audio- Levitating Record Player

Can you think of anything more classy than a record player? How about a record player that floats in mid-air?

 Mag-Lev Audio- Levitating Record Player

Mag-Lev audio is a fusion of audio from the past and technology from the future. But wait, does’t vinyl have to spin on the turntable to play the music?

Traditionally, yes. In standard record players, motors and gears inside the turntable spin the platter, which in turn spins the vinyl. But in order to make the vinyl levitate, there needs to be some other way to make it spin.

That’s where Mag-Lev’s patent-pending technology comes in. Instead of motors, it’s magnets and coils that produce the spinning effect. How groovy is that?

Record players are making a strong comeback. As music enthusiasts swear by the vinyl's superior sound quality, there's no doubt that levitating record players will soon revolutionize the audio universe.

OvRcharge-Levitating Smartphone Charger

Smartphone technology has come a long way. With the release of wireless phone charging, you might ask yourself: how can they possibly top this?

 OvRcharge-Levitating Smartphone Charger

Simple: make it levitate.

OvRcharge is an up-and-coming contactless charging technology that will make that waiting time a little less boring.

The charging display consists of a wooden base and a charging case. The wooden block provides enough levitation force to hold units up to 600 grams.

But the actual magic is in the special charging case. This floating portion of the charger holds your phone. A small cable in the case plugs into your phone and charges it.

Obviously, the case will be unique to each phone model to accommodate the different types of charging ports. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

But it gets even better. OvRcharge senses when the battery is full and automatically stops charging your phone. Even then, the phone will keep levitating and rotating in the air until you remove it.

OvRcharge is still in the Kickstarter phase, so it might be a while until you can get your hands on it. But who knows? With how quickly smartphone tech is developing, you could get your own levitating charger sooner than you think.

Making Weather - Levitating Cloud Speakers

These limited edition levitating speakers will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

 Making Weather- Levitating Cloud Speakers 

This illusionary levitating speaker is in the shape of a velvety cloud that hovers in mid-air. With the help of true wireless technology, maglev technology, and realistic design, it really does look like a small piece of cloud in your home.

But the real genius behind this display is the lighting system. Sound reactive LED lights flicker with the beat of the music. Consequently, the diffused lights look like they’re dancing around in the cloud. The end result is a vivid lightning effect. 

Imagine having a miniature lightning show in your living room!

Don’t worry, though; if it gets too flashy for your liking, you can always switch it to lamp mode. Now, you can use it as a night light and sleep with your head in the clouds.

Making Weather is an experimental piece by innovator Richard Clarkson in collaboration with Crealev. Although it was a one-time collaboration, Clarkson hopes to release this custom-made sound system commercially soon. 

Levitating Smart Security Camera

This levitating smart camera does more than defying gravity; it defies your expectations about modern home security systems as well.

 Levitating Smart Security Camera

Believe it or not, a security camera is actually a very smart and productive use of levitating technology. That’s because the levitation and rotation features allow the camera to have uninterrupted 360o vision. This way, there’s never a blind spot.

But the real selling point is the camera’s smart technology.

Motion sensors in the display instantly detect movements. Then, the camera points itself towards the direction of the movement. You can see this movement since the camera sends real-life feeds to your smartphone. 

Additionally, the camera has highly sensitive microphones to detect surrounding sounds. So, even if you can’t see everything, you can definitely hear it.

Story- Levitating Clock by Flytestore

This levitating clock by Flytestore gives the phrase “time flies” a whole new meaning. Everything about this futuristic timepiece shows just how far technology has come in 2021. 

The creators behind this innovative display had a simple vision: a way to visualize stories through time. Everyone has their own story to tell, which is why this clock is fully customizable.

But how does it work? Well, it works however you want it to work!

The clock is controlled by a mobile app that allows you to play around with multiple modes. Through the app, you can set your own timeline which the clock then follows.

For example, if you wanted to count down to your graduation date, you could specify that in the app. Then, the clock will complete one full revolution when the date arrives.

Additionally, Story can also work as a timer. This way, you can plan out your daily schedule with the help of a levitating clock.

The display consists of a backlit circular oak board. But do you want to know the coolest part? The backlights can also be customized to mimic moon phases.

Just picture it: if it’s still the start of the lunar month, then only one side will light up, representing a half-moon. Similarly, if it’s a full moon in real-time, then the entire board will light up.

With so many ways to visualize time, this levitating timepiece really is something from the future.


If you weren’t convinced before, you’ve probably changed your mind now.

This was just a glimpse into the world of levitating technology. When we can make entire trains levitate above their tracks, surely we can do anything.

Remember: the future is now. We’re ready. Are you?