7 Best Halloween Gifts for Everyone 2021

Halloween gifts

Spooktober is right around the corner, bringing with it everyone’s favorite scary holiday: Halloween. Cue the trick or treating, costume parties, scary movies, and Halloween gifts.

Wait, giving gifts? Isn’t Christmas another two months away? While it’s true that Halloween isn’t traditionally about giving gifts, we believe it’s still a great way to do something special for your loved ones.

Now you may be wondering: What are some great gifts I can give to my friends on Halloween 2021?

Worry not; that’s why we’re here. This article will list our picks for some of the most unusual gifts you can buy for your friends for Halloween 2021.

So keep on reading to find the perfect Halloween gifts to get for your loved ones!

7 Unusual Halloween Gifts To Get in 2021

Everyone loves a great gift no matter what the occasion. That said, the traditional chocolates and greeting cards just won’t cut it, given the spirit of Spooktober. So why not make things interesting by buying some unusual gifts instead?

Here are our picks for seven great unusual Halloween gifts that you can buy in 2021:

1. 3D Alien Skull Ice Mould Tray

 3D Alien Skull Ice Mould Tray

Picture this: Your friends get together at your house on Halloween to watch the 1979 Sci-fi/Horror classic Alien. Then, as the Xenomorph stalks its next victim, you get a round of drinks for your friends. But wait, is that an alien skull in the ice tray?!

Even if you’re not into movie parties, these 3D Alien Skull Ice Mould Tray from Shaped is one of the more unusual gifts you can give to someone.

This ice cube tray provides a highly detailed 3D mold of an alien skull and is a sight to behold. Not only are the skulls detailed, but they are also large. The large size makes for slow-melting ice cubes, which can keep any drink chilled for a long time.

Is your friend more of the DIY crafting type instead? You’ll be pleased to know that the Shaped 3D Alien Skull Ice Mould Tray can also work as a mold for other items. So whether it’s alien skull soap, alien skull chocolates, or even alien skull wax candles, the possibilities are endless.

2. Gothic and Fantasy Book of Shadow Journal

 Gothic and Fantasy Book of Shadow Journal

Is your friend the more quiet and reflective type? Do they spend a lot of time walking alone in nature? Perhaps they even have an interest in the arcane arts and would like to write down a few incantations?

Even if your friend isn’t a witch or a warlock, they’ll surely appreciate this Gothic and Fantasy Book of Shadow Journal.

The journal is quite large, which means your friend will have plenty of room to write down all their thoughts - or spells. Two metallic clasps secure the journal and keep it safe from any prying eyes.

The best part, though, in our opinion, is the gorgeous leather cover. This journal is also a work of art, with a red leather finish carved with aesthetic designs and a pentagram to ward off any evil spirits.

So as far as unusual Halloween gifts go, the Gothic and Fantasy Book of Shadow Journal makes our list of the best Halloween 2021 gifts.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas Vintage Music Box

 The Nightmare Before Christmas Vintage Music Box

Tim Burton fan or not, it’s hard to deny that The Nightmare Before Christmas had some catchy tune. Now, you can bring that nightmare to life with this The Nightmare Before Christmas Vintage Music Box from Kafete?

Forget nursery rhymes and Christmas jingles; this vintage music box plays the tune to This is Halloween. Even if young trick or treaters at your door don’t recognize this classic tune, they’ll be mesmerized by its spooky melody nonetheless.

No need for batteries; the music box is powered entirely by its crank handle. Just rotate it a few times to hear your favorite spooky melody play out loud.

A wooden box design with Celtic patterns provides an attractive vintage finish. The product is also quite portable, weighing in at only 3.52 ounces.

What’s more, unlike most Halloween gifts you’ll find, this music box also comes with a gift card. No need to buy a separate gift card; it all comes in one convenient package!

4. Luna Floating Moon Lamp

 Luna Floating Lamp

The full moon is when witches fly, and werewolves shapeshift. So why not bring the full moon indoors with the Luna Floating Moon Lamp by Floately?

The Luna Floating Moon Lamp is a levitating lamp that comes with a wooden base. A floating decoration piece may be one thing, but a floating and rotating 3D moon lamp is one of the most unusual gifts you can get someone this Halloween.

Silent as the grave, this floating moon lamp is a step ahead of most floating products. You can easily keep it in your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom without worrying about noisy motors and gears whirring away.

Surely though, a product this fancy must consume a lot of power? Wrong; the lamp uses a special energy-efficient LED that saves power. Even if you keep it running all day, you won’t see your electricity bill skyrocket.

The best part? This lamp is customizable, letting you change the mood by choosing from different color options.

The Luna Floating Moon Lamp is available today for the special sale price of $159.99 at 20% off from $200. So order yours today to give your loved ones a truly unusual Halloween gift!

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 Offers - Luna floating moon lamp

5. Triumpeek Halloween Pumpkin Trick Treat Bucket

 Triumpeek Halloween Pumpkin Trick Treat Bucket

Pumpkins, pumpkins; that’s what it’s all about every Spooktober. The Jack-o-Lantern is just as important for Halloween as the Christmas tree is for Christmas. That’s why the Triumpeek Halloween Pumpkin Trick Treat Bucket is a must-have for Halloween 2021.

These Trick or Treat buckets by Triumpeek are available in a vibrant pumpkin orange color, the staple of Halloween. The buckets also have a cute Jack-o-Lantern decal face on the outside, which will surely be a hit among both kids and adults.

Each bucket is 7.5 x 6.2 x 6 inches and weighs 12 ounces, balancing size and portability.

Granted, this Trick or Treat bucket might not be among the flashiest or most unusual gifts you can buy this Halloween. What we can guarantee you, though, is that it’s among the most practical.

If your neighbors are giving out candy for trick or treating, they’ll need some buckets to hold it all. Or maybe their kids are the ones going trick or treating and need some buckets to carry all their loot. Whatever the case may be, we can guarantee that the Triumpeek Halloween Pumpkin Trick Treat Bucket won’t just be another gift sitting on the shelf and gathering dust.

6. Zombie Rising Up From The Grave Wine Bottle Holder

 Zombie Rising Up From The Grave Wine Bottle Holder

Zombies; we all love them. From The Night of The Living Dead to The Last of Us, the undead have risen to dominate pop horror culture everywhere.

Instead of shooting them up or hacking them to pieces, though, why not let the zombies give us a helping hand this Halloween - literally? Enter the Zombie Rising up from The Grave Wine Bottle Holder.

Halloween isn’t just for the kids; the grown-ups need some time to unwind on this holiday as well. That’s why this wine bottle holder is sure to give a spooky twist to your holiday celebrations.

Each piece features a pair of zombie’s hands rising from the grave and is shaped to hold a bottle of your finest wine. The finish on the product is also superb, as it is individually handcrafted from cold cast resin.

So whether your zombie-loving friend is having a dinner party or it’s just a party of one, the Zombie Rising up from The Grave Wine Bottle Holder will surely make for a unique Halloween 2021 gift.

7. Circleware Skull Face Heavy Base Shot Glasses

 Circleware Skull Face Heavy Base Shot Glasses

Alien skull ice cubes? Check. Zombie wine bottle holder? Check. Now the only thing that’s missing from your friend’s banger of a Halloween party is these Circleware Skull Face Heavy Base Shot Glasses.

Impress your guests with these unique shot glasses, which are sure to be a good conversation piece. The detailed 3D skull finish of these glasses is spooky and elegant at the same time.

Unlike some cheap plastic versions, these shot glasses are made entirely of glass. The glasses are also heavy-base, making them durable for extended use.

Although this product is marketed for Whiskey, it should work great with any liquor, including vodka, tequila, or even rum. Heck, you can skip the liquor altogether and just use them as jello molds or even a decoration piece.

The Circleware Skull Face Heavy Base Shot Glasses are great for any party, especially for Halloween 2021. So make your friend’s Halloween 2021 party one to remember by ordering them a set today!


Halloween gifts are an increasingly popular trend, especially as a way of bringing people closer together after a year of lockdown and isolation.

At the same time, your typical candy and flowers may not be the best Halloween gifts for Spooktober. Instead, a great Halloween gift must be spooky, unusual, or practical.

Just pick one of the Halloween gifts from our list, and you’ll make this Spooktober a memorable one for your loved ones!