9 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

wooden furniture in an apartments

Did you move to a studio apartment in a metropolitan city, or do you prefer to live in smaller spaces? Either way, if you find yourself in a studio apartment with the task of decorating it, this is the right place for all the ideas!

These smaller apartments offer one bedroom with your kitchen, living room, and sometimes an office. It is natural to feel claustrophobic in such a home, and decorations come with a high price tag. So if you want to save yourself some money, here are nine ideas for DIY modern apartment decor.

1.  DIY Wooden Racks

The downside of living in a studio apartment is that you don’t have enough storage space. So how do you manage to keep all your things while also giving your apartment a neat look?

Wooden racks are the solution to your storage problem. Such racks make organization easy and quick and ensure that all your things are easy to access.

To build the shelf, you’ll need pieces of wood, a hammer, a saw, and some nails. All you have to do is cut long pieces of wood and smooth out the edges. Hammer the nails and join the pieces of wood to form rectangular boxes. You can also cut smaller pieces of wood and join them to create hexagonal wooden boxes.

 hexagonal wooden boxes

Join the pieces together and build your rack. You can place the rack above the side tables or fix it to the wall to make floor space. The benefit of making your rack is that you can choose the size according to the area available in your apartment.

Besides that, the materials required for the rack are cheap. You can tailor the design according to your needs. Such shelves are durable and also look unique.

Moreover, you can spray paint the wooden racks to match them with your theme. But if you do not want to build a shelf from scratch, you can buy a basic wooden rack and decorate it with hand-painted bottles or vases.

2.  Multipurpose Furniture and Smart Storage

If you want to make your space feel bigger and utilize its maximum capacity, it is time to make your furniture multipurpose. From minimalist wall lamps to murphy beds, we’ll help you with modern apartment decor.

 wall lamps

Wall beds, transforming multipurpose tables, and compact seating are some things that save space and serve more than one purpose. Besides this, innovative storage ideas efficiently create more space.

So how do you decorate your home without making it look like a congested mess? Well, you would want to incorporate some of these DIY ideas. Firstly, you need to get rid of the furniture that takes a lot of space.

If you want to enhance the look of your interior, ottoman stools are a great buy. You can buy several of these ottoman stools and place them side by side. These stools will occupy less space and provide the same comfort as a large sofa.

You can use these as a singular seat whenever you want. You can also buy a long mat for these stools and keep it on top of them to convert them into a sofa.

Besides this, you have to get crafty with your side tables. You can build wooden slabs above your bed and fixate these shelves on each side of the bed. These will work as floating side tables.

Such shelves save you some floor space next to the bed. You can keep storage boxes here.

It helps your regular bed function as a murphy bed. You can decorate the shelves or change their texture with the help of acrylic paints.

Furthermore, instead of crowding your house with chairs, you can buy velvet covers for floor cushions. Fill them up with cotton or rags and place them against the wall. They provide excellent comfort and also look pretty.

3.  DIY Barn Inspired Jute Placemats

Do you want to achieve that cottage core aesthetic for your home? Jute placements are the solution. If you wish to decorate your apartment by creating showpieces yourself, all you require for this idea is a glue gun and a jute rope.

You can make fabulous jute placemats and ottoman stools that are cheap and have a decent look. For this, you need a thick jute rope.

 jute rope

  • Start by taking one end of the rope and roll it into a circular pattern.
  • You have to glue the rope while you weave it.
  • Roll the jute rope until you reach the required size of the circular jute placemat.
  • Glue it along the way to secure the shape of the pattern.

You can make as many jute placemats as you need. You can use this to place glass, dishes, or vases. Besides this, you can use jute ropes around photos to create jute frames.

You can cover glass with rope to create pen holders and vases and keep them on floating shelves to make showpieces for your cottagecore aesthetic.

4.  Washi Tape Wall Art in Your Apartment

Washi tape is a chic and non-permanent way to decorate the walls of your apartment. This tape allows you to create geometric grids or accent walls without damaging the wall paint.

Washi tape 

You can get creative with the tape and use it to create patterns, angular accent walls, mini-gallery walls, or use it as a frame for polaroids. This decorative adhesive tape allows you to experiment with the walls.

You can use textured, colored, or printed tape to create patterns or designs that match your theme. Creating a grid on the wall is a popular trend of 2021. This idea saves you the money that you would generally spend on large paintings or wallpapers.

Besides that, you can use the tape around electrical switches and make them look modern and stylish. If you want to decorate the ceiling, you can use tape on the edges. If you think that your walls are too plain, you can form shapes with the help of washi tape and hand paint the shapes.

Be it a funky theme or an elegant blend of natural tones, this tape helps decorate your walls on a low budget and makes your apartment’s interior trendy.

5.  Potted Wall Plants

Most of the studio apartments aren’t pet or plant-friendly. So how do you keep the interior fresh and green? There is no need to bring large pots to keep full-grown plants in your home. A better idea is to install wall planters or floating shelves.


You can grow your plants in small ceramic planters and drill metal plant holders in the wall. These holders can carry the pots and save space.

On the one hand, they provide fresh oxygen, while on the other hand, they maintain the warmth of your apartment’s interior. If your apartment has access to sunlight, you can place them on the wall opposite the window.

Installing indoor plants doesn’t require many changes, and it is an effortless way to fill up small spaces in your home. Besides that, plants have a pleasant impact on your health. They also reduce stress and can help to boost the earthy vibe of your small apartment.

You can also drill holes on each side of the planter and pass a jute rope through them. Tie a knot and hang them in your apartment. Other than that, floating plant pots are a modern option for your studio apartment.

Here is a list of some good indoor plants:

  • Aloe Plant
  • Red Aglaonema
  • String of Pearls
  • Fiddle Leaf Figs
  • Snake Plants
  • String of Pearls
  • Air Plants
  • Coffee Plant

6.  DIY Handpainted Showpieces

Studio apartments offer less space. It means that you have to avoid buying large showpieces and make do with smaller ones. So it is time to get crafty and make your showpieces.

Here are a few ideas to create the best showpieces that contribute to modern apartment decor.

Handpainted Planked Wood Signs

Wood is never out of style and probably one of the best materials to use for modern decor. All you need is a smooth wooden plank or a pine board. You can paint it however you want.

Some carvings on the wood can make it stand out from the rest of the frames.

You can blend acrylic paints to create textures on the plank, write your favorite quote, and use it as a frame. If you let the plank maintain its wooden surface, it will create a vintage vibe. You can also use distressed planks for this.

Handpainted Bottles

In recent years, handpainted bottles and jars have become popular amongst all the DIY ideas, so it is wise to choose them for your apartment. You can use glass paint for them and use the colors that best suit your theme.

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7.  DIY Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are the hottest trend right now. For all the home decor ideas, they seem to be on top of the list. So if you want them to be a part of your modern apartment decor, we have a great idea.

 Sunburst mirrors

Mirrors can make your small space look more prominent so that they will be an essential part of your studio apartment. If you don’t want to invest in a large sunburst mirror, then you can create your frame according to your preferred size.

You have to select a round mirror and choose some wooden sticks. Invert the mirror and pour glue on the edges. Then you can paste the wooden sticks to the edges in alternate sizes. Paste a long stick and then a short one. This pattern will help to create the sunburst design.

You can also paint the sticks or leave them with a natural wooden texture. By following these simple steps, your sunburst mirror will be ready to hang on the wall.

8.  Desk Wall Unit

 white small desk wall

Sometimes it isn’t easy to make space for your home office or a study room in your studio apartment, so a desk wall unit is the best thing you can build to have a functional wardrobe, shelf, and study table in one place.

You can integrate the table and the shelving into one unit, and all you require is the hardware to mount the desk unit to the wall. You can use white wood or textured wood according to your theme, and this idea also allows you to make tweaks according to your preferences.

Besides that, it offers more storage as you can build cabinets to keep your things locked. You can use the racks to keep books, utilize the desk for work-related objects, and place a lamp.

This desk wall unit covers the entire wall and takes minimum space for the storage that it provides. You can keep a comfortable chair near the desk and make this your ultimate work spot. The desk wall unit will also be a focal point of your home; therefore, you wouldn’t require a lot of other furniture.

9.  A Pegboard Kitchen Storage Wall

A pegboard was commonly used in the garage, but now it has made its way into the kitchen. It is a vital part of the kitchen’s interior as it is upgradeable and maximizes storage.


You can take a pegboard according to the size of your wall and mount it there. Pegboards add a modern touch to your kitchen as they are made from durable, chic metal panels. They have holes, slots, and hooks. You don’t have to worry about less counter space.

You can paint the pegboard according to the theme and also install a wooden cabinet near it. It allows you to hang your utensils on the hooks and use the slots to keep other kitchen accessories. Since the pegboard installation is effortless, you wouldn’t need extra help to work your way around it.

Besides maximizing storage, a versatile and durable pegboard will organize your kitchen and add style.


We hope that these ideas help enhance your creative skills and add a touch of art and originality to your interior. You can now transform your studio apartment to make more space and organize it according to your need while maintaining the outlook of your home!