Amazing Home Gym Decoration Ideas of 2021

woman holding a gym ball

Are you thinking of setting up a home gym? Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that the environment plays a vital role in keeping you motivated to work out. Secondly, the environment should have a positive effect on your mind and body.

So how do you create the perfect home gym? Here are some ideas to help you build the best workout space at home.

An Organized Workout Space

 a woman doing push up on a mattress

It's normal to get bored and unmotivated during your workout sessions at home. You have to create a home gym that improves your focus and keeps you motivated to work out regularly. So how do you design a workout space that keeps you focused?

Besides a schedule, you need a well-organized place. The color of the room, lighting, speakers, and air conditioning are factors that have a massive impact on your workout routine.

So firstly, you need to choose a soothing color for your gym. Something that also creates an energetic vibe. Yellow or blue tend to keep you positive and motivated.

Next, you incorporate the best technology in your home gym. For this, you can install huge speakers that set the mood right and provide the best sound effects. You can also use a levitating Bluetooth speaker to add futuristic technology to your gym.

 levitating Bluetooth speaker

Moreover, you can use intelligently designed shelves to keep your gym accessories such as gloves and yoga mats.

Ensure that you position your gym equipment to make it very accessible and don’t add clutter to the room. Besides that, keep a water dispenser nearby to keep yourself hydrated.

These measures will help promote accessibility of things when you’re working out and make you stay focused.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Toughest of All?

Sleek and stylish mirrors are an essential part of the gym, and you can never go wrong with them. Mirrors don’t only help you to check whether your angles are correct but also seem to keep you motivated.

They create the illusion of more space and also reflect maximum lighting. Besides the mirrors, try to enhance the lighting of your gym and redesign the floor.

You could keep wooden floors or tiles but don’t forget the non-slip rubber flooring as it acts as a rug and provides additional grip for workouts.

 mirrors on wall

You can hang some mirrors or use full-length ones to cover a wall. If your workout space has a window, it’s best to place the mirror opposite the window. It helps to reflect natural light during the daytime.

And if you’re able to have a better view outside the window, it keeps you thinking that you’re doing something chiller than your regular sweat-out session. Hence, it improves your mood and keeps you working out.

Create a Functional Home Gym

If you want the inspiration to create a functional gym, you’re in the right place. Whether you’ve allocated a spare room or a corner to your workout space, here are some ways to make it more functional.

You can nestle the gym equipment into the corner. Try to place your large equipment such as benchBluetoothBluetoothpress near the wall to save some space.

You can use the wall shelves to mount weight balls, yoga mats, dumbbells, and accessories while you utilize the floor space beneath floating shelves for keeping barbells and heavier weights.

 wall shelves

If you’re a fan of cardio, then you can place your treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike opposite a wall that has a TV. Then, you can watch music videos or play a movie while doing your cardio. This way, you won’t feel like your workout is making you miss out on your favorite shows.

You can also hang the gymnastic equipment to create more floor space for yoga and other exercises.

If you want to keep your water bottle or other accessories nearby, try to install a wooden rack. It will provide more storage and help you keep your cell phone nearby during your workout sessions.

Window Less Gym

It is exhausting and boring to work out in a gloomy room, so it is time to redesign the window-less space you have designated to your home gym.

So if your gym doesn’t have a window that provides sufficient sunlight, you need to make sure that you install good lighting.

Good lighting is the key to keep you motivated, and it also alleviates the mood. So what do you require for good lighting?

Firstly, you can install ceiling lights or paste neon LED strips along with the corners of your ceiling. Next, you can keep a modern lamp to enhance the lighting near the gym equipment.

 Neon sign enjoy today

If you still want your home gym to have more lighting, you can place an elegant chandelier. It will not only provide good lighting but also enhance the ambiance of your gym.

Besides all this, make sure to keep frames and mirrors that reflect the light and make your workout place look more spacious. 

Professional Style Home Gym

 Gym at home

If you have sufficient space for the gym, we have a few ideas to fill up space to create a professional look.

So your professional home gym will have a lot of equipment, so how do you place it without adding clutter to the room? First of all, you have to create separate sections of the room. Then you assign a place for weight training and start redesigning from here.

On the weight training side of the home gym, you have to install non-slip rubber flooring to prevent damage to the floor. You can keep your barbells nearby and line up the dumbbells on the floor.

Next, you assign some space for cardio. Here you’re going to place your treadmills or ellipticals and yoga mats. Ensure that you clear out some floor space for skipping or other exercises that you perform on the mat.

You can also place a mini-fridge and a water dispenser to keep your drinks and access water. If your home gym has an attached bathroom, make sure to have a nearby shelf or cupboard. You can use this to keep fresh towels or body sprays.

To add a more professional gym vibe, you can install prominent speakers. They will be a mood booster. But, of course, you can also keep a levitating bluetooth speaker or built-in ceiling speakers.

 Nebula Floating Speaker 

Besides all this, try to use vibrant shades for flooring and walls to create an energetic vibe for your professional home gym.

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Minimalist Home Gym

 Gym tools organization

If you are not too fond of large workout spaces with extensive equipment, here is an idea for an elegant and minimalist home gym.

If you only keep necessary gym equipment at home, you don’t need to worry much about the look of your gym. All you need is good lighting, natural-toned walls, a couple of frames, and showpieces.

So you begin to decorate your minimalist gym by making sure that the walls have a neutral color. Then you hang some frames, paintings, or abstract art on the wall to create an artistic

vibe. Next, you have to enhance the lighting of your workout space. You can do this by keeping a modern lamp that provides sufficient light. Also, ensure that you don’t use yellow lamps. They create a lazy vibe that might affect your mood.

Modern Lamp 

Try to keep minimum furniture in your gym to avoid getting distracted and create more floor space for yoga.

Keeping a single table is a good idea if you have to place your water bottle or other accessories within your reach. Also, since it has minimum furniture, it would be easy to clean your gym after a workout session.

Bright Zingy Gym

Do you want to add more color to your workout space? It is not a problem! Colorful workout spaces tend to make us feel more active and create a vibrant vibe of the room.

Nobody likes to work out in a dull environment. So you can choose bright themes like yellow, turquoise, blue, or orange. Such colors will keep you attracted to your home gym and help you work out regularly.

Change the colors of the wall and keep bright flooring. For example, you can paint one wall with a bright shade such as turquoise and paint the rest with a dull color. It will help to create contrast.

If your gym equipment is black, choose a color that you’d like with that. For example, you can keep bean bags and flooring of a contrasting color. Besides that, you can also match your exercise mats with the theme.

 Bean Bags

If you’re a fan of the artwork, you can cover one wall with your favorite paintings and frames. You can also keep bright vases and enhance the lighting. If neon colors seem striking, it is time to get the LED multi-colored modern lamp.

Some people are not a fan of boring gym equipment. For that, you can keep colorful dumbbells and a yoga ball. You can also keep a gym rack organizer to keep everything well organized.

 gym rack organizer

Glamorous Home Gym

The environment plays an essential role in keeping you motivated, and if a boring home gym doesn’t get you to work out daily, it is pointless. So now is the time to redesign it by using these ideas to create an elegant and glamorous gym.

Firstly, you need to replace all the outdated furniture. White is the color we choose for glam, so we replace the table with white racks and chairs. You can also keep tufted seats as it is an indoor gym.

 tufted seats

Try to keep cute mats for workouts and fill up the rack with exciting objects such as a levitating Bluetooth speaker or floating plants. You can also keep potted flowers on the shelves. They will create positive energy and make you want to visit the home gym often.

 levitating plant pot with green plant

Perfect air conditioning and lighting is the key to creating a glamorous home gym. Besides that, you can keep polished hardwood floors with rubber mats to place heavy gym equipment.

If your house has a large window, make sure that you allow a lot of sunlight to come into your home gym. It will help to keep you active during your morning workout sessions.

You can also create a fitness wall. Wall workouts have become popular, and they are great to do at home. They don’t require bulky equipment, so you can combine strength training tools and resistance bands to create a fitness wall.

Traditional Industrial Style Home Gym

With most of the gyms closing down in 2020, fitness freaks have built traditional gyms at home. And if you want to change your workout space into an industrial-style gym, we have some great ideas for you.

Firstly, you have to set the mood right, so it inspires you to work out regularly. For this, try to incorporate hanging greenery and traditional wood textured walls. Besides that, grey is also a popular choice for an industrial-style gym.

Once you have decided the texture or color of the walls, designate one wall to the mirrors. Full-length mirrors are an essential part of the gyms and help to create the illusion of more space.

Windows provide a lovely look outside, but mirrors reflect the view and improve the outlook of the home gym. The gym space also looks double in size. When it comes to post-workout accessories, such as neatly rolled towels and water bottles, you can keep them in a wall mount rack.

 wall mount rack

You can also create exercise charts and paste them on the wall. A large center clock is also a necessity when you have to time your workouts. If you want to create a balance between form and function, try to keep benches and storage shelves.

 Fitness Centre Gym

Besides that, try to avoid using carpets and rugs as they create a dull look. Gym equipment might also ruin the mats, so the best idea is to keep tiles or wooden floorings.

Don’t forget to make your home gym well illuminated by keeping lamps and bright ceiling lights. They’ll add to the ambiance of your industrial-style home gym.


So designing your home gym doesn’t require you to start from scratch and most of the ideas are budget-friendly. In addition, you can mix and match the ideas that suit your comfort and help you stay motivated.

We hope that these ideas inspire you to create the perfect home gym and get you to work out regularly!