Best Floating Planter You Can Buy Online in 2021 | Reviews & Recommendations

Have you ever seen a floating planter? Hovering freely in the air, this extraordinary plant is quite unreal. However, there is no witchcraft involved here.

The floating planter follows the age-old science behind magnets. Remember in our physics class; we learned how the opposite magnetic poles attract and similar repel? The pot and platform are two north poles that force each other away, and that’s how the plant stays afloat.

This planter is a modern-day blend of indoor plants and technology. If you love collecting unique items for your home, this invention will make a pretty eye-catching addition to your lounge or bedroom. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Points to Consider When Setting the Floating Planter

To make sure your planter settles down perfectly without breaking:

  • Use both your hands to center the pot properly. It is essential to prevent the opposite pole from being pulled towards the platform and making a mess.
  • Before you switch off the base, make sure to remove the plant first. Again, you don’t want the plant to fall on the platform because of an absence of magnetic repulsion.
  • Don’t let the total weight of plant and soil exceed the weight limits of the device. Otherwise, the floating planter will get too heavy to levitate. At times you get the product with the plant included. In that case, you don't have to bother about the weight.

Once afloat, this invention creates a fascinating sight. If you want to experience the magic of a floating planter in your home, we have the best online recommendations for you. Each plant on our list is pretty affordable, works efficiently, and is just a click away. 

Top 10 Floating Planters Available Online in 2021

Read the reviews below to select the levitating planter that deserves a place in your home.

1.   Floately Airsai-Floating Plant Pot

Taking the first spot on our list, Airsai is more than just a plant floating in the air. If you want to experience a soothing atmosphere in your space, placing Airsai in a corner is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

 Airsai-Floating Plant Pot


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This contemporary decor allows your plant to grow mid-air and simultaneously add a chic touch to your living space. The spinning technology encourages the nourishment of the plant by allowing access to sunlight from every direction.

When turned on, the planter moves in 360 degrees and spreads good energy throughout the room. Moreover, this product can help control anxiety, reduce stress and create a comfortable environment around you.

Levitating your Airsai for the first time may require lots of practice and patience. However, once you start doing it regularly, you will become a pro in this task. Follow the rules mentioned above, and you won't end up in a mess ever.

Available in four different styles, you can use this planter for any of your favorite houseplants. Airsai is the perfect source of greenery you need in this digital age. However, make sure you keep it in a safe corner, away from the hands of little kids.

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2.   FLYTE Lyfe Floating Plant Pot

Are you craving a unique decoration piece to put on your office desk? Having a floating planter spinning in the air in front of your eyes can help relieve your work-related stress. FLYTE Lyfe planter is a beautiful pot to place among your other office accessories.

 FLYTE Lyfe Floating Plant Pot

This innovative product uses magnetic induction to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air. Moreover, while spinning, it looks like a functioning and fantastic decor item that everyone wants to keep in their space. 

FLYTE Lyfe pot is a silicone planter with a geodesic shape. It is super tactical and easy to grip. Also, the size of this product is perfect for a small table.

While twirling in the air, you can experience the pot from different angles as it changes its shades. The sight is hypnotic in every way.

Lyfe floating planter comes with a durable wooden base. It is made with high-quality, sturdy oak that blends well with your office space's modern and rustic ambiance. Available in five beautiful colors, you can use the Lyfe planter to brighten up your room and create a head-turning sight for your guests.

However, be careful when handling the pot. Although durable, silicone doesn’t take effort to break into pieces.

3.   TSY Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

If you love natural elements and like to incorporate them in your indoor decoration, TSY Levitating Air Bonsai Pot is something you would want to consider. Designed for all kinds of small plants, this pot has a unique shape and a praise-worthy quality.

 TSY Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

When turned on, this unique floating planter spins in 360 degrees and allows the respective plant to cultivate through sunlight exposure. Moreover, TSY Levitating Pot adds an artistic and modern touch to an overall traditional ambiance.

It comes with a hexagonal shape base which is equally beautiful. The wooden platform complements the pot perfectly and provides terrific support. If you love the wood-on-wood concept, this artistic piece will strike your fancy.

TSY Levitating Pot can withstand a maximum weight of 300 grams. So, make sure your plant and soil add up to a weight below or equal to that number. If it doesn't, the pot may fail to float, and you’ll likely damage the magnets inside.

The Air Bonsai Plant can make an excellent gift for your friends and family. Moreover, it can be a great addition to your magic-lover kids' room. The rotation can help them sleep better and simultaneously add much-needed greenery.

But before you book yourself a pot, keep in mind the wooden design will be a little heavy for your fragile surface. Place it on a hard table to avoid any accidents.

Moreover, there are many similar pots available online. To buy the authentic one, look for the TSY logo only.

4.   JU&MU Magnetic Levitation Pot

Those who don’t have a garden outside your house, can create one inside with JU&MU Magnetic Pot. This white floating planter with a dark brown base looks like a tiny plant house with a fence. The creative design and noiseless magnetic technology allow the pot to rotate freely in the air on its platform.

 Magnetic Levitation Pot

The planter’s base has touch buttons to control the movement of the pot. You can manipulate its direction or even stop it from rotating.

Not only this artistic piece makes a good decoration item, but it is also pretty beneficial to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is pretty affordable and can brighten up any dull surface.

5.   FloatingGlobes Levitation Wooden Plant

The variety of floating planters available online is pretty impressive. From exceptional designs to durable materials, there is a levitating plant for everyone.

 FloatingGlobes Levitation Wooden Plant

The FloatingGlobes Wooden Plant comes with a wooden base and pot. But what sets it apart from other planters is its mirrored surface.

Imagine looking at the reflection of your floating plant on its mirrored base? Doesn’t that feel like a sight you would want to experience every day?

The Levitation Wooden Pot by FloatingGlobes is a perfect size for small plants. The flowerpot can hold a maximum weight of 300 grams. You can use it for small bonsais or houseplants for indoor use.

However, while watering plants, make sure to remove extra water from the surface or pot. Also, don’t let the soil drop to the base and cause a mess. If you want to keep this planter on your work desk, place it at least 8 inches away from your laptop to prevent any electronic interference.

Since this is an electronic product, you would not want your kids to play with it. Place it on a high shelf if you have kids under 12 in your home.

6.   Active Gear Guy Levitating Plant

Japanese art is quirky and unique. If you love collecting such pieces, the Active Gear Guy Levitating Plant will make a good purchase. Made from ceramic, both the pot and its base exhibit Japanese culture beautifully.

 Active Gear Guy Levitating Plant

A lovely planter that floats and defies gravity is worthy of attention. This levitating invention lifts your houseplants, bonsai, and flowers for better nourishment through sun exposure. Moreover, the rotating feature creates a zen-like atmosphere in your space.

Active Gear Guy Levitating Plant comes with a hand-painted ceramic base. The eye-catching Japanese pattern makes this product super stylish. If you are looking for something to gift a friend or a relative, this floating planter may make a great present.

7.   FloatingGlobes LED Floating Bonsai Pot

An LED base with a floating pot, doesn’t it sound great? Another creation of FloatingGlobes, the LED Bonsai Pot, is a jaw-dropping decoration piece and indoor plant pot.

 FloatingGlobes LED Floating Bonsai Pot

With a rainbow-lit base, this product looks like a dancing plant in the air. This floating planter comes with artificial flowers, but you can always replace them with your favorite indoor plants. However, make sure the weight in the pot doesn’t exceed 300 grams.

The LED platform is made of plastic, while the pot has ceramic making. As the plant rotates, the lights from the base reflect on its surface, making it look like an indoor disco you always wanted.

The magnetic technology allows a peaceful levitation which means you can use this product for an excellent meditation session in the dark. You can also switch it on for in-house movie shows or a quiet date night. 

8.   Bitcircuit Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

If you are a science nerd and a sucker for quirky pieces, the Bitcircuit Air Bonsai Pot will probably catch your attention.

 Bitcircuit Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

This floating planter is made with resin and is quite a distinctive exhibit. Moreover, it is super lightweight and doesn’t break easily.

Supported with silent magnetic technology, the air bonsai pot rotates slowly like a floating star in the air. You can see it from every angle and experience its hypnotic movement. This bonsai pot is a perfect size for small plants.

Also, it is easy to install and maintain. For installation, connect the AC adapter to a switch and wait for a few seconds before adjusting the pot over the base.

To keep it safe from damage, clean the surface and pot every day. Clear extra water droplets that may interfere with the magnetic force. 

The noiseless rotation is helpful to reduce anxiety and create a calming atmosphere around your space. You can keep this planter near a window to allow maximum sun exposure and nourishment. Just make sure it has a safe space to rotate without knocking out other items.

9.   Thinker9999 Japanese Levitating Pot

This rustic beauty is a great decoration item for the art lover in you. With its repulsive magnetic force, this levitating pot makes any plant look like a whole root ball rotating in mid-air.

 Thinker9999 Japanese Levitating Pot

Moreover, the black base’s creative structure enhances the overall value of this product. With a hand-painted Japanese design in a golden finishing, this floating planter can make a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table.

You can use it for your bonsai or Tillandsia. Just make sure the total plant weight is less than 300grams. Moreover, if you want to experience a hassle-free rotation, avoid plants that require soil.

It may take time to figure out the sweet spot for the correct placement of the pot. But keep practicing until you get the knack of it.

Keep three fingers firmly on the pot to avoid it from being pulled towards the base. It is vital for the safety of this planter.

Also, don’t wash the planter frequently. Use a clean cloth and remove any traces of dust or water.

10. Ozzptuu Creative Magnetic Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

 Ozzptuu Creative Magnetic Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

For those looking for a sophisticated yet simple floating planter, the Ozzptuu Levitating pot may tick all the right boxes. Made with resin and a wooden finish, this planter is pretty classy-looking.

The flower planter can hold a maximum weight of 200 grams, and anything above that won’t allow it to float. Moreover, to keep it perfectly balanced in the air, spread the weight evenly throughout the pot.

This high-tech gadget is quite a good buy for people looking to enhance the look of their office table. However, to avoid any accidents, make sure the planter is a few inches away from your other electronics.

Parting Thoughts

The floating planters are one of the best inventions of recent times. Not only do they make attractive gadgets, but they are also pretty helpful with stress and anxiety.

If you are thinking of enhancing the look of your space, placing a levitating plant on a shelf or a table will create a unique touch. Moreover, it will cover up for the missing indoor plants.

Here’s hoping the above list has helped you find your favorite one. However, whichever floating planter you go for, please keep it away from little kids and other electronics.