These 10 Moon Lamps Will Be a Game-changer to Your Room Decor!

Levitating moon lamp

Do you look at the moon and wish for everything magical and beautiful? Moonlight is one of the most soothing sources of light and energy. It is a mood lifter and a perfect companion on a romantic night.

However, you can’t have access to the moon everywhere and every time. But you can enjoy moonlight in your room if you like.

Moon Lamps are one of the best home decor pieces. These are modern lamps that produce similar light and energy as the moon does.

Moreover, the best moon lamps look pretty much like the original moon in the sky.

So, if you live in a room with no window and miss the presence of moonlight, here is a list of the top 10 moon lamps you might love.

Top 10 Moon Lamps to Brighten Up Your Room

The following list of moon lamps is a result of immense research and love. We have included modern lights with eco-friendly material, beautiful texture, safe built-in battery, and an appealing appearance.

However, when you choose a lamp, make sure it meets your budget and size requirements. Also, always check whether it has an efficient battery life or not.

If you are clear on what you want and love a modern lamp for your room decor, you are in for a treat. Let’s dig in!

1.   Luna-Floating Moon Lamp

Have you ever loved a shining moon in the sky while walking in the dark? Isn’t the sight so breathtaking?

Well, if you love the sight of the moon, you can have one in your own space. Luna Floating Moon Lamp is beautiful and innovative.


It is a levitating lamp perfect to create a beautiful environment in your dark and dull room. With a single touch, you can change the overall feel of your space.

Luna Floating Moon Lamp comes with a touch system. You can easily control its color and brightness according to your taste.

 Floating moon lamp

Moreover, the levitation technology allows it to rotate 360 degrees and float like a real moon in the air. However, if you do not like its continuous rotation, you can conveniently stop it from spinning.

This high-resolution modern lamp is also pretty energy-efficient. Luna uses an LED bulb that lights up for as long as you want. The wireless power module transmits enough power to keep the moon shining without increasing your electricity bill.

Luna Floating Moon Lamp is indeed a treat for those who love quality with efficiency. 

luna levitating moon


  • Beautiful texture
  • Long battery life
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Maybe it’s a little small for bigger rooms.

2.   Logrotate RGB Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is almost 4.8 inches in diameter and is available in 16 different colors. Moreover, thanks to 3D printing technology, this light’s surface look exactly like an original lunar moon.

Moon Lamp 

All the materials used on this modern piece of art are eco-friendly, FDA-approved, and non-toxic. In addition to its similarities with the moon, this lamp is highly durable and unbreakable. You can safely put it in a house with small kids.

Besides, the Logrotate RGB Lamp comes with both touch and remote controls. While touch control is an easy way to change the brightness and color of the light, a remote control works best when you are away from the lamp. 

Logrotate Moon Lamp takes about two hours to charge fully and can work for between six to twelve hours straight.

However, if you keep the brightness too high, it may only operate for five hours. Also, this moon lamp has a battery life of only two months.

If you are thinking of a present to give your friend, the Logrotate Moon Lamp may make a precious gift.


  • Non-toxic
  • Made from safe PLA material
  • Operational through both remote and touch controls


  • Low battery life.

3.   AED Moon Lamp

Just when you felt your room was looking super minimalistic, we have for you another moon lamp that may meet your taste.

 AED 3D Printed Moon Lamp

AED Moon Lamp is not like any small table light. Its diameter is almost 7.5 inches, and it looks like a giant moon ball creating an excellent environment in your room.

Moreover, this modern lamp comes with both ouch and remote control. A short touch turns the light on/off and also changes colors.

But a long touch adjusts the brightness of light according to your comfort. The remote control is a perfect way to control brightness and color when you are farther from the moon lamp.

However, make sure there aren’t any hurdles to affect the remote’s performance.

AED Moon Lamp comes in three different colors. While warm light is appropriate for a relaxing time, the cool white creates a great environment in an office space.

Moreover, this moon lamp has a rechargeable battery and a practical timer function. However, the only thing it lacks is a long battery time.


  • Comes with timer
  • Takes only an hour to charge
  • Battery lasts for 20 hours
  • Uses both remote and touch controls to work


  • At full brightness, it lasts for 8 hours only.

4.   AMZLIFE Moon Light Lamp

Having unique pieces in your room adds a different character to the whole ambiance. However, we rarely find items that not only look good but create positive energy throughout our space.

 AMZLIFE 3D Printing Moon

AMZLIFE Moon Light is a beautiful exception.

Taking the fourth spot on this list, this modern lamp is a lovely piece of art. It comes with a spectrum of colors and also a fantastic design.

With a 5.9 inches diameter, the moon lamp by AMZLIFE looks like a real moon with an eye-catching texture. It also comes with an accessible and intelligent sensor to control brightness, color, and performance.

Moreover, the LED light bulb stays cool for the longest time, and its soft light is safest for your pets and kids. With seven colors and three brightness modes, you can operate the lamp according to your requirements.

However, it stops working when you put it to charge.

AMZLIFE Moon Light also makes a beautiful Christmas gift to spread light and happiness.


  • Effective touch control
  • Made from safe PLA material
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Beautiful texture


  • Doesn’t light while charging


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5.   CPLA Lighting Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is a contemporary take on the traditional night lights. Light bulbs are too old, and if you can update your wardrobe every year, why not your room?

 CPLA Lighting Night Light LED

CPLA Moon Lamp comes with lots of unique features and functions. However, its realistic design takes all the limelight. Through the help of advanced 3D technology, this modern lamp looks like a small moon in your hand.

The perfect texture of the lamp is a result of accurate astronomical data collected for your satisfaction. Moreover, with just one touch, you can adjust brightness and access any color.

When you buy this lamp, you also get a charging cable, user manual, and a wooden stand. The wooden frame is pretty solid and sturdy. 

The CPLA Lighting Moon Lamp takes about three hours to charge and stays up for 20 hours when on medium brightness.

However, the only thing it lacks is the variety of light settings. Currently, CPLA moon lamps only offer two different light options.


  • Modern and safe
  • Perfect for kids
  • Charges in three hours
  • Affordable


  • Only has two light settings.


6.   Gahaya Moon Lamp

Do you crave an extra large and adorable moon lamp for your room? If yes, Gahaya Moon Lamp is a perfect choice to buy.

But it is not only the size that’s bigger. Gahaya Moon Lamp is pretty amazing when it comes to its eco-friendly material and unique texture. This moon lamp is made of PLA material and is completely non-toxic and odorless.

 Gahaya Moon Lamp

Gahaya Moon Lamp has some pretty excellent features. It emits a perfect and Flicker-less glow all the time. Moreover, it comes with cool white and warm light settings for a different mood and ambiance.

This modern lamp also has a stepless dimming function. With just a single long press, you can conveniently adjust its brightness and color. 

Like any other competitive moon lamp, this product also takes only three hours to charge. Moreover, it can efficiently run for 20 hours before you put it for charging again.

However, while it’s charging, make sure the lamp is off and safe from kids.


  • Super efficient and safe
  • Unique texture and remarkable resemblance with the moon
  • Made from PLA
  • Works for 20 hours straight


  • Needs to be charged daily

7.   VGAzer Moon Lamp

People always get attracted to unique decoration pieces, and VGAzer Moon Lamp is indeed a one-of-a-kind modern lamp. A light that floats in the air and produces a comfortable glow, VGAzer’s Moon Lamp is a gorgeous decoration piece.

 VGAzer Moon Lamp

The resemblance this lamp has with the original moon is pretty uncanny. Thanks to 3D technology and PLA printing, this beautiful light looks like a real moon resting in a corner in your room.

VGAzer is a perfect lamp for you if you prefer dim lighting and a comfortable ambiance. Also, it is incredibly lightweight and adjustable with all its features.

However, you may find its levitation a little tricky to handle. If you do, call the customer care center for guidance.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Non-irritating light
  • Big in size


  • Tricky levitation

8.   Mydethun Moon Lamp

A unique moon lamp with a trendy stand that can transform your room’s aesthetics. If you are looking for a beautiful light to put on your work desk, Mydethun Moon Lamp may tick all the right boxes.

 Mydethun Moon Lamp

This modern lamp comes with an aesthetic hand-shaped stand that you may not find anywhere else. Moreover, the Mydethum Moon Lamp has an excellent runtime and offers a sufficient light intensity. The runtime is almost eight hours, and it takes only three hours to charge.

Mydethun Moon Lamp works with the touch control system. You can easily change the color of the light through a single short touch. Moreover, this moon lamp has a bright light and warm yellow as the available colors.

This lamp also has an excellent intuitive feature. If you think the light is too bright, you can touch the lamp for a long time to dim it according to your preference. How fun is that?

When looking for a durable, modern, and classic lamp, give Mydethun Moon Lamp a shot.


  • Comes with a robust wooden base
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Touch control
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t have a durable charging port

9.   BrightWorld Moon Lamp

Who doesn’t want a moon lamp that exudes elegance and class? BrightWorld Moon Lamp is just that and more.


If you love a calm environment around you, a modern lamp like this is worth an investment. It is durable, lightweight, and a perfect piece for medium-sized rooms. However, you may find its base a little hard to assemble.

Moreover, it is a multi-purpose lamp. The bright light setting can help your kids do their tasks, and the warm yellow light can set a perfect ambiance before bedtime.

Also, BrightWorld Moon Lamp has a pretty impressive run time. It can work for 20 hours when on mild brightness. Also, it takes just a few hours to charge fully.

Unlike most other moon lamps, this one continues to work even when being charged. But, BrightWorld Moon Lamp has all the features to become a great addition to your room.


  • Comes with a solid wooden base
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Made of PLA
  • Works when on charge


  • The base may feel hard to assemble.

10.  Zermurd Home Moon Lamp

Another big lamp on the list, Zermurd Home Moon Lamp, is available in 6 inch-size. It is perfect for those who like significant art pieces with a visible presence.

 Zermurd Moon

Zermurd Moon Lamp runs on super-advanced technology. It can transit between 16 beautiful colors, creating a different surrounding every time.

Moreover, it runs through both a remote and touch control. That’s quite amazing for its available price.

Zermurd comes with a rechargeable battery that stays charged for a maximum of 48 hours on a dim light setting. Moreover, it effectively uses only 4W of light when on full brightness.

Regardless of its unique features, it doesn’t stay on when being charged.


  • Pretty big in size
  • Has 16 colors available
  • Operates with both remote and touch control
  • Efficient and long-lasting battery


  • Doesn’t work when being charged


A moon lamp is one of the most fabulous decoration items for people who love astronomy and celestial aesthetics. If you are someone similar, don’t wait to design your room with a modern lamp that lights up your space and mood.

Before you choose a lamp, make sure it has an efficient battery and a great run time. Also, don’t forget to give the texture and quality much-needed attention.

We hope the above list helps you choose your favorite modern lamp, and it proves as a great addition to your home.