10 Tricks You Can Do When Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets 2022

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is also the most used space by homeowners.

The area above the kitchen cabinets is one of those awkward places which seem intimidating to work with. Any wrong styling move can bring down the entire look of your rather lovely kitchen.

You could use many styling ideas and items such as a basket or a modern lamp to add personality to your kitchen. Keep reading to see the latest trends and techniques you could use to cover the space.

When Not to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Before we begin with ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets that will help you pull together space, let’s pause and listen to this advice from top designers.

Kitchen cabinets 

If the space above your kitchen cabinets is less than 20 inches, then stop in your tracks. Put away that plan and step down the ladder.

Any attempt to shove things in a small area will make the space feel suffocated and cramped.

Instead, it would help if you were grateful to your intelligent kitchen designer, who added taller cabinets and utilized every bit of space.

An ideal solution for this problem would be to paint the wall in the same color as the cabinets. Not only will it blend with the cabinets, but it will also bring focus to other objects that cost way too much.

Sometimes the best way to decorate above a kitchen cabinet is not to decorate it at all.

More importantly, if your kitchen space is small and already bustling with things, let it breathe. A small space can quickly begin to feel cluttered and suffocating if you overdo it.


If we were to tell you that you could finally display all your cherished cookbooks right in your kitchen, wouldn't you do a happy tap dance for us?


Jokes apart, this trick is ideal for those who have a stash of cookbooks lying in their attic. Now is the time to take out your loved books and bring them where you most need them.

Not a cooking enthusiast, nor were you handed down tons of cookbooks by your mother?

Want to cheat a bit? Run down to your nearest thrift store, grab a few cookbooks of varying heights and colors. That will provide a layering effect and pop up the dull unused space.

Shall we let you in on a little secret? None of your guests are climbing over a ladder to see which books you stashed there. Get creative and use any new books.

Decorate with some pretty bookends, and you are good to go. Indeed these books will prove to be a conversation starter at your next party!


 Bread in the basket

We love baskets! Yes, we all do. They are cute, inexpensive, and versatile.

Baskets are available in so many shapes, sizes, and designs that it's implausible you won't find a few, which elevate your kitchen's look.

Using a combination of big and small baskets, you can create a pattern that provides texture to the dull space. Either use the ones you already own or buy a few with varying textures, materials, and colors.

Baskets are not only stylish but very functional. They are a great way to hide clutter or store those extra baking trays that you rarely use.

You could use rattan or wicker baskets which are entirely in vogue in 2021. Or you could also use a bunch of inexpensive cloth baskets in varying sizes.

Play around with textures and colors. Some homeowners go the extra mile by using dividers in between baskets to create a more balanced look.

So bring the baskets in, and wave goodbye to dull, empty space.

Gallery Walls

Do you own a lot of art that you have run out of space? Well, no worries.

Bring it on and proudly display it above your cabinets. Art above your cabinets will be safe from stubborn grease and cooking splatters.

 Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have unlimited potential. You could use vintage art or black and white portraits. There are no rights or wrongs.

To add the designer element, mix up a few antique frames of varying sizes. Select your prints from the Internet or get kitchen-related quotes from Etsy. You can strategically place the frames unless you are satisfied with the final look.

Don't worry; you don't need to fill the entire area with pictures. Create groups and set each of them up before moving to the next.

This design element allows better symmetry and creates a festive look. This is an exciting way to add a personal touch to your kitchen.


2021 is all about indoor greenery and open spaces. So why not introduce this concept to your kitchen. Experts suggest staying away from faux plants and using natural vegetation around your house.

 levitating plant pot with green plant

Faux plants can begin to look unreal too soon. Similarly, the feeling of joy that the growth of an actual plant brings is unmatchable. The warmth and earthy smell provided by indoor plants can make any area of the house more welcoming.

When adding plants to space above your cabinets, you must remember one important thing. Select plants that don't require plenty of sunlight or water. Since these plants will be at a height, they won't get a lot of the sun.

Moreover, it will be too much of a hassle to water plants on regular days. Unless you have a kitchen ladder handy and lots of time on your hand, watering plants at a height will be too much trouble.

Plant lovers and most online plant shops have considerable knowledge about green babies that require less maintenance. The most popular options are snake plants and burgundy rubber trees. You could also use modern floating plants to add a touch of class.

Not only will these indoor plants help liven up your kitchen, but they also help regulate temperatures and improve overall health. These indoor plants will act as accent pieces and bring a pop of color to your monotonous kitchen.

Exotic Plates

 Vintage plates and glasses

We all have that extra fine piece of China that is too expensive to use. What if it slips out of the kid's hands or chips while washing. Not a good fate for the beautiful dining set.

Here is a perfect solution to utilize the beloved and intricate stoneware. We know how difficult it could be to get the precious plate set out finally, but why not put it to better use rather than collect dust in a cabinet.

You must be wondering now about dinnerware that you have, but never used. You can use the extra dinner set you received at your wedding but never opened.

Or the vintage platters that were handed down to you by your beloved grandmother. Or maybe the beautiful blue china that you bought on your last holiday to Turkey.

The possibilities are endless, and the end looks divine. By pairing neutral pieces together, you could get a cohesive look that adds height to your cabinets.

If you have a collection of brightly colored platters, you could line them up on top of each other against the wall to create an art piece.

By using quirky and distinctive platters above your kitchen cabinets, you can create a striking impression. At the same time, it's an excellent way to free up the stuffed-up cabinets or the garage.

Decorate According to Holidays

Is your family big on holiday decor? Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Easter. There is always a holiday around the corner.

 Kitchen decor

When we decorate the whole house according to holiday themes, why not bring the magic into our kitchen.

Of course, you can't stash a Christmas tree over the cabinets, but a few ornaments placed at the right angles will help your kitchen look festive and bright.

Similarly, when Halloween is around the corner, bring all your spooky stuff up near the ceilings. A few cobwebs and the magical witch hat placed over the short cabinets will beautifully coordinate your indoors and outdoors.

Brick-Wall or Wallpaper

Sometimes, when trying to decorate a space, ' less is more.' While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is essential to understand that we don't always need to get modern art or expensive collectibles for decorating a space.

 Brick Wall

Wallpapers, stick-on tiles, or even brick walls are excellent options if you love a basic DIY.

A brick wall will add a dimension to your farmhouse-style kitchen. On the other hand, a neutral wallpaper would complement a sleek modern kitchen with clean lines.

Do you want to get creative? Take out that paintbrush and sponge to create a masterpiece according to your taste. Just make sure to cover your cabinets and counters before you attempt to reach the walls.


Lamps are great accessories, and there is no reason to keep them out of the kitchen. With numerous futuristic and modern lamps available around, it is not difficult to get one for our kitchen.

 Volta Floating Light Bulb

Now you must be thinking what we thought when we came across this not-so-conventional idea. We usually see lamps in the living room or on bedside tables. How do we decorate such a huge space above our cabinets using lamps?

You could either use a few small lamps in groups or use fairy lights all over. Fairy lights manage to create a magical atmosphere every single time. When used together with a few modern lamps, you will be able to change the kitchen's aura.

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Display your Collectibles

What's the point of having a collection unless you proudly display it around your house? Those of you who love collecting knicks and knacks, bring out your collection now.


The hundreds of glass bottles stacked neatly in your attic can finally have a place in your kitchen. Lining them up in varying heights will keep the look balanced and contemporary.

Have a secret affection towards vintage fans. Place them right on the top of your cabinets, where they can bask in the attention they rightfully deserve.

It is important to remember that this trick only works with oversized items. Very small items will lack impact and won't draw any attention.

When you display a meaningful collection, it will give your house a personal touch.

Mix It Up

So we saved the best trick up our sleeve for the end. Yes, you guessed it right. It's time to bring out a little bit of everything and blend it to create a phenomenal space.

The question is, how do you do that without cluttering the space. Start with a bit of greenery and add your kids' artwork.

Throw in some old brass candlesticks and whip out that big sign that says WELCOME. It's time to look around and analyze what would complement your kitchen space the best.

Remember to balance out the negative and positive space. When working with various objects, you can tend to overdo it, which would end up in a total mess.

Use items of varying sizes and layer them up to create an interesting visual. Moreover, try to stick to a color palette similar to your kitchen. Too much color can make a room look too tacky and loud quickly.

Moreover, use items that don't need much cleaning. It won't be easy to deep clean the items regularly at that height. Things are bound to get greasy and dusty.

Use items that look fresh with an occasional cleanup and less maintenance.


Using the neglected space above your kitchen cabinets can be not only fun but also very practical. There are no ground rules for it. Like every room in your house, your decor shows your personality and design aesthetic.

Either leave your walls bare or display your collection; any option is absolutely perfect.

Just try to avoid objects which are not easy to clean. Stick to things that are practical, functional, and stylish.

Trust your instincts and follow your vibe. At the end of the day, it is totally your call!

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