This Is How You Decorate Your Living Room with Contemporary Home Decor

What comes to your mind when you think of the contemporary home decor? If it’s warmth paired with minimalism, you’re in the right direction.

Contemporary home interior 

When we say minimalistic, many people might picture a boring and dull-looking living room, but that’s not at all what contemporary interior designing is about. Instead, it is the style that offers you a chance to get creative while retaining a level of comfort in your home.

Contemporary home decor is subtle, unique, elegant, and conforms with modern times as well. The daily hustle of life is enough to drain our energies. Coming back to a de-cluttered, well-organized home is what most people are after now.

Let us help you decorate your living room in a contemporary home style.

How to Decorate Your Living Room With Contemporary Home Decor?

It’s not as complicated as you might think. You can use anything you like; try not to go over-the-top, though. Be basic yet as creative as you want to be.

Focus on the Colors

Bright colors aren’t usually the best way to express calmness, but there’s no limit to playing with colors in contemporary home decor.

 Color Living room

Gray, Black, White, and other neutral shades are best suited to contemporize your house’s look. A gray backdrop makes an ideal setting for brighter furniture and accessories. If you like keeping your walls bright, try mixing them up with pastels.

For instance, you can paint one wall darker and the rest lighter. You can also keep the trims of the darker wall light to balance the color.

You can also use frames to brighten up the look as well as to represent your inner self. Create a wall of frames, or place scattered frames around the living room to give it a homey yet modern touch.

While choosing contemporary interior designing patterns, you should remember that you want the place to radiate calmness and comfort, not chaos.

Make Use of Lines & Spaces

Space is the most important element of contemporary design. Less is more, so do not clutter your living room with unnecessary items. The idea is to keep fewer but best-suited things that represent your personality well.

 Contemporary living room

Lines are essential to give shape and structure to your design. From maintaining asymmetrical and symmetrical lines in your building structure to adopting them in the wall paint, lines have the power to make or break your contemporary home decor.

Powerful identifiable lines can be seen in most designs, whether straight, vertical or horizontal, or curved shapes. Geometric wall designs have been a hit among contemporary lovers, but you can also infuse lines in your high ceilings, furniture arrangement, and even the windows.

Understand the line and space alignment to draft a better-designed plan.

Update Your Furniture

Think of what makes you comfortable. Furniture plays a major role in the outlook of a place.

 Living room Furniture

Fine textures and neutral colors bring a calming vibe to an area. Pair it with contrast throws and pillows to give it a bold look.

The furniture should reflect the mood and grace of the people residing there. The selection should be made considering each and every aspect in mind; how spacious the room is, the color of the walls, floor structure, and also the feasibility of maintaining it.

Soft, decent-looking furniture with minimal design and craft is what makes it appealing. Let's take a look in detail at what kind of furniture can go well for the living room and its associated areas. 

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Living Room

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A contemporary living room is a place where you spend lots of your time, where gatherings of friends and family take place. It should match your personal style and reflect your personality and preference.

For a soft look, adding a natural cotton or chenille sofa might be the best option, and for a bold look, make a more dramatic statement in the front room. Faux leather or twill can give your contemporary living room a bold look you desire.

Keep it minimalistic and well-organized. An addition of a bookshelf can make the living room appear sober and futuristic. Place a levitating light bulb to give it a creative and modern touch.

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What’s the closest to the living room? Kitchen! It’s often the most visible and open-accessed area of the house.

When talking about the kitchen, there is a wide range of choices to give your kitchen a chic and contemporary look.

Dark wooden cabinets with a slab door, a white kitchen with a waterfall island, concrete floor, sleek cabinetry, wooden shelves, and sophisticated color theme, all can give a distinctly contemporary look to one's kitchen.

A white kitchen with natural stone features such as a soapstone counter and slate backsplash can warm up the entire space. A geometric tile backsplash can add to the contemporary look.

If your living room and kitchen are connected, you can use contrasting rugs, matching tiles, as well as furniture pieces to decorate the two in a complimenting yet different look.

The choice is all yours. 

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Creating an interior of the house is a big task indeed, but this sometimes leaves the outside being neglected, especially the balcony. In some places, the balcony is often connected to the living room so decorating your balcony completes the decor of the living room as well.

If you have a balcony, don't let it get wasted. It’s a vast space that can become your favorite spot in the house if designed well.

Before decorating the balcony, consider a few things. For instance, the climate of the area you reside and who has access to your balcony.

For a casual low-budget balcony, you can go for foldable or Adirondack chairs with matching tables. If you live in a windy area, you can also install built-in seats to decorate your balcony while ensuring that the wind cannot ruin it.

Make it a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and also to plan barbecue gatherings. You can use these floating Bluetooth speakers to make it a party!

For contemporary looks, go for straight lines, sharp colors, and starking shapes. Turn it into a perfect place for small Sunday brunches.

Use flowers and contrasting cushions to add more charm to your decor.   

Put the Windows to Good Use

Contemporary windows 

A clear natural view is a dream for many. Are you one of those lucky people who have big windows with beautiful, unobstructed views? Use them to accentuate your contemporary home decor.

Large windows with minimal design greatly complement the contemporary style. If you enjoy a well-lit room, you can even leave the windows bare. Or you can choose blinds or curtains in accordance with your color palette.

Additionally, changing the window material and type can also update the look of your house. Going all out, you can use store-style aluminum, insulated glass windows as huge as your wall to establish a more advanced look.

Flowers and plants add a soothing and stylish touch to the home decor. Decorate your window sills, where the light falls the best, with flower pots.

Natural light is good for health as well as to brighten the look of your home. Make sure you add a balanced touch of natural light through your window settings.

Devise a Floor Plan

Keeping in mind the space floor occupies in a room, floor planning is a crucial element that requires your complete concentration.

The floor plan is often an anchor point in house decorating. Your floor decides the shades and outlook of the interior. There are a number of flooring styles that you can choose according to your vision and taste.


Tiles are a classic favorite. Wooden or ceramic, tile flooring comes in various neutral shades to develop a contemporary theme.

Whether you want to tone it down or take it a notch up with tile patterns, you can do it all by adding tiled flooring in your room.


Vinyl flooring is the best when it comes to durability. Its water-resistant quality makes it a perfect choice for rooms that are likelier to get wet.

Vinyl may have lacked in aesthetics previously, but with the constant upgrades, you can now find vinyl flooring designs similar to stone or wooden touch.


Hardwood flooring is a natural option that offers convenience, warmth, and a classic look to your house. It’s a versatile option that adds a touch of authenticity and durability to your house.

Hardwood is easy to clean and plays an important role in cultivating sustainable living.


A budget-friendly option with comfortable underfoot, laminate replicates the look of real hardwood without costing as much. Its thick composition adds a sense of comfort and warmth when you walk on it. This might not seem much to you, but an uncomfortable flooring can add to your tiredness at the end of a day.

The trouble with laminate flooring is its non-resistance to water. It can not stand moisture for long. Since it’s aesthetically pleasing, laminate flooring for the living room is a good choice if you can maintain the moisture level.

The flooring will depend upon how you want the furniture and accessories to be placed. While carpets aren’t a traditional contemporary style, you can add colorful rugs or other low pile carpets to maintain a modern yet comfortable look.

Focus on the Lighting


Lighting plays a vital role in managing the overall look of your living room. Choose what you want to show and conceal, and work accordingly.

Place your art pieces and frames in a place where they are highlighted. Use direct light over them. This will not only keep them in the limelight but also hide away the parts you may not want to stand out as much.

A bright living room gives off a lively feel, so keep the room as spacious and full of light as possible. Update the light fixtures as well as heavy track lighting to adopt a more modern approach. Use light fixtures with intricate colors and antique detailing.

Use Your Creativity

Contemporary home decor allows ample space for your creativity to shine. It’s up to you to choose patterns and designs that aren’t only pleasant for the eyes but the mind too.

If you’re decorating your living room, imagine bold artifacts, colored rugs, unique art pieces, customized hangings, floating plant pots, pillows, and throws to maintain a touch of homeliness.


The neutral shades shouldn’t dull the interior of your house. Add texture through pillow covers, wallpapers, artifacts, and more. Use two-toned prints to add color to your neutral pieces.

Suppose a patterned pillow with a plain char, a textured rug over a plain floor, or dark contrasting bed sheets on a plain bed set.

Anything is art if you know how to present it. The broken pipes or un-concealed air ducts; you can paint them all in a fashionable pattern to make them a piece of ‘art.’

The choices are many. Consult an expert designer to make the best usage of your space.

The Difference Between Modern & Contemporary

Many people assume modern interior design to be the same as contemporary. While the two encompass a lot of similarities, modern and contemporary designing are two different aspects of interior designing.

Modern designing refers to a certain period of time, whereas contemporary is evergreen. Contemporary home decor takes inspiration from every era of design to incorporate the best features into one. It is better suited for those who enjoy staying ahead of time and maintaining a focus on aesthetics.

Final Words

Too bare a home can give off a cold and dull feeling. With contemporary home decor, your aim isn’t to keep your home plain but to adopt a style that is not only timeless but also helps you feel relaxed and comfortable in your personal space.

Simple yet addictive, that’s what we like to call contemporary design.

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