10 Best & Uncommon Wedding Gifts for Couples

Wedding Crowd

When you are a wedding guest who is more than an acquaintance of the bride and groom, you have more responsibilities than you think! One of the most challenging jobs is deciding on an appropriate gift for the couple.

Traditional gifts like kitchen appliances, crockery, and cutlery are common. So if you want your gift to be different, here are the ten best and uncommon wedding gifts for newlyweds!

1.  Cake Dome With Lid

Unique and practical gifts are always the best, and you can never go wrong with serveware! A stunning acacia wood cake stand with a dome is one of the best unique gifts for newlyweds.

 Cake Dome with Lid

The couple will receive lots of wine glasses and cutlery, so your cake stand is sure to stand out. This one has a shatterproof acrylic lid and a wooden stand. The fragile dome enhances the delicacy of the cake stand.

In addition to this, the natural wood texture of the stand makes this serveware contemporary. It is also effortless to clean and is lightweight.

Moreover, the couple will get good use out of its multipurpose design as they can use it as a showpiece for home decor or serve all the wedding cakes they'll receive!

The cake plate has an 11.5 inches diameter and is 10.6 inches in height, including the dome. Besides that, the ball top lid makes it easy to hold the cover and makes the cake dome durable.

Overall, this cake dome will prove to be an appropriate and practical wedding gift for the couple as it will be a part of all the upcoming dinners and birthday parties!

2.  Picnic Backpack Bag

Whether the couple plans a local picnic or a full-fledged honeymoon, Apollo Walker's Picnic backpack is going to accompany them everywhere! Of course, the newlyweds will have lots of suitcases and bags, but they won't be thinking about buying a picnic backpack, so this will be the most uncommon yet practical gift for them.

 Picnic Backpack Bag

Apollo walker's picnic bag has comfortable padded straps and has many storage compartments. It also has a cold storage compartment for wine and cheese. So, it is easy to keep picnic foods that will stay fresh for long.

Moreover, this bag is great for outdoor picnics, concerts, or trips. The couple can even take it along to the beach and make the most of its capacity.

This backpack includes four stainless steel knives, spoons, forks, cotton napkins, dinner plates, wine glasses. Besides that, it has a butter knife, a bottle opener, and a plastic chopping board.

For a small backpack, it serves the best purpose as it is lightweight and easy to carry. This backpack also comes with salt and pepper shakers and a waterproof fleece picnic blanket. These features make it the most practical gift.

The couple will also carry their favorite wine bottle with them, as this picnic bag features a bottle holder. So overall, an extremely functional backpack is one of the best wedding gifts!

3.  Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

Couples can't get enough of a magnetic Bluetooth speaker. Floately's Nebula is a floating magnetic Bluetooth speaker that is sure to be the best wedding gift that the couple will receive!

 Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

Nebula, the magnetic Bluetooth speaker, levitates and adds a futuristic touch to the home decor. This gravity-defying speaker is minimalist yet strikingly outstanding.

It pairs up with the smartphone very quickly and also lights up when it plays music. Besides that, it has a sensitive microphone so you can also receive calls without needing to disconnect from it.

This magnetic Bluetooth speaker will set the mood right and be one of the best wedding gifts for the couple.

4.  Cheese Board and Knife Set

A cheeseboard and knife set makes the perfect wedding gift. This cheeseboard is going to bring the people together and be a part of all the dinners.

 Cheese Board and Knife Set

It is made from 100 percent bamboo and has a fine texture. It is constructed with top-notch craftsmanship. Moreover, it is a unique tray as it has a hidden drawer.

It can store serving accessories in the hidden drawer and can also contain knives for cutting up cheese. Overall, this cheeseboard is multipurpose and versatile as the couple can use it as a serving platter.

So it is undoubtedly an uncommon gift that will be very practical and put to good use!

5.  The Marriage Survival Kit

The marriage survival kit is a versatile and beloved gift that comes with 12 ounces wine tumblers made out of food-grade steel. It also has steel straws and a cleaning brush. So it doesn't restrict toasting to the reception, and the couple can enjoy their favorite cocktail together!

 The Marriage Survival Kit

The kit also features a decorative bottle opener in the shape of a key. This key-shaped bottle opener is ornate and looks beautiful. Moreover, the kit has six funny square coasters that have tips for a happy marriage!

These are humorous coasters, and they are different, so the couple is going to love it. They can even display the coasters and use them for home decor.

Besides that, the kit has coupons for the couple and decision-making dice, so it is a funny yet practical gift. The kit also comes with a heart-shaped, chrome-plated ring dish.

It will hold earrings, rings, coins, or even house keys. Since it is golden, it makes a great decorative item. So, if you want to buy a delightful gift, this marriage survival kit is just what you want!

6.  A Nightstand Organizer

The married couple will merge their possessions, so give them something that will help them organize. For example, a nightstand organizer will maximize storage and help them keep their jewelry and watches in the same place.

 A Nightstand Organizer

This organizer will neatly display the wedding accessories such as wedding rings, watches, and bracelets. They don't have to look for missing accessories anymore.

A nightstand organizer will not only help organize things, but it will also save time as all the essentials will stay in one place. In addition, this organizer has compartments of different sizes and shapes so they can keep separate accessories.

Moreover, it provides ease of access, and they can use it as a charging station too by keeping wires and power banks. Finally, since it is small and lightweight, it is a traveling essential.

The couple will be going on lots of trips together, and they can take this organizer with them. Keeping it on the side table in hotels will be of great help.

It will prove to be a great addition to the side table and hold the wallet, rings, keys, glasses, and all the other essentials in one place.

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7.  Wooden Wall-Mount Glass Holder

Since you're looking for unique gift ideas that are also perfect for the couple, here is a wooden glass holder. This wooden glass holder has two hooks for the mugs and two for the wine glass.

 Wooden Wall-Mount Glass Holder

So if the couple loves wine, they'd love your gift. It is beautifully packaged and comes wrapped in a bubble sheet.

It requires some assembling, and then they can mount it on the wall in the kitchen. This wall-mountable coffee and wine glass holder has a wooden texture that will complement any home decor.

It wouldn't affect their kitchen's theme as wood accents are always trendy and in style. Also, the wooden glass holder does not come with mugs or glasses, so that you can buy separate matching mugs for the couple.

This way, you'll be putting more thought into the gift, and the newlyweds would love it. In addition, you can buy a set of matte finish, durable coffee mugs that are cute and elegant and will also be a great addition to the mug collection.

8.  A Bar Cart

A lot of wedding gifts include champagne and wine bottles. So the couple is sure to have a lot of drinks. But, if they don't have a home bar, then displaying the bottles on the kitchen shelf isn't very creative.

 Bar Cart

Therefore, you can give them a bar cart as a unique wedding gift. It will be a very creative present and an extremely fantastic way to display the wine collection.

This stylish and vintage bar cart is a serving trolley that features racks and hanging glass storage options. It can hold up to four wine bottles and six wine glasses.

Moreover, the trolley is mobile to move it around the house and keep their guests entertained with their fully loaded mobile bar.

It is a three-tier bar trolley, and the top shelf is removable and functions as a food tray. It is durable as it has black powder-coated steel frames. Moreover, it has a load capacity of about eighty kilograms.

The couple can assemble the trolley by themselves as instructions are supplied. Since this bar is extremely useful, it is going to become a precious gift.

9.  A Modern Lamp

According to research, an adequate amount of light has a positive impact on mood and energy levels. The type of lighting also affects the appetite and mood. So, if you want to buy a thoughtful and unique gift, a modern lamp is just what you're looking for!

 Modern Lamp

Protean is a modern plug-in lamp that is excellent at setting the mood precisely the way you want. It is suitable for quiet evenings as well as bustling, energetic parties.

Protean is a minimalist modern lamp with LEDs. Their brightness is adjustable, and it offers many color combinations. It comes with a remote, so it's easy to set up and use.

Besides that, Protean has dimmable, indirect light for soft and even illumination. So if you choose this modern lamp as a wedding gift, the couple will surely love it.

It complements all types of decor and is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, or even the kitchen. If you become bored of the same color, you can choose two or three favorite colors of your choice and set them on repetitive rotation.

In this way, this lamp becomes a focal point of the room and keeps the guests entertained. It is also an excellent conversation starter for most design lovers. So, if the couple has great taste in art and style, this modern lamp will become their favorite gift!

10.  Aromatherapy Diffuser

While the couple will receive lots of scented candles, you can buy them an aromatherapy diffuser as it will be an uncommon and much-needed gift after all the tiring wedding planning.

You can help the couple relax by giving them the ultrasonic essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. This sophisticated scent diffuser will turn the room into a relaxing sanctuary.

 Aromatherapy Diffuser

Moreover, the glass-covered ink-painted designed diffuser is a perfect addition to a contemporary home. It is elegant and looks beautiful even as a home decor object.

The diffuser's cover is removable, and you can fill it with water and a few drops of essential oil. It is also multi-functional as it also works as a cool mist humidifier and night light.

This diffuser helps to moisten skin, reinforce immunity, humidify the air, and relieve stress. Besides this, the diffuser has ultrasonic technology, due to which it is quiet and doesn't disturb your sleep.

It has a setting mode for time and an auto shut-off safety design. So you can set it to half an hour, one hour, or two hours with a continuous misting mode. Then, when the diffuser uses all the water, it automatically stops the device from getting damaged.

This diffuser has a 120 ml water capacity that works for three to five hours and helps to freshen the room. Therefore, it is a practical wedding gift that will be uncommon yet perfect.


Nobody likes outdated gift ideas anymore. Hence, before you buy a gift, firstly place yourself in the shoes of a recipient and think about what you'd like best.

In this way, you'd be able to choose a gift that is practical and will be put to good use. So, you can choose what's best from these ten unique gifts and send them to the newlyweds!