15 Home Bar Decoration Ideas That You and Your Family Will Love!

cute home bar ideas

A home bar is your go-to place when you want to unwind or enjoy a casual cocktail in your pajamas. But, it is also representative of your taste and personality. So, whether you want a kitchen bar or a complete cocktail lounge, we have you covered!

Decorating your home bar is not a daunting task with these 15 home bar ideas that will bring the party to your house! 

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5 home bar ideas that will bring the party to your house!


1.  Cabinet Bar

While some people require ample space for their extensive collection of bottles, others prefer the hidden bars that cater to their needs in one place. So if you like an organized place to store your collection of wine that also helps to prepare a drink quickly, then setting up a cabinet bar is just what you need!

 Cabinet Bar

So how do you convert your cabinet into a home bar? First, place the wooden cabinet near your kitchen. Next, if it is a closed cabinet, remove some of the doors from the hinges to create an open shelf in the cupboard. Finally, you can paint your cabinet according to the color scheme you like.

The open shelf style enables you to showcase your wine collection while the other shelves work best to display sets of wine glasses. You can also hang customized bar signs or neon lights and lamps nearby to create an attractive look!

2.  Trendy Home Tavern

So how do you set up a bar that shares the vibe with your favorite tavern? First, you create a picture in your head, and you imagine the furniture that will go best with space in your home.

 Trendy Home Tavern

Next, it’s time to order some bar chairs! Whether you want wooden stools or floating shelves, or anything remotely close to the trendy tavern, it is entirely up to you. All you need to do is make a few purchases and invest in some glassware.

Additionally, you can renovate your floor and walls if you have the budget. If not, there’s nothing to worry about because two bar stools and a set of floating bar shelves work just fine! You can set up your glassware and whiskey collection on the racks that you mount on the wall.

Stools work best at providing a sitting area. However, adding a small table nearby would be a good idea to create a dining area. It will maximize the bar space while maintaining the functionality of your home bar.

3.  Pull-Out Drawers

If you want mini home bar ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. The pull-out drawers home bar is going to add convenience to your life. This idea helps to optimize storage space and works well for tiny homes.

So if you have the kitchen counter with multiple drawers, it is time to convert it into a home bar! For this, all you need to do is pull out the bottom drawer to keep all the tall bottles. The top drawer will store your short bottles, carafes, and wine glasses.

If you wish to have more counters for preparing the drink, you can get a kitchen storage cart. Then, take a look at the bar and see if you can enhance lighting. Since this is a low-budget bar, and you want to create a unique look, adding magnetic levitation would be a fabulous idea.

 Floately-Volta- levitating- bulb

For this, you can purchase some levitating bulbs. They will enhance the lighting and also add a futuristic touch to your mini home bar.

4.  Install a Chalkboard

If you prefer to utilize some vintage home bar ideas to create a refined atmosphere for your home bar, installing a chalkboard will be your thing! For this, you can either hang a chalkboard or paint the wall with chalkboard paint.

 chalk board

Next, make the best of your creative skills and get some colored chalks. There are numerous ways to work your way around an empty blackboard. You can also keep chalks nearby and ask your guests to leave a message on your chalkboard.

Installing wooden slab counters and some vintage bar stools to enhance the look of your home bar would be a great idea!

5.  Artistic Home Bar

If you have that artistic insight, it’s best to create a captivating creative home bar. With mismatched abstract bar paintings and rustic bar stools, you can bring the party to your home!

 artisitic home bar

You can place the stools near your kitchen counters and utilize a sizable empty counter to showcase your drinks. Paintings will create the perfect background, while chairs will provide seating and your home bar is ready!

6.  Colorful Bar

You can never go wrong with a splash of colors! All you have to do is carry out some experiments with your favorite colors to make a bold statement. Then, you can use graffiti-style wallcovering and some brass shelves to create that one-of-a-kind bar at home!

 colorful home bar

The brass shelves will display your drink collection, while the bold colors will highlight the minibar and make it a focal point of your home! For colorful lighting, you can buy the minimalist multicolored lamp and install it on the ceiling.

7.  Well-illuminated Living Room Bar

If you want to move the minibar to your living room, the essential factor will be the lighting. A bar tends to be the center of attention when guests walk into your home. So you have to make sure that you designate an appropriate place to the home bar.

 Illuminated Room Bar

For your living room bar, you can keep a functional liquor cabinet. However, whether it is a tall bar cabinet or a small drinks counter, you have to make sure that you provide sufficient seats around it. Nevertheless, it will provide ease of sitting, and guests will have a good time with everyone hanging out in the living room.

You must install ceiling lights or tall lamps to enhance the brightness and create a cocktail lounge right in your living room.

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8.  Futuristic Bar

If you’re a fan of technology and you want it to be a significant part of your home bar, these futuristic home bar ideas will work best for you! First, you need to get rid of all the outdated furniture. Then incorporate every little detail according to your tech-savvy taste.

 Levitating Speaker

Say hello to neon signs, bar slates, magnetic levitation, ceiling lights, and sleek speakers. You can start decorating your high-tech bar by choosing a dark color for your walls. For example, if you’re designating your living room space to your home bar, paint one of the walls using a monochrome palette.

Next, place modern gadgets such as the levitating speaker and floating lamps. These gadgets will add a chic touch to your home bar. Besides this, work on the lighting and add a couple of lamps or ceiling lights. You can also keep the bar signs to create a fantastic look.

9.  Family-friendly Bar

While most clubs and bars are not family-friendly, it is vital to keep in mind that your family will have access to your home bar. So how do you create a family-friendly bar that everyone would love?

 Family friendly bar

The first thing that you should do is that you purchase an extensive cabinet or keep more shelves. This idea includes family-friendly coffee shelves and cozy corners, so you’ll need some extra space to install a coffee machine.

Besides that, you can showcase your drinks at the top of the shelves while you display the glassware at the bottom. If you have sufficient space, you can keep magazines and books.

If you are setting up the bar in the kitchen, you can keep a corner shelf where you keep your drinks and jars for coffee, tea, and sugar. With some of these tweaks and changes, your family-friendly bar would become a treat for the eyes!

10.  A Garden Bar

If your home has a lawn, garden, or gallery, maybe this idea will revolutionize the way people create a home bar! You can bring the bar outdoors while making it a part of your home. If you own a lawn, you can utilize the bar during outdoor parties and barbecues, and if you own a balcony, you can enjoy sipping the cocktail on your terrace on a pleasant day!

 Garden Bar

So what do you need for an outdoor bar? Just some box wine shelves, a pair of barrel buckets, and a rack to keep your glassware, and that’s about it! You can set these up in the corner of your lawn or a balcony, and you’re done setting up your outdoor bar!

11. Bar in a Barrel

You can customize your bar with the help of a barrel. It is a creative, unique, and vintage idea. If you have a small space, then this idea will work best for you.

 bar in a barrel

All you need to start with is a wooden oak barrel. The rustic barrel is an attractive accent, and it also contributes to creating a distinctive bar look. You can tuck away your drinks inside the barrel and add a lock to keep the alcoholic beverages away from the children.

If you want to extend the bar, you can add as many wooden barrels as possible to customize your bar!

12. Secret Stash

Secret, hidden bars have gained popularity in recent years. While they are perfectly camouflaged between kitchen walls or living room shelves, they are also very accessible.

Accessibility matters the most, so your home bar can be discreet as long as it is accessible. For this idea, you can easily cover your home bar with fake walls that open like a cabinet. Then, behind the faux wall, you can set up a service counter, favorite drinks, and an extensive collection of glasses to serve a houseful party!

13. Portable Bar

What if you’re having an outdoor gathering, but you have to go indoors to grab a drink? Well, who doesn’t like portability when it comes to preparing your favorite cocktail in your kitchen or your living room.

 Portable bar

You can set up a customized mini-bar that is big enough to hold all your favorite drinks and small enough for you to move them around the house. For this, all you need is a portable table that has multiple shelves to keep your drinks and hold your carafes, and your mobile bar is ready!

14. Sleek Minimalist Bar

So if you want that modern, sleek, and minimalist look for your bar, we have some excellent tips. The edgy home bar doesn’t need much renovation if you have wooden accents in your house.

 Minimalist Bar

If not, you can always touch up the walls and the flooring to incorporate some wooden textures. Moreover, you can keep a black island, get wood paneling on cabinets and add bright lights. Besides this, you can keep metal bar stools to accommodate the guests.

These things will help to create the best low-budget minimalist home bar you can imagine.

15. Luxurious Home Bar

If you want to bring home a bar from a five-star hotel, we have some great tips for you. Using cheetah print flooring and glamorous drink trolleys, you can set up a bar that is all about luxury and functionality.

 Luxurious bar

What matters is whether you’re designating a drawing room, living room, or the kitchen to your home bar. For drawing rooms, you’ll have to set up a corner bar, so we suggest that you move the luxurious bar setting to your living room, as that way you can experiment with plenty of ideas.

Firstly, you’ll have to buy a drinks trolley to keep fancy carafes. Secondly, you need some comfortable and chic rugs that create the perfect blend of fashion and glamour and add comfort to your living room. Finally, for sitting, you can keep tufted chairs or stools.

Besides all this, you can keep a levitating speaker to play songs while you enjoy a drink. You can also add paintings to the walls or hang mirrors to set up a vibe that suits your taste.


With these fifteen creative ideas, you can say goodbye to that dull space in your home. You can create a sleek home bar that will immediately grab the attention of your guests. You can mix and match these ideas and execute them flawlessly to create a home bar that suits all your needs and perfectly displays your style!