Cute Ways To Decorate Your Study Room In 5 Simple Steps

Modern Study Room

A study room has a simple purpose; it is used for work, reading, studying, or paperwork. There is no doubt that you need complete focus while doing these tasks, and plain decor won't help. However, decorating your study room with modern decor is an excellent way to stay motivated, plus it gives you a chance to be productive.

From floating planters to pops of color, there are many ways to incorporate modern room decor into your study area. Gone are the days of keeping bulky bookshelves and having boring wallpapers all around.

But what if you are on a budget? Or have limited space? Don't worry, and we've got it all covered!

Here are five simple ways to decorate your study room and make it look aesthetically pleasing!

Why Should You Decorate Your Study Room?

 Modern wood study room

But why should you decorate your study room in the first place? You use your study room as space where you can completely get down to your work and concentrate. A room that is not decorated well may decrease your motivation to work and can, in a sense, make things boring as well.

Decorating your study room wall can make the atmosphere pleasant and calm, not to mention aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In addition, when you have a nicely decorated room, it even makes work more exciting than something you’d put off every day.

Not only does decorating your study room add to your motivation, but it can help you become more productive as well. Keeping things organized after you revamp your study is an excellent way to keep yourself busy.

But you may be faced with a ton of questions such as: "how do I redecorate?" or "what products should I buy?"

So let's find the answer to these questions so you can have the study room of your dreams.

5 Simple Steps To Transform Your Study Using Modern Room Decor

To begin, you'll want to clear out your study room and start afresh. An empty space will give you the chance to change your furniture settings and add new decor.

Once you've emptied your study room, here are some steps you can follow to decorate.

Play Around With Colors

A pop of color can help open up a small space or make your study room look more lively. It's up to you how you want to incorporate this pop of color into the room. The easiest way is by having an accent wall.

An accent wall is colored differently from the rest of the walls in the room, making it stand out and brighten up the room. Monochrome walls are a thing of the past, and an accent wall can make the room look so much better.

Although you can embrace your inner artist and go for fun colors like pink or yellow, but a study room should preferably have an elegant-looking accent wall. So, better go for calm colors like sage green, burgundy, or light blue. These colors create a sense of calm and make your workspace feel more relaxing.

Another way to add a pop of color to your room is by adding accent decorations. Just like an accent wall, these are pieces that are colored differently yet are still complementary to the rest of your decor.

You can use accent pieces such as paintings, rugs, or even a cool-toned couch to brighten up the room. Adding these tiny pops of calming colors makes the room look pretty without looking tacky.

 cool-toned couch

Some relaxing colors you can add to your study room are:

  • Violet
  • Periwinkle
  • Blue
  • Mauve
  • Lilac
  • Olive green

Choose Modern Furniture

Modern furniture can make any room look elegant, but it's essential to make sure it's aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. So the first thing you'll need is a study table and chair so that you can have a space to do your work and store supplies.

Choose a desk with a beautiful wood finishing like a dark burgundy. You can go for a more modern approach with a spacious yet minimalistic work desk. You need to make sure that your desk doesn't take up much space yet still has compartments to store paperwork and such.

 minimalistic work desk

Having a comfortable chair is a must! When you spend hours crouched over your laptop, you're sure to get strained neck or back pain. Having a chair with a comfortable backrest can prevent that from happening.

 comfortable chair

Shelves are also important, and you can spice up the room's decor by filling them up. A nice minimalistic set of shelves will leave you with ample space to hang up paintings or posters.

Another thing you can add to your study room is a couch or additional seating. If you don't have space for a sofa, you can always hang up a swing chair, so you can take a break from sitting at your desk. Having seating options in your study can also be helpful when you have company around or if you're having a meeting at home.

 sunset lamp

A good desk lamp can help illuminate the room while you're working. To spice things up a little, you can try out this fantastic sunset lamp, which gives your room a warm relaxing glow.

Fill Up Your Shelves

Once you've added some shelving to your study room, you can fill them up to make the space look more lively. The options are endless once it comes to filling up shelves.

 AIRSAI planter

One excellent option is this floating planter, which gives the room a modern touch. The AIRSAI planter can hold many different plants and rotates 360, allowing your plant to be exposed to sunlight from all angles.

The cool levitating technology makes this floating planter worth putting on your study room shelves. Go for a plant like a bonsai, cactus, or succulents to add that calming touch.

You can also add mementos, souvenirs, or themed decor to your shelves, giving the room a personalized touch. For example, add framed pictures of your family, pets, or the things you love.

You can also put up a mini neon sign on your shelf, which looks cute and modern. If you want a more elegant touch, you can add brass planters or decor pieces to your shelves.

 faux potted plants

But what if you're on a budget? There are many inexpensive decoration pieces that will help liven up your shelves. Such as these faux potted plants, which add a touch of green to the room.

Plus, let's not forget the most important thing to add to your shelves: books! Arrange them by color or use stylish little book stops to make your shelves look pretty.

Decorate The Walls

Although you can leave your walls bare, adding some art can make your study room look elegant. Modern paintings can liven up the walls, and you can match them to the rest of the decor as well.

An excellent way to decorate the walls if you're on a budget is to print out affirmations and stick them in a cool pattern. You can even frame these affirmations for an aesthetic touch. In addition, having affirmations on your walls will provide extra motivation for you to keep on working.

A wall clock is a must so that you can keep track of time. Although you can get a desk clock, nothing beats the elegant look of a wall clock. If you want modern room decor, try going for a more minimalistic clock design.

Let's not forget a calendar! You can choose from many different options or even go for a digital calendar if you want to stick with the modern theme.

If you're someone who likes video games or music, you can even add framed posters of your favorite bands and games to the wall.

Just make sure to keep it minimal because adding a lot to your walls may make the room feel more stuffy.

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Decorate Your Work Desk

You can't forget stationery and office supplies! One may think that most office supplies look dull, but there are many options available that will liven up your work desk.

Using brass or rose gold organizers is a great way to add a modern touch to your desk. In addition, a small corkboard or whiteboard is a handy item since it helps you put up reminders, and you can even stick post-it notes on them.

 rose gold organizer

You can also add a touch of comfort to your desk with items like a small dehumidifier or oil diffuser to make late working nights more relaxing.

Want more motivation to work harder? Add snacks to your desk drawers! Tell yourself that you can have a snack after completing certain tasks, and watch yourself get motivated.

Moreover, if you want to add a pop of color to your desk, you can add these tiny planters. Adding plants to your workspace can not only add oxygen to a stuffy room, but it can be very therapeutic too.

desk planters 

Final Words

There are endless ways to make your study room look more modern, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. Decorating doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, and just by making a few changes, you can liven up the room.

We hope this article helps you find the perfect modern room decor for your study area!