10 Thoughtful Gifts for Gardeners 2021

gifts for gardeners

We all know a gardener who started tending to the garden as a hobby, but it became their passion. Be it their backyard or an impressive indoor cottage garden, that is their happy place. The chances are that these gardeners own a lot of planters or tools.

So what would be a thoughtful present for such plant lovers? From a floating planter to modern watering cans, we have wrapped up ten thoughtful and unique gifts for gardeners that will keep their houseplants happy.

1.  Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 | Self Watering Indoor Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden 

Buy now from Amazon (Click and Grow Smart Garden 3)

Click and Grow Smart Garden is a thoughtful and unique gift idea. This Amazon's find doesn't require a big patch of soil as it occupies mere inches indoors.

This indoor garden has inserted plant pods, and energy-efficient LED grow lights to ensure that the plants thrive all year round. Unfortunately, most indoor plants die due to the lack of sunlight.

With the help of these LED lights, the plants survive under any weather condition, so you wouldn't have to worry about the sunlight or water. Therefore, choosing this bright indoor garden would help your gardener friends grow the herbs of their choice despite the changing weather!

Moreover, it is a perfect gift for beginners as they can get started right away. All they have to do is to fill up the water reservoir and plug in the self-watering planter.

The best feature of this smart garden is that it allows you to plant about 50 types of pre-seeded pods. For example, you could plant wild strawberries, thyme, marigold, arugula, basil, lavender, cilantro, or even peppers. Basically, you can also utilize the seedless plant pods to grow whatever you'd like best.

2.  Floral Garden Tool Set

 Floral Garden Tool set

Buy now from Amazon (Floral Garden Tool Set)

It isn't easy to stick to one gift when it comes to gardening. You may want to buy the perfect hand rake or gloves. However, if you purchase the tools separately, it can be quite costly. So how about you get the gardener a floral garden tool set?

This toolset helps novice cultivators to set up their gardens. The toolset contains everything you need to raise a perfect garden from shears, hand rakes, trowel, cultivator, weeder, transplanter, sprayers, and gloves. It even comes with a tote organizer and decorative butterfly stakes, which make it a perfect gift!

Besides that, this toolset is rust-resistant. All the tools are made from rust-resistant aluminum, while the shear is made from Japanese SK-5 Carbon steel polishing technology.

These tools are also titanium coated. As a result, they are resistant to corrosion. The floral garden tool set is exceptionally durable and lightweight.

With this incredible gift set, the gardener in your life would be able to quickly dig, plant, spray, and cultivate the garden of their dreams!

3.  Mason Bee House - Handmade Natural Bamboo Beehive

 Natural Bamboo Beehive

Buy now from Amazon (Handmade Mason Bee House)

If you're stumped for gift ideas for a gardener, this Mason Bee House will make a wonderful present. The handmade natural bamboo beehive attracts the bees to enhance the productivity of pollination as it provides a habitat for solitary cavity-nesting bees.

You can hang this beautiful bee house anywhere in your yard or attach it to your favorite tree to build an innovative home for the bees. The mason bee house is made from high-quality bamboo that would make it last for about two years.

This bee house also comes with a hanging rope and sixty nesting tubes. The cavities provide space for the bees to lay eggs. Overall, this beehive proves to be an eco-friendly and sustainable gift.

Moreover, if you know that the gardener is a bee lover, then you have nothing to worry about as they're going to love this delightful present!

4.  Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Buy now from Amazon (Squirrel Buster Feeder)

Many of the gardeners love to feed the wild birds that visit their gardens. But squirrels are constantly attacking the birds' feed. Therefore, the gardeners often require a squirrel buster.

A squirrel buster is a unique and thoughtful gift for gardeners since they probably already own various tools and gardening kits. This squirrel buster is made from plastic and metal. You can hang the squirrel-proof bird feeder anywhere that you'd like.

All the feeder parts are made of chew-proof material, so the squirrels would not cause significant damage to it. Moreover, the weight of a squirrel closes the shroud, which denies access to seed automatically.

These feeders are easy to dismantle by hand into their components. You wouldn't require any dismantling tools. In addition to this, it has a 1.3 pounds seed capacity.

Besides this, it has a seed ventilation system that keeps the seeds fresh, attracting more wild birds to the garden. One impressive feature about this feeder is that you can adjust the spring mechanism to control which sized birds would feed on this feeder. For example, you can change the weight only to have smaller birds feed on the Squirrel Buster.

5.  AIRSAI | Levitating Plant


Buy now from Floately (Airsai | Floating Planter)

While planters are a significant part of gardens, none seem to be as modern as a floating planter. Floately designed Airsai, a levitating plant that immediately captures everyone's attention. This levitating plant is a perfect gift for gardeners as it gracefully adds a futuristic touch to an indoor garden!

One of the most unfortunate causes for dried-out indoor plants is the lack of exposure to sunlight. But with this levitating plant, you can say goodbye to dying indoor plants. This floating planter features magnetic levitation and a spinning technology that helps the plant nourish with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure.

 Levitating Plant Pot

This wonderfully designed floating planter allows the gardeners to grow their favorite plants and herbs mid-air, adding a chic touch to the indoor garden! AIRSAI is suitable for any houseplants that weigh within the range of 150-200 grams.

The levitating plant is available in four styles, each having its charisma. To let the floating planter into the air, all you have to do is place the base on a flat surface.

Make sure the surface isn't metallic as it may interfere with the magnetic field. Then connect the AC Adapter to the power and the DC plug into the base.

Next, hold the planter above the center of the base. Then slowly put the planter down towards the base. You'd feel resistance.

Once you know that the base and the pot have resistance, gently let go of the planter when it is stable. When you let go of the planter, it will start to rotate in mid-air automatically. It may take a few attempts at floating the plant if it is your first time using magnetic levitation!

6.  Long Spout Plastic Watering Can

 Long Spout Watering Can

Buy now from Amazon (1.2 L Long Spout Plastic Watering Can)

Since most gardeners own a tin watering can, they may appreciate this large capacity, long-reaching spout watering can. This can has 1.2 liters of water capacity, weighing only about 12.3 ounces.

Moreover, its long spout makes it easier for gardeners to water their indoor or outdoor plants. They can navigate their way around foliage with much ease.

This long-spouted can has a decorative look, making it a suitable replacement for obsolete tin watering cans. In addition, it is made from high-grade, impact-resistant plastic, making it highly durable for rough use.

The creative handle design is comfortable to hold. Its long spout makes it easier to water the plants without bending or sitting down. The gardener wouldn't have to worry about the backache from watering the plants anymore!

Besides this, the intellectually designed watering can has a wide opening on the top, making it easy to fill up from the water faucet. The components include an adjustable nozzle and a watering spray bottle with a 600 ml capacity.

The mist sprayers and the can are made from high-quality, safe, sturdy, and durable materials. It is also leak proof hence makes for a perfect present!

7.  TBI Pro Garden Hose

 Garden Hose

Buy now from Amazon (TBI Pro Garden Hose)

When it comes to gardening presents, you can never go wrong with an old-fashioned watering hose! It should do the perfect job of a thoughtful gift for the gardener in your life. You can store this garden hose on a rack or a hook, so it occupies minimum space!

TBI has developed this garden hose from high-quality materials such as the solid 3750D fabric to avoid bursts and four-layer latex for increased durability. This garden hose can expand from 17 to 50 feet in length, and what’s even remarkable is that the hose doesn't get tangled!

The innovative design ensures no unwanted leakage as it comes with advanced connector protectors. In addition, the pro garden hose set comes with a 50ft garden hose, a shut-off valve, four rubber washers, and a storage box.

You may think that this long hose may weigh a lot, but it is surprisingly lightweight that makes it maneuverable. In addition to this, the connectors are rust free as it has brass connectors.

All of these features make it durable for rough use, so now your gardener friends can water the plants without worrying about getting the watering hose repaired!


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8.  Seven Tier Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand

 Plant Stand

Buy now from Amazon (Seven Tier Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand)

Who doesn't love an organized plant stand? A seven-tier plant stand is perfect furniture to add to a backyard or an indoor garden. In addition, such a stand helps to keep all your potted flowers in one place.

If your gardener friends love an organized look, this stand will make a perfect gift! It is made of high-quality wood that is durable, heat resistant, and moisture-proof. In addition to this, it also has a very stable structure.

This product has about seven shelves which will easily hold about fifteen to seventeen potted planters. The gardeners can place the heavier pots at the bottom, and floating planters or ceramic planters at the top, creating the perfect indoor garden shelf!

Besides that, they can also place it in their backyard to keep gardening tools, seed tins, watering cans, and sprayers. The stand is easy to assemble, adding to the convenience.

9.  Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

 Outdoor Utility Wagon

Buy now from Amazon (Outdoor Utility Wagon)

A cart is a beloved gardening accessory of gardeners everywhere! You may think that it is an unpopular gift, but the uniqueness of this thoughtful present is exactly what will make a gardener happy.

This utility wagon is made of solid steel and iron frame. With fixed handles and rubber wheels, it is suitable for outdoor usage. The wagon has a large capacity that allows a load of about 150 pounds.

This foldable wagon has an internal pull rope design by which you can easily fold or expand it. When you fold the wagon, it's exactly like a portable bag that saves space. It also makes it very easy to store on a shelf.

Besides this, the wagon is incredibly functional and highly versatile. It also comes with two cup holders next to the handle, so we're sure that you can savor a drink while gardening!

10.  Garden Gloves With Fingertips Claws

 Garden Gloves with fingertip claws

Buy now from Amazon (Garden Gloves With Fingertips Claws)

As much as gardeners love to sow the seeds and be closer to nature, they may not like getting dirt in their nails. Therefore, we suggest that you get them a pair of gardening gloves with claws.

These garden gloves with fingertip claws quickly replace numerous garden tools as they are perfect for digging, planting, and fixing. Moreover, the gloves are puncture-resistant and durable. The garden gloves come in color combinations of purple and green, two pairs with claws, and two standard gloves. They are easy to wash and store.

In addition to this, they prevent blisters and cuts and save the gardeners from getting a manicure every time they sow a seed!

Final Words

With these ten practical gardening gift recommendations, you're sure to find a perfect present. But, of course, you can also mix and match the gardening accessories to buy a thoughtful gift that will cheer up the greenskeeper!