This Is How You Decorate a Coffee Table In 5 Simple Steps

Table of contents:

  1. Points to Know Before Decorating a Coffee Table

1.1 Know Your Style

1.2 Room’s Ambiance

1.3 Size of Your Coffee Table

1.4 Budget Plan

  1. 5 Steps to Decorate a Coffee Table

2.1 Add Texture and Height

2.2 Include Elements of Nature

2.3 Don’t Forget to Modernize

2.4 Play With Different Colors

2.5 Try the Rule of Three

 Coffee table and cactus

Do you have a coffee table in your living room? If yes, you may already know its importance.

Most of us use a coffee table to place some magazines, a glass of water, and yes, coffee. However, this piece of furniture is way more than that.

It is a focal point of any living space and grabs the attention. So, if you think your coffee table deserves all your love and needs a revamp, you have landed on the right page.

From adjusting books to placing a modern lamp, we have curated five simple ways to add life to your most significant table. However, before you go through them, here is something you need to consider.

Points to know before decorating a coffee table

Let’s put this straight. Not everyone reading this article has similar tastes. Some people prefer artistic pieces, while others look for modern lamps and decoration items.

You should go for what your heart wants! It will be easier to choose a theme for your coffee table if you know your preference beforehand.

Know Your Style

Are you a lover of contemporary pieces, or do you always go for a modern look? Is your style classy or quirky?

 Coffee table decorations

Before you plan out a look for your coffee table, you need to be sure of what style represents your personality. Choosing a vibe that doesn’t go well with your taste may force you to lose interest in this task.

Moreover, since this is your coffee table, you should have complete liberty to play with your favorite colors and themes.

Room’s Ambiance

If you aren’t a risk-taker, chances are you would want your coffee table to match the current ambiance of the room. While that’s okay, sometimes contrasting themes turn out quite brilliant.

However, it all comes down to what you want. If you're going to stick to the theme of your room, do that. But if you want your coffee table to look different from the rest of the furniture, that’s not a wrong thought either.

Size of Your Coffee Table

It’s necessary not to overlook the size here. Ideas that may work for a big coffee table may not sit well with a small one.

For instance, just a modern lamp and a short stack of books may look enough for a tiny table. However, placing only these two things may not add any difference to a large surface.

Moreover, what may look good on a round table, may not stand out in a square one.

Before you decide on a decoration plan, make sure you know your table’s measurements, including width, height, and length. Only then will you be able to find a suitable theme. 

Budget Plan

Does your pocket allow a large coffee table revamp or a simple one with a few affordable pieces? Before making a mental image of how you want your coffee table to look, it’s better to know your budget.

To love the results and feel proud of yourself, make sure you accessorize your coffee table within your planned budget. Considering the variety of options available today, there is a lot you can buy with just a few dollars.

5 Steps to Decorate a Coffee Table

Now that you are clear of what you want, here are five simple steps to give your coffee table a beautiful identity. So, without any delay, let's initiate the " Project Coffee Table".

1.   Add Texture and Height

One of the best tips for creating a distinctive coffee table is keeping the right balance between height and texture. Both these factors add style.

You can easily play around different heights by placing candles with varying shapes and sizes.

If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, this GiveU 2 Pack Candlestick will contribute to your space's rustic and artistry feel. Moreover, these candles come in two different heights for a coffee table.

 Coffee table candles

To add more drama, the Cat Goddess Holder can conveniently increase the depth, add in some character, and create an overall spiritual vibe. 

However, if you aren’t a candle lover, the Airsai Floating Plant by Floately may also add the much-needed height to your coffee table. It is a levitating plant pot that creates a magical environment in your room.


Moreover, if you want to blend the natural textures with modern ones, a stack of books with a fresh flower pot may meet your expectations.

For instance, a traditional pot like the Oriental Floral Pot perfectly gives the right color and sophistication. While it is broader in shape, the flowers you will put in will help maintain a good height.

However, if you love a minimalistic pot, this LAAT Clear Glass Vase may be more than enough for a simple coffee table. It is transparent and will give a natural ambiance to your flowers. 

You can also place a heightened lantern on your focus table. This Vintage Style Lantern is a unique piece that operates on LED bulbs. With kids running around in the house, this light is a safer alternative to candles.


2.   Include Elements of Nature

 levitating plant pot with green plant

It is always a great idea to bring nature inside. Incorporating natural objects amplifies the beauty of the table and establishes a classic ambiance for the room.

Nothing speaks “natural” as loud as wood. Wooden ornaments have an exotic yet classy flair to them. You can choose from vases, cups, bowls, or figures.

However, if you are looking for quirky wooden pieces for your coffee table, we may have a few options for you.

WE Games Tic-tac-Toe is a brilliant decoration piece based on a popular game.

 WE Games Tic-tac-Toe Wooden Board Game

While this board is beautiful, unique, and high quality, it also takes you back to your childhood memories, making you nostalgic. It will be a great source of entertainment for your guests as well.

Continuing with the games, who doesn’t love chess? It is one of the most fantastic board games to enhance the intellectual abilities of both kids and grown-ups. So do you know you can keep a unique chess board on your coffee table and play whenever you want?

AEVV Themed Wooden Chess is a piece of art. With Russian wooden dolls as players, this decoration item is an intelligent choice to add an artistic and natural touch to your table. Moreover, it is highly durable and fun to play with your family.

 Hand-woven hollow handle

Other than wood, cane and leather are also two excellent natural products to have. For instance, this cane CTY Handmade Basket can make a wonderful centerpiece for your table. You can either keep it empty or adjust some books in it.

Moreover, the Vintage Leather Case and Magnifying Glass will look great in the corner. Both the pieces have an earthy texture and give a historical feel.


3.   Don’t Forget to Modernize

While you may love all the classic pieces above, you can also give your coffee table a modern touch. Things like a luxurious lamp and decorative centerpieces will add a certain charm.


For a modern lamp, Luna-Floating Lamp is one of the unique options to consider. The light will help alleviate positive energy around the room, and who doesn’t need that? Moreover, it looks exactly like the real moon.

Luna floating moon lamp

If the above option doesn’t suit your taste, you can check Gravita Floating Lamp. It is perfect for those who use a coffee table for their work. This stylish light works with a simple touch and has multiple charging options.

Moreover, Gravita Floating Lamp is highly durable and energy-efficient. You can keep this modern lamp on for long hours without worrying about your electricity bill.

To decorate your coffee table stylishly, a unique fruit basket may work wonders. Visol Fruit Bowl is a stainless fruit basket with perfect aesthetics. Keeping fruits on your coffee table looks very welcoming already. But when they are in an artistic bowl, it’s hard not to compliment!

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 Visol Products Heliot Stainless Steel Modern Fruit Bowl

Unique present-day statues and sculptures also look great. For example, the FANTESTICRYAN Small Animal Statues have a gold finish and look stunning. Moreover, this elegant Danya B Sculpture is a perfect representation of modern love.

You can also add abstract pieces like the Finesse Decor Abstract Treble Resin Sculpture as part of your coffee table collection. It's both funky and unique at the same time.

4.   Play With Different Colors

Do you love playing with different colors and tones? To create a cohesive look for your coffee table, pick up colors from various elements of your room and match them with your decoration pieces.

Do you have trouble with choosing the right colors? Here are a few examples to help you out.

If you own a bright yellow sofa, complement it by placing this fun Beauty Queen Vase on your coffee table.

 Beauty Queen Vase

It is a beautiful vase with a good height. Besides, the crown and glasses will perfectly match your seater.

If you have colorful floor cushions in your living space, these attractive Bird Coasters will make the coffee table stand out.

A few artificial flowers can also make a lot of difference, adding colors and life to your coffee table.

The Nearly Natural Flowers or Nature Store Artificial Flowers will make a great addition, especially with the vases above. They are colorful and bright enough to match at least one of the colored objects in your space.

Lastly, a coffee table with a beautiful runner is another way to brighten up your room. The Saro Lifestyle Runner is handwoven and available in different colors. You can pick the one that matches your sofa, rug, or your cushions.

Make sure at least three elements in the room should have a similar color. If your sofa matches the vase on the table, add another piece in the same color to elevate your room’s look. 

5.   Try the Rule of Three

You may not know, but many famous photographers, interior designers, and fashion stylists apply the rule of three in their work. This rule emphasizes putting only three elements into your design to create an attractive masterpiece.

You can either choose the objects mentioned above and pair them in a group of three or search for more pieces around you. For example, a modern lamp like the Luna Floating Lamp on a coffee table will look great with a vase of artificial flowers and some stacks of books.

 Gravita Floating Lamp

Similarly, the Beauty Queen Vase will perfectly complement the wooden tic-tac-toe board and a modern lamp like Gravita Floating Lamp. You can mix and match according to your taste and the size of your table.

You can place two pieces, such as a vase with some flowers and bird coasters with a runner on the table. The idea is to keep it minimalistic yet classy and also complement the table with the other pieces of furniture in the room. 

You have to make sure that your coffee table doesn’t look crowded. So it’s important to play around with different pieces and position them correctly.

However, if your coffee table is bigger than the standard size or you’re a maximalist, you are free to skip this rule. At the end of the day, it's your coffee table. It should represent your style and personality for your satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

A coffee table is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture in your living room. This is why it shouldn’t look dull and boring. You can take things into your own hand and spill some creativity to make your coffee table attractive.

Give it a personality and design it within your budget!

You can either accessorize the table with a modern lamp or choose colorful vases to make an impression. Moreover, some unique wooden pieces on the table will also add some style and cool vibe.

We hope that the above five steps will help you create a cohesive look for your coffee table. Have fun and keep experimenting.